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  1. cool, thank you for the effort. is it possible for you to create a version that would make infantry fire, tank MG fire, and AT guns less accurate at long range, for those that would like soldiers to last a bit longer on the battlefield?
  2. once I can start extracting the .sfs files on my x64 PC (anyone running Vista x54 able to do this?) I hope to create a mod to half all ranges (firing, detection, sight). While a nice large battlefield is great, I can live with a compressed field if that means better maneuvering room. I finally got MoW because of the lack of modding of TOW2 for me and frankly it's a whole lot of fun. The short ranges didn't bother me all that much. Oh well.
  3. It's good to know Battlefront is listening. Thanks guys. Will test it out this weekend and share my results. Hopefully, this will get Dr.Jones' much-valued extractor working for me so I can mod this game, finally. Exciting!
  4. "JSH mod decreases visibilty of soldiers in trenches and while prone; all in all this is a great mod so install it if you don't already." Thanks Sneaksie! Anything that helps infantry last a big longer is a great add-on. I'm hoping the x64 hotfix will enable Dr.Jones' wonderful extractor to run missioneditor.exe on my PC for the unarchiving. Will find out this weekend and post my results for the other x64ers out there.
  5. I second this request but I doubt it will happen. Had I known that something so fundamental to modern gaming as 64bit support was to be broken by a much touted first patch, I wouldn't have bought this game. Someone at 1C got careless and didn't do his job. In return, I will be bitter about this ridiculous wait forced upon us.
  6. no sure what you're talking about. all games work on nvidia 3D. whether they all will look good is a different story. also there's no point buying TOW2 based on how it will look on the new tech. if you like it in false 3D, then you'll like it in true 3D. the opposite will also be true.
  7. it's not the extractor. it's the fact that the misison editor is no longer 64-bit compatible after the first patch. wait for the second patch.
  8. you have 64bit? if so, you're screwed until 1C gets their act together.
  9. I would think fixing the missionGen and editor to work with x64 would be #1 on the list. Unforgiveable for this neglect in 2009 and Windows7 around the corner.
  10. Dr.Jones, Thank you for the awesome effort. I received your email with the new versions but won't be able to test until this weekend due to traveling. Will let you and everyone else know the results ASAP!
  11. x64 is the present and the future...its sloppy coding to not take this into account for the first patch. The patch fixed as much as it broke. If you feel the same, make some noise. The educated mass of Iran's doing it.
  12. THanks for the link! THis part is pretty much ruining the game for me until I can do some modding: "AI has too many eagle-eyed gunners who can pick off a lone infantryman popping his head over a sand dune at 500 meters. Unless the player is very careful with how he uses his infantry, 90% casualties are just another day at the office."
  13. Wwow, you're the only lifeline for me right now, in terms of putting TOW2 back on the play list. I mean DOW2 with the 1.3 patch has such a vastly improved AI. My ass is grass on elite...but I digress. I ran SFS extractor on XP compatibility mode but no good. My appreciation for your hardwork is boundless.
  14. Thank you Dr.JOnes. This is the best most helpful response I have gotten on this forum! I guess TOW2 is FOOBAR to me now without being able to modify the stats. Is everyone running 32bit in Russia? I hope 1C gets with the program and fix the missioneditor so it works with 64bit. Battlefront, since you have my $45, please forward this to your developer to address on the next patch. Thanks.
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