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  1. I don't believe that crews with 'regular' experience and higher should cower in the fetal position quite that easily and the enemy team doing the damage was directly in front of Bil's tank, making it more likely to be spotted and immediately shot at. It looked like the reaction was just fine in this case, but I do agree that tank spotting is too good to the sides and rear in many cases for a WWII tank. I could even justify making tank spotting in CM slightly worse than in reality to compensate for the lack of gun elevation and depression limits.
  2. Also I would imagine that with the Russians having an actual navy and airforce to hinder logistics, the U.S. build up of ground forces wouldn't exactly be as smooth and fast as in Iraq or Afghanistan.
  3. You could plausibly have an interesting Russian campaign that involves attacking the Ukrainian territory with the U.S. showing up to help defend later. That would make for a good opportunity to have some easier missions in the beginning with progressively harder missions as the campaign progresses. At first you are up against only the Ukrainian military, then Ukrainians assisted by U.S. special forces (some light infantry @ crack and elite skill if special forces aren't explicitly modeled) then finally against a combination of the Ukrainian military and a U.S. 'spearhead' type force.
  4. Reminds me of an arm wrestling match where the bigger guy says "are you trying yet?"
  5. I've seen infantry in CM get killed/wounded from an AP impact several action spots away. Seems it is treated as a 'small' HE for anti-personnel purposes. The following video originally posted in a Shock Force thread reminds me of this. Watch the tank shell ricochet at 0:45. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=377_1368388611
  6. I'm guessing, and really HOPING that there will also be at least one faction of irregulars or militia, like in CMSF 1. If not initially included this would be an excellent choice for a themed pack. I'm not sure what NATO countries other than the U.S. would likely be involved but the Polish and Germans sound plausible. I guess it would depend on the back story. Assuming the game takes place in Ukraine, the Ukrainian army would definitely have to be included in the initial release, along with the Russians (presumably the aggressors here) and the U.S. (army) coming to intervene. While
  7. Watching the FSA fight and reading about the poor cohesiveness between factions makes me wonder how they have gained so much territory in Syria, and that isn't even considering the technological edge that the SAA has. Is it mostly sheer numbers and local support in Sunni areas that has allowed the FSA to take and hold territory?
  8. If infantry continue to be unable to fire AT weapons from buildings in CM then they should at least get some additional abstracted concealment in urban areas, IMHO.
  9. I was aware that Repair Vehicle repairs damaged components but I don't recall seeing an immobilized vehicle make it to the next scenario. Bogged vehicles may have no damage at all despite being immobilized, so I'm not sure how this works in the Repair Vehicle feature. If anyone knows a specific scenario in a specific campaign that offers vehicle repair before the next scenario I'd be interested in playing around with it.
  10. I think what needs to be fixed in campaigns is that vehicles immobilized from being bogged need to show up in the next scenario. Currently a vehicle that has become 'immobilized' from bogging does not make it to the next scenario when there may be NO track damage.
  11. Cool tank shell ricochet off the road at 0:45.
  12. Imagine having had those as artillery support while playing as the Uncons in CMSF. 20% chance of the battery catching fire and being destroyed after each salvo.
  13. A short-range MLRS such as the TOS-1 looks like it would be a fun on-map asset. Apparently they are organic with Russian infantry and armor units. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/TOS-1
  14. First of all, take heart that this scenario is the last before a full resupply and replacement of casualties before the next mission. Not a spoiler since this is mentioned in the campaign briefing. ***Spoilers Ahead*** The enemy in this scenario is generally veteran with fanatic motivation, so that is part of the reason why you are seeing your regular troops with mid-range motivation break and run during firefights. Also, since 2.01 their mg42s have received a bigger buff than any of your weapons. I only managed to succeed in this scenario after several reloads of saves I had at va
  15. I understand that the part of CM that becomes rough on the CPU with larger maps is the LOS system having to check between each action spot constantly, not fancy graphics. I could understand wrong though. Maybe BF will eventually find a way to make better use of multiple CPU cores as well as offload some calculations to the GPU. I'd like to see bigger maps too, so that the maximum ranges of many modern weapon systems can be maneuvered around. In CMSF1 many weapons could pretty much insta-kill anything anywhere on the map.
  16. As YankeeDog said, the F-22 would doubtlessly be used in a war against Russia such as that that will be depicted in CMSF2, but in an air superiority and suppression of air defense role. The effect of the F-22's presence in a CM scenario is that we even get to see air support in the first place. Even though we probably wouldn't see them used directly in a CM scenario, I think F-22's are especially likely to be used in such a war as this to provide overwatch for CAS assets. The U.S. doctrine of systematically wiping out a country's entire air force and air defense network with precision st
  17. I'd like to commend you on utilizing the mobility of your mobile units. Relocating the M10 is going to keep Bil guessing. Also relocating your MMG is taking full advantage of it's MEDIUM classification, rather than heavy.
  18. Also the Semovente 47 is a mobile gun, similar in role to the StuG but much less capable, and not a tank. I would use it like an AT gun that I could relocate quickly if needed. Given your scenario of Italian armor vs Italian armor, there won't be any 'real' tanks such as the Pz III or bigger present. With only light armor expected on my opponent's side I would probably choose the AB 41 over the Semovente as well. The higher rate of fire for the cannon gives you better lethality against light armor, plus you have a coaxial mg and better mobility. The AB 41 was considered a good armored
  19. What do you think it is that hits the shooter at 0:38? Definitely bigger than a 7.62mm round but definitely smaller than a 125mm tank round. I'm guessing 12.7mm or 30mm. The final explosion is probably 125mm.
  20. I see it happen regularly as well. Seems like it would be a very rare occurrence in reality. Maybe the way AT weapon accuracy works in CM is that weapons have some chance of being directly on target, as in no deviation from dead center, and then this gets applied to infantry targets as well. Looks pretty funny, but more often than this occurs I see AT weapons have some difficulty hitting infantry in open ground by consistently firing past them and hitting in the field well behind them when in reality the weapon crew would probably aim just a bit lower to hit the ground under them. Over
  21. IIRC Shock Force 1 has broadband obscurant smoke. Is this the same is IR blocking? I know that the Stryker vehicles in CMSF have IR blocking smoke, but I don't remember what else does.
  22. The Switchblade is a "kamikaze" UAV that is currently deployed in Afghanistan, is getting good reviews and could be expected in any near-future war. I would think that some functionality for this is already in the CM engine for the Javelin, as the Switchblade can also be used as basically a guided explosive warhead that flies up, then out towards the target, then down onto it. According to Wikipedia explosive payload is about the same as a hand grenade. New functionality would still have to be added to CM for loitering and spotting ability. http://www.wired.com/dangerroom/2013/03/switchb
  23. Some type of dynamic AI, even to a basic degree, would be a MAJOR improvement. In addition to making the gameplay more interesting it would take some of the load off scenario and quick battle map designers who would no longer have to do as much tweaking to AI paths trying to predict what the player will do. I imagine this would indirectly increase map quality as well as quantity, as they could be made faster.
  24. Do you have a covered path to move the M10 to a better flank shot position, somewhere to the right of the ATG, against the Elefant?
  25. The last part about the 50mm being more dangerous than the 88mm is interesting. Is the 50mm ATG even able to damage Shermans frontally in CMFI?
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