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  1. I think Pacific campaign on Japan side will be interesting.
  2. I wanna talk about hungary vs romanian fight - is the greatest conflict and for our day - nothern transilvania, captured by romanians where live hungary people (now this place where hunns live more than romanians, but this place is romanian now). If you has another idea - please talk. Where romanian is hard fighters (Romania has more losses in fight for notern transilvania, then all eastern front. Russian and romanian (like Roman) was very hardly fight vs Hungary fascist) Yess, i speak orrkishh.... defenitly....
  3. What the theme for another addon is good? What is idea Romania+USSR vs Hungary+Germany in nothern Transilvania? We play for hungary against romanian occupation in many years conflict? What about this idea? Or we free our historic lands in fightst against nazi and his minions in romanians fight group Michay? free our historic land? (Dracula live here)
  4. Yes, sorry for no answer, very many work now. Thank you very much for materials!
  5. Bad idea. Better - continue work on maps and mission and wait for 1c release and add new italian tanks and other on your own mission.
  6. Many things to do, any debug problems and other.... it's work not completed now.
  7. All units http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=8086551.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=9970752.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=9421043.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=1642374.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=5881675.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=4219346.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=7023067.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=8955168.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=4131759.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=65742710.jpg http://www.ii4.ru/viewer.php?id=62515811.jpg
  8. All Italian units http://s45.radikal.ru/i108/0906/18/d01d475fdbf1.jpg And 3 crusaders
  9. Mmm....i think no, it's Italian _targets_ Without jokes - we planned add 3 types of Crusaders, because english army has only one type of tanks - Valentine now. http://img19.imageshack.us/img19/4395/ital.jpg - first Greatest plans. Semovente da47-32 (reason - no data for model interior and some crew animation problems), semovente m42 (18 and 34), m11-39, ab43 was canсeled, (reason - not used in Tunisia ) Crusader CS added now.
  10. Any news? Yes - only one new, we work on project, work in progress . http://i020.radikal.ru/0905/4d/ad39628b2b28.jpg Sorry for silence, but we hasn't time for write any news... sorry. Centauro thank you for materials!
  11. Semovente 75\34 was built on base CA M13\40 (14\41 not sure) in quantity 25. We think it probably used in North Africa. But german use Semovente 75\34 was built on base CA M15\42.
  12. Yes! Thank you. We really need it.
  13. Centauro, may be pdf compressing is problem? Can you send raw scan in 600 (or maximal) dpi in tiff or another fomat (without compression)? I think image in pdf no 600 dpi... If it no problem for you... Only page 8. We have some problem with build sharp projection for modelling. P-p-please And another question - your time Europe? USA? We live in Moscow time. To Sneaksie - я видимо что то не так говорю, я хочу попросить в максимальном разрешении необработанный скан 8-й страницы у Чинтауро, переведи плз понятнее. а?
  14. Centauro, on page 8 (with blueprints )we can't read size markers - image resolution to small. Do you scan this page (only 8th page) with maximal resolution and send link to Sneaksie? Oh! I speak about 75mm gun manual.
  15. Centauro! Very-very thank you for your materials about italian guns and other. (sorry for my english)
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