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  1. Thanks for the info SIO. That is indeed great news. Oudy
  2. Thanks Wokelly I put the that line in just so I had something in the description. If you would like to write a more complete one I'll include it. Oudy
  3. Very nice DeLaVega You are very much an artist. Oudy
  4. Thanks for the info Wokelly I'll redo it with the M4A2. US and British tanks aren't my main interest. I've done more research into the eastern front (thanks to Il2). I always appreciate feedback and take criticism well. (though my wife might disagree.) Oudy
  5. Wokelly I know it doesn't look like it should. I didn't change any graphics files. I chose the closest sherman body and added the correct gun. The stats are correct, but the graphics aren't. I'll take a look at the M4A2 chassie. If it is closer to the Firefly, I'll use it. Nev Thanks for the data. I appreciate the help. Oudy
  6. Jeff It has to do with the actual skin graphic. The original barrel was located in one location on the skin and the new barrel is somewhere else. To get it to skin correctly without the invisible parts, you would have to remake the skin file which is way beyond my limited graphic capabilities. Oudy
  7. ColonelBlimp The armor mask had 89mm armor but the turret itself even on the M4A3s is 63mm. The big difference that I found was on the hull armor. The M4A3 has the front hull armor listed as 102mm but on the Firefly it only said 51mm. I'm not sure why and if an expert on the Firefly tells me differently I'd be happy to change it. Oudy
  8. Thanks for the input Nev and Jeff Here is the revised Sherman Firefly with the correct gun. Again, you can see the clipping in the barrel. Oudy
  9. Jeff Thank you very much for your hard work. I really appreciate it. Hopefully, I'll be able to create an accurate version of the short 50mm thanks to you. The game had the reload rate for the L/60 at 3.28 seconds. I lowered it to 3.00 seconds for the L/42. That gives the gun 20 shots per minute, which is about 2 shots per minute more than the L/60. Oudy
  10. SlapHappy, you can identify all of the meshes and their collisions by looking at the hier files. They explain how everything is connected together. And no, I can't read the .msh files. I haven't even tried. Oudy
  11. Thanks for the comments. Slaphappy, I'm using the SFS reader by Dr.Jones. You can read the files since most are text. I'm figuring out how they fit together largely by trial and error. I'm working on a faq to explain what I've learned. At this stage I'm not trying to make the units look like they should because I don't know anything about 3d modeling. I have no skill in that direction. I'm just trying to get the right gun on the closest body and then make the stats as correct as I can. Jeff, I used the gun data for the Challenger I tank. I chose it because in the encyclopedia it said
  12. Here is one for Firefly fans. I changed the gun, armor values, and country (to UK). File is based on the US A4M3 76mm Sherman with the gun from the UK Challenger. As you can see there is a little clipping in the barrel, but overall not too bad. I haven't gotten the UK markings yet, but it's only a matter of adjusting the locations to fit the tank.
  13. Thanks for the comments Madmatt Let me be perfectly clear...there has been absolutely no hacking of TOW. Someone has figured out how to read the SFS files (but not write them), most of which are simple text files. The only thing I have done is modified a couple of the files and put them into my TOW directory. Nothing in the original program has been altered. If you recreate the directory structure in your main TOW directory such as "Tow\data\...\pz_ivf1" the modded files will overwrite the original files, but not change them. This allows you to add different units to the game. None of th
  14. Thanks again Jeff I can actually follow your discuss (much to my surprise since it's been a long time since I had a math course). I pretty much figured that all of the mass produced data was simplified. It's kind of like the difference in answers you would give to a freshman vs. your colleagues. All the best Oudy
  15. I am currently working on a modding faq to explain how I added the Pz.IVF1 and Pz.IIIG and came to a realization that once someone comes up with a export/plugin for 3d mesh files, every aspect of TOW is moddable, and I do mean every aspect, down to being able to rewrite AI routines if you want. It is all quite complicated and will take a lot of work to identify all of the files needed change, but you will be able to whole new units to the game. I imagine that someone will even figure out how to create new maps. Looks like the sky is the limit. Oudy [ June 07, 2007, 05:23 PM: Message ed
  16. Thanks for your insights and data Jeff. The slope effect I came up with by analyzing the data from the long 50mm gun was: 50mm. Kw.K.39 L/60 (APC Pzgr39 ammunition) (first penetration number is in-game figure) 100m 80/69 1.159 500m 68/59 1.152 1000m 54/47 1.149 1500m 42/37 1.135 2000m 30/? 2500m 23/? 3000m 17/? I just wasn't sure if the slope effect varied from different caliber guns or not. Should this number be the same throughout the ranges, or should it vary like it does? As you can tell, I haven't the slightest idea of what I'm talking about. I was just trying to make th
  17. FinnN I get the impression by looking at the mesh files and the skin files that the models are fairly simple. There are 68 little .msh files for the Pz. IVF. The mesh files are linked together in the hier.him file, which is just a text file. theoretically if you could look at the 3d .msh files, which I can't, you could modify them for different variant tanks. The problem would be you would have to generate a new skin1.tga. The 3d stuff is way beyond my capability. Hopefully, someone will develop an export/plugin for them. All the best Oudy
  18. Markus Eventually there would have to be some way of keeping track of all of the mods because you have to make a unique identifier to any new units you create for the game in the filesid.ini file. the line would look like this: 2166 data/units/tanks/ger/pz_ivf1 the number 2166 has to be unique so it couldn't be used by any other modder. Right now, I think people are just trying to figure out what can be done. Oudy
  19. Slaphappy Some of the guns are named gun and others are named Stvol.msh. I think it has something to do with what type of gun it is. I had to move the Stvol and Mask meshes to move the gun. I'll try to write up instructions when I get the chance. I don't believe barrels have their own texture files. They are included on the large tank skin, skin1.tga. Now where they are located I have now clue. Someone else will have to figure that one out. I'm still waiting for the patch before spending too much time modding. We really need to get some people who can do 3d modeling to look at the mes
  20. Ok, for my Pz.IVF1 I just replaced the gun graphic from the 75mm Kw.K.40 L/43 to the 75mm Kw.K.37 L/24. I used the Pz.IVF2 as my base tank and took the gun from the Pz.IVC. There are a few slight skin issues, but it looks pretty good. Can't change the mesh files, but that's mainly because I haven't the slightest idea how to do it, but is increasingly clear that the game is extremely moddable. It would be nice to hear from battlefront about modding. I really don't want to upload any modded missions until we know what the dev's attitude will be. I don't have anything to do with the SFS rea
  21. Kharnvor I assumed that as well, but when I looked at the reload rate for different 75mm guns they were different, so I just wanted to verify for accuracy. Oudy
  22. I need a little assistance from ballistics experts. I'm trying to add a Pz.IIIG with a 50mm Kw.K.38 L/42 (short 50mm gun) to the game. The Pz. III with the short 50mm gun is not in the game, but it was a major player in Barbarossa. It is simple to switch guns and alter armor values, but the data for the this gun isn't in the game data files. I have the penetration data from Jentz, but I need some additional information. Info needed: Reload time or Rounds per minute Maximum firing distance Muzzle velocity for the 50mm SPgGr 38 (HE) shell It would also be nice to have additional p
  23. Dr. Jones and FinnN are correct. You can alter the data of the vehicles themselves. Just as a test I set up the following engagement. I pitted a Pz. IIc with a 20mm Kw.K.30 L/55 against a Kv-1. The tanks were set just under 500 meters apart. At this range the Pz. IIc has no chance of penetrating the 75mm Kv-1 frontal armor. Penetration rates at that range for the Kw.K.30 are about 16mm with AP shell and 23mm with APCR shell. Needless to say, all of the shots bounced off with no damage. Next I altered the armor values of the Kv-1, reducing all of its armor to 5mm. Reran the test and after mo
  24. It sounds like you have it, Pandur. Wherever you put the Trigger command it will call the next set of reinforcements. Just remember to change the SetWorkArmy to army 3 and change the group names. Oudy
  25. Thank you for all the kind comments. I've started working on another mission. All the best Oudy
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