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  1. Hello PrattBoy, i too for a few days have been trying to get the SFS tool to work but with no luck. I am using 32-bit Vista and also am disappointed that the mod pack did not include anything to help mod weapons data, range, unit speeds, etc. The model builder is low on my wish list of tools. Has anyone been able to use the extractor to modify gun ranges, damage, etc? Please post if you have been able to do so.
  2. My sentiments exactly. For days i have been trying to open the data .SFS extension files but to no avail. The ranges and accuracies of units and weapons are in dire need of modding. I find it ridiculous that one 1C offering (ToW2) has very long ranges and another 1C offering (MoW) has pathetically short ranges. Sure there might be two different development teams involved but still there should be some communication and shared ideaology between the two teams. I have learned that the .SFS files can be opened with Linux but i am unwilling to install it just to mod this game. I too was frustrated
  3. I would like to see the weapon data files in the demo i have downloaded. They are encrypted in .SFS extension files. Is the only way to open these files is with LINUX ? I don't want to install LINUX just to open these files, has anyone been able to do so without using LINUX ? Thanks for any help.
  4. I have played the demo and i think the vehicle damage system feels realistic but i have an issue with the infantry ranges. Correct me if i am wrong but i feel 100 metres is about the maximum range for non-scope ww2 infantry weapons versus infantry targets. It feels ten-fold in this game. Also infantry targets should only be ranged out to about double or triple this distance with the limited sighting systems of ww2 factions. In ToW2 it feels like my infantry is being targeted by vehicles or atg at ranges over 1000 metres. I can accept a large vehicle being targeted out to 1000 metres but not a
  5. I am on the fence whether to buy this game or not because i was very disappointed with ToW1 even after the uber patch. I would like to know if anyone has been able to modify weapon accuracies, ranges, speed numbers and so on in this game yet. I read on this forum about the unrealistic high accuracy and range of weapons in this game and that concerns me. Thanks for any replies.
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