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  1. When I call for the on table mortars, and use up said mortars, I no longer have the ability to use the smoke rounds, because they used all the mortar ammo? So if I use all the smoke rounds I no longer can use the HE rounds?
  2. I'm having an issue where the tanks will fire then magically transport to another position they were not at.
  3. no, everything is where it should be, maybe saved mission issue? nope not the issue, I'm not sure what's causing it because everything is in place. and it's still not correct. Turns out AVAST is back to blocking everything from BattleFront again!!!!!
  4. License issues again. I tried the 2 that I have for the NATO and this keeps popping up. I don't understand why this keeps happening over and over again every 2 or 3 years? are the license issues expiring? Because if this is going to happen every three years I should get a permanent license? I mean I paid 3 times for this game and none of those licenses work now, for the shock Force 1. http://www.mediafire.com/view/8ry60guq8kncp39/windows10update.jpg/file
  5. because I can. I'm getting 501 errors now too, for can not contact the server for license? WTF? over?
  6. and I start my shock Force v1 and now its asking for a license again? http://www.mediafire.com/view/8ry60guq8kncp39/windows10update.jpg looks like Windows 10 is at it again. all my licenses are not working. I haven't changed a thing except that windows 10 update on friday 03052019.
  7. while in this loading screen window I was scrolling my mouse wheel up and down, and noticed it turned off the sounds.
  8. mostly sitting is to true!! lol, 99% sitting, pissing, *******, and sleeping... 1% actual Combat... Wilcox's pass, I tried to slow crawl a known mine field or choke point and still lost engineers!!
  9. I'm going to make a wild prediction. After jan, 1st 2019.
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