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  1. The LOS seem brutally unbalanced.. GaJ has never seen anything before Bill. Wouldn't you think the defender should get some kind of advantage here???
  2. I seem to recall something about him putting 90% of his points into a single massive naval artillery bombardment... Likely he's hoping you'll bunch up a bit more.
  3. So it seems like armor is considerably more useful and commonly used in CM2.... However, in reality the relative inexpensiveness of ATG's meant there were A LOT more of them in static defenses in actual warfare. I don't know if the way they're modeled or their relative costs being off, but I find that they are not cheap enough (or armor isn't expensive enough) to warrant their purchase given their massive differences in flexibility in game. Thoughts? Javaslinger
  4. I think you should give him and extra 600 points and give yourself a challenge this time!!
  5. OK smarty pants... So it would seem that the amazon app store version which i purchased ages ago is still 1.3? Will that be upgraded or do I need to buy it again on Google play?
  6. I'm sorry, but I don't feel like the Android version of Touch has received the usual high level of TLC from Battlefront as the rest of their products... However, I don't care too too much because frankly I'm much more interested in your PC products. It's just a little disappointing.
  7. For many months the android version has been behind the Iphone version. Now it is available on Google Play with a new version number but it is entirely unclear if this is the same 'old' version as before or updated to be inline with the Iphone version. Definitely would appreciate some clarification....
  8. GreenAsJade seems to be 2 or 3 minutes behind in the updates... I need him to catch up before I can keep reading yours!!
  9. Doesn't CMFI have all kinds of map making/scenario design tools that CMBN doesn't which supposedly make it a bit easier?
  10. Bought it... Someday I need to actually start playing these games... I've spent enough money on them and their ancillary products...
  11. I meant 'battles' and campaigns... I don't see any mention in the description.
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