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  1. Artillery/air support ammo is displayed in the vertical bars that appear to the right of the mission parameters when you select an artillery/air support asset. With air support i'm not sure which bars represent which weapons, but with artillery the far left bar represents all ammo I think.
  2. This brings up some things I had been wondering about. You already answered one question which is whether ERA can get blown off in the first place. The other is how is ERA expenditure simulated? Does any hit just blow one brick off, or can I say, knock all of it off the entire side of a tank with a single large HE round? Also, would repeated hits from Mk 19 HEDP rounds knock off a lot of it? I remember one of those T-62s in this scenario taking a lot of HEDP from one of my AAV's, and rather than fight back, it backed up to get out of LOS. Probably had busted optics
  3. The answer's probably obvious, but how do you delete saved game files? The saved games menu option in the game has no "delete" button, and when I go to the Battlefront/combat mission shock force/game files/saved games folder in Vista, the folder is empty. Thanks.
  4. I ordered the bundle and am currently downloading Marines from the link given to me in the e-mail notice. Do I also need to download CMSF, or do I need to wait for the hard copy? If I can download, where? Thanks for any help provided and I'm looking forward to playing!
  5. As I understand, there are no aircraft actually modeled in the game. The U.S. side will get air support in the form of requested airstrikes, but the aircraft will be "off map" like the 155 artillery. Could someone verify that this is correct?
  6. Can you please link to one of these screenshots? I haven't found one yet with explosions.
  7. A couple questions on uncon forces. 1) Will explosively formed projectiles (EFP's) be modeled in the game? I'm not sure if they are purely Iranian contraptions but I figure they would probably end up in Syrian hands eventually if they are proven effective against U.S. armor. 2) Will U.S. special forces such as Navy S.E.A.L's, Army Green Beret's and Delta Force make an appearance? They are often tasked with unconvetional assignments and may not face the strict collateral damage constraints that conventional forces face. Additionally, they are much less likely to be hit by IEDs set up al
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