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  1. I think that the scripting code is fairly robust, but I hope that Battlefront and 1C will be responsive to mission builders requests to expand the scripting commands. I know this was done with Il-2 and hope that it will be the same with TOW. Oudy
  2. Destraex You have to program where to move and attack with all of the units. Once they engage the enemy then the computer figures out who to attack and will advance to the objective. But without any orders the enemy troops will sit at their starting locations. You can combine units into larger groups so you don't actually have to tell each unit where to go, but you can if you like. Sorry, I've never done any flashpoint, CC or CM missions, only ones for Il-2. Oudy
  3. Oudy

    Editor Q?

    SlapHappy Just for your info, there is a built-in syntax compiler in the trigger window. It will highlight any syntax errors. Oudy
  4. Oudy

    Editor Q?

    SlapHappy It doesn't matter in which order you create them. I just tested it with a scenario I'm playing with. All the best Oudy
  5. Oudy

    Editor Q?

    Let me take a shot at this. If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to place your units in specific locations and have a setup area. When you place enemy or allied units, in the editor they appear in the same place in the game, but you have to use placeholders to place your troops in their initial locations. All reinforcements will appear wherever you place them in the editor. To make your initial troop dispositions you have to use placeholders. In the Mission Tree there is a section called ArmyComposition. Under this section there are three others named -- Outdated, Permissi
  6. Normal Dude I don't believe unit costs can be changed in the Mission Editor. You might be able to alter it directly within the .xml files, but I'm not sure what the impact of doing that might be. Oudy
  7. Maybe the aliens got them I have a couple of other questions about distributing user made campaigns. 1. What is going to be the easiest way to do this? When I add a new battle I have to go into the campaign editor to make sure the "Number" and "Sid" are unique. 2. What is going to happen when there are hundreds of user made battles? Is there an easy way to add new battles and campaigns, or will users have to manually do it? 3. When you zip up your battle for distribution, what files need to be included? I assume the whole directory needs to be included? Thanks again Oudy
  8. Hmm, regarding question two. I create the artillery piece, crew it and give it ammunition. Then I create the towing vehicle, in this case a Zis-5. I can see the crew ID under the artillery, but when I attach the artillery to the truck the crew tag disappears from the mission tree. When I then wake up the unit and detach the gun in the game there is no crew, even after writing down the crew ID and trying to wake it up. Consequently, the only way I could get a crew is to manually create another infantry detachment, eliminate 6 of the men and put that 4-man detachment into the truck...But I would
  9. Thank you both for your quick answers. I've enjoyed reading the scripting triggers for the battles. Very interesting stuff. Oudy
  10. I have a couple of questions/observations about the Mission Editor. 1. Can a player begin a mission with a gun limbered to a truck and the gun crew inside the truck? If so, how? 2. The only way I've found to begin a mission with guns limbered is to start with them asleep, attach them in the mission tree then activate them with ReinforcementLand command. The problem is that the gun crews disappear and I have to make a new infantry detachment to crew the guns. Why is this? 3. Then, when I make a new gun crew, even if I make one of the men the gunner, he still doesn't get gunnery skills
  11. Good ideas nomanhan I know that there are some horseshoe shaped defensive positions for artillery but I don't know how much protection or concealment they provide. On the issue of detaching guns, I agree wholeheartedly. You need to be able to detach guns when the truck has been hit. If there is a way to do it, I would love to know. Oudy
  12. I'm kind of waiting until the map editor comes out as well. Until then I'm learning the mission editor and getting my historical facts together. Oudy
  13. The following is just some random musing about the game and campaigns. I think that one of the misconceptions about TOW, a misconception that has led to a number of people to feel let down is the scale of the game. This game is not designed for strategic or even grand tactical combat; it is essentially a platoon oriented tactical game. If you want larger maps with massive armies slugging it out, then TOW will disappoint. But if you want to simulate smaller scale engagements the game shines. First of all, it's important to remember that this is a 3D not 2D game. Consequently, it eats process
  14. Fingers crossed for the map editor. I've been playing with the mission editor and once the map editor gets added I think there will be a lot of user added campaigns. Oudy
  15. DeLaVega If that is your first effort, I can hardly wait to see what you come up with once you have a little more practice. I bet they'll be absolutely stunning. Oudy
  16. Hobo is absolutely right. In this battle the Germans know exactly where the Polish units are because they are scripted to know. There is a trigger called ConstantAttack that draws a small 50x50 rectangle around your units and orders the Germans to storm. Tanks will storm your greatest concentration of tanks and the same for infantry. Just because they attack in the direction of your troops, however, they use regular LOS rules; ie they don't automatically see you and fire unless they have LOS. I imagine it is coded this way to prevent German troops from wandering aimlessly around the map. Yo
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