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  1. zellek

    COH vs TOW ?

    It's hard for me to play a war game when my units have health bars. In ToW, I love the fact that unit specifications/ammunition are taken into full account. Also, limited supply and units make you think about tactics and positioning far more. Losing one of your tanks, knowing you can't build another, may bring a tear to your eye.
  2. Agreed, we have identified that it has something to do with x64 OS.
  3. That would be awesome, please do share whatever you have! Everyone!
  4. Awesome job!! Can't wait!!
  5. Oudy, Thanks a lot for the response. Sheds much light on the situation! Patience it is!
  6. I am really enjoying ToW 2, definately my kind of game. Big improvement over ToW 1 imo. I was really surprised to check the forums to find there are only about 3-4 post a day when the game is this new. Is the player base really that small? I looked at the repository and found that even ToW 1, after a full year plus, has very few files. If ToW 1 is any indication, I really don't see to many battles/maps coming for ToW2 (unless I'm looking in the wrong place?). I know it's early on in the games life but that is usually when the forum/community is most active. I own all the combat missi
  7. Yes I'm running Vista 64 as well. Fine without the patch, get the error with it installed.
  8. Reinstalled the game deleting the directory and not reinstalling the patch and it now works. I also don't crash anymore!
  9. What's going on with this? I'm getting the same error and the campaigns are so short, very boring without this feature.
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