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  1. Stoppelhopser Yes, you can randomize troops. The difficulty is they all have to be set up and placed in advance. You can then script which sets of units or armies to use. Take a look at my Yanovo campaign if you want to see an example of it. It puts a lot of work on the scenario builder. Oudy
  2. Thanks Sneaksie The guide is great. I had deduced the purpose of a number of the mats but not all. I have a question, though, does the model have to be done in 3dMax or can you use GMax or another (cheaper) 3d program? Oudy
  3. Thank you very much for your kind words nachinus. It really means a lot. I have been pulling together material for a campaign but have been swamped with work currently. Hopefully, I'll be able to get back to it soon. Oudy
  4. Very nice Boog Looking forward to it. Oudy
  5. Boog2006 You have to be sure to modify the following files: units.utf8 guns.utf8 EncyclopaediaCont.xml filesid.ini Hope that helps Oudy
  6. Boog2006 and SlapHappy I've figured out how to make the Garand and any other semi-automatic rifle work without the bolt animation. There is good news and bad news. The good news is after you set up a semiauto section in your animation tables, all you have to do to get guns to use it is change the "AnimType rfl" to "AnimType semiauto" in the \data\items\weapons\usa\m1_garand\unit.ini file. The bad news is that it is fairly complicated to set up the semiauto section in the animation tables. The general way you do it is as follows Add a line to the animator.rc file: semiauto A
  7. I've uploaded my four mods (PzIIG, PzIVF1, SdKfz 251/10, and Sherman Firefly) to http://www.cmmods.com These mods requires JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler (JSGME) which can be found here: http://www.users.on.net/~jscones/software/products.html There are several ways you can install the mods but the easiest is as follows. If you are installing all four mods and have no other mods on your system. (do not use this method if you have other mods already installed. You must then use the manual method as outlined in the instructions in the zips.) EASY INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Downl
  8. frtylicks The link to JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler(JSGME) is in the first post in this topic. Just look up. Oudy
  9. Very interesting rofl. Very interesting indeed. You are using the British "T" with the US numbering. I hadn't thought of switching the mats and tga files. I was trying to make the msh files work, and finally gave up. I think I can make it work with the British "T" and the British numbers, now that I see how you got it to work. Thanks for the tip rofl. Oudy
  10. Thanks for all of your hard work and testing HawkerT, I really appreciate it. Dr. Jones, I'm glad to hear you are working on a more automated system for installing mods. Currently, I put all of the common files into a mod directory so you can install or uninstall individual mods, but the user is required to append some files. I would love to help you out with your project. I'm going to release my mods so those who aren't intimidated by a little work can use them, but we really need an automated system and I would be willing to redo my mods into whatever format you develop. Thanks Dr. Jon
  11. Rofl Thanks for the info. I'll check to see if I can get it to work on the Firefly. Oudy
  12. rofl How did you get the british markings correct? I played around with it for my Firefly but the front and back numbers were about 5 feet in front and back of the tank? I didn't spend too much time on it, but I wasn't able to get the front and back serial numbers to disappear. Oudy
  13. HawkerT You have mail, and thanks for offering to help. Mueller72 Since you are familiar with JSGME I would love your feedback as well. So, if you would like to test the files before they go live, let me know. Oudy
  14. Since returning home yesterday, I've been working on putting my four mods into the correct format for distribution. The method I've developed with the help of FinnN and HawkerT is outlined below. I'm using the JoneSoft Generic Mod Enabler. (JSGME). This seems to be a fairly common program for installing mods and can be found here: http://www.users.on.net/~jscones/software/products.html Because for each mod you install there are files unique to that unit as well as files that are shared in common with other mods, I have included with each mod two different directories to be installed i
  15. I'm certain that SlapHappy is correct in saying that the basic data like penetration values of the guns and armor values of the tanks are taken from the .ini files in the \data\ directory. These are the same values that appear in the encyclopedia. However, how the game calculates the chance to hit or penetrate is something that only 1C knows. Those calculations are not available in the .SFS files, but are probably within the .exe files. I would like to give a hearty thanks to Rune for the data he presented to 1C and Battlefront. For as many weapons, units, and ammunition that are modeled in
  16. Fify Cal' When I release the final version, it will be with JSGMC so there shouldn't be so much moving of files. There is no way to use the new tank without creating a new mission. I have started a mission using it, which I'll try to complete once I get home. Thanks for your comments Oudy
  17. Thanks Jard. As for the camo scheme on the barrel. I did the best I could but I'm no expert in photoshop. To make the gun look correct I had to add the skin from the PzIVC (which is where the gun mesh is from) and recolor the gun part. Once I located the gun area of the skin I then added the camo (largely by cutting and pasting from the PzIVF1 skin. However, you can see that my skills in photoshop are largely that of a hack and that if someone wanted to do a better job, I would be more than happy to let them. You can now understand why I never tried to reskin a plane in Il-2. When I
  18. Thank you very much for your comments Frans This my first time working with JSGME and needless to say my understanding of how it works is less than perfect. I didn't know about the documentation file (very nice feature) or that it doesn't actually delete the original files (which is also very neat). This is exactly the type of feedback I was hoping for. I also like your idea for a common mod with the files that are appended. I was trying to figure out how one would do this. I believe that FinnN is working on a way to further automate the process but for now I'll distribute this mod the
  19. Double Veteran I saw that quote myself, but I am reluctant to place too much credibility on answers.com or wikipedia.com. I tell my students not to use it, so I better not. I looked through a couple of the books I have on the shermans, but they weren't much help. It would be nice to get some kind of consensus on the Firefly Rate of fire before I release that mod. Oudy
  20. I started with the filelist.txt file that came with an earlier version of the extractor to which FinnN and I added some additional entries. I grabbed the ones I did with Microsoft's Process Monitor and saved them as a .csv file which could be read in excel. Then I merged them in Excel and took out all of the duplicates and copied the entries into notepad. If you have a lot of .xml symbols, the easiest thing to do is copy the data into Word and do a number of search and replaces to get rid of them then save it as a .txt file. Hope that helps Oudy
  21. Drawde79 I've not found much data on rates of fire or reload time for tanks. I'll defer to those who know more about this than I. I strongly think that there is a difference between theoretical rates of fire and effective sustained rates of fire. I can't imagine that any gun or tank could keep up the maximum rate of fire for very long. For one, they would run out of ammo very quickly. Secondly, many guns would overheat if lots of shells were fired too quickly. Oudy
  22. By the way take a look at the sherman and panther and tiger I reload data. Sorry for the bad formatting. Tank/gun/reload time m4_(sherman) 75mm_M3 6.5 6.5 m4a1_(sherman) 75mm_M3 6.5 6.5 m4a2_76_w_(sherman) 76mm_M1A1 6.5 6.5 m4a2_(sherman)75mm_M3 6.5 6.5 m4a3_76_w_(sherman) 76mm_M1A1 6.5 6.5 sherman_vc_(firefly) 76_2mm_17pdr_Mk2 4 4 pz_vg_(panther) 75mm_KwK_42_L70 6.5 6.5 pz_vie_(tiger_i) 88mm_KwK_36_L56 7.6 7.6 The shermans and panthers reload at the same speed while the Firefly is faster. The tiger is a bit slower to load than all the rest. I would, in particular like to
  23. Drawde79 I have seen examples of gun data that seem a bit off so I wouldn't be surprised if there were other inaccuracies. These data might have been massaged for play balance, who knows. But problems are very easy to change; just alter a couple of numbers in a text file and you're done. Hopefully, we can get a general collection of data irregularities when they are spotted. So, if you find something that is incorrect or seems incorrect please post it so that the community can look at it and figure out if it is accurate or not. In this way we can all help make TOW more historically accur
  24. Mueller72 I'm using JSGME for at least part of the installation for my mods. FinnN has been very helpful in showing me how to get everything set up correctly. I use JSGME to copy the two main directories for the new mod. It does that very easily. However there are 7 other files that have to be modified. Accordingly they cannot be included in the JSGME install because if you uninstall the mod you will delete those files, which you need for other mods. These are the files that have to be modified for my PzIVF1 mod. 1. \Ai\Animator\Tank.rc Append one line to the end of this file. The me
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