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  1. Do not confuse capabilities of todays radars with those of the 80s. At that time a ground surveillance radar needed the doppler effect to discriminate targets from ground clutter. Today there is massive signal processing power.
  2. When I served in the Bundeswehr 40 years ago, I always hoped that if this goes hot, it will be as during WW II. Everybody had chemicals and, therefore, nobody used it. Maybe due to own experience not even Mr. Hitler used them at the end of the war. And at least my unit was nearly not prepared for it. I did not have the impression to be well trained for the case. The British Army showed a different picture judging by the small insight I had at that time. In a game like this it is most certainly a factor which can easily unbalance a scenario and a whole bag of new interdependencies which ne
  3. First Fire & Rubble and now THIS? What the heck shall I do? It is coming too early, my retirement is next year! But joke aside, I am absolutely exited to see CM:CW; I requested this years ago and very much look forward to play it and see the Bundeswehr later. Steve, I hope you did not hammer a nail through your toe, as you promised to do in December 2006. But if you did, just think of all the nice Bundeswehr uniforms which are to be designed, the Moleskin Arbeitsanzug, the Panzerkombi and so on. All my dreams came true, Jagdpanther on the eastern front, Leopard 1, Luchs and the S
  4. As far as I understood the information from Battlefront, that timespan will be included in one of the next modules planned. See at Bones thread here.
  5. Interesting discussion. During my time in the German Bundeswehr, I had the pleasure to use the MG3 often which is very similar to the MG42 (ROF was reduced to less than 1200 rds/min; too much heat and too much ammo to carry forward I heard. The only machine I ever heard of where the performance was reduced). Phantastic piece of engineering, we fired single shots on a bunker target at 600 m - no problem to hit an opening 1 ft x 1/2 ft with the first shot. Barrel exchange is really made in seconds. The container for the substitute barrel is a cylinder which opens lengthwise to two half cy
  6. Not by accident is the name of this website National Interest (or better US National Interest). Well made propaganda. My personal opinion is that we Germans are not doing enough for our military, because I think, when you decide to have a military force, you have the obligation to train and equip it to the best standards possible and affordable. But there is a large proportion in our population which is clearly opposing more military spending, maybe due to WW II, the reheating cold war with its nuclear threat here, all the lies they heard from people keen to start a war, e.g. Saddams weap
  7. StieliAlpha you are right, seems like we mess up each big project now and I do not understand that, too.
  8. Interesting to read what others think what we Germans think of our Bundeswehr. Maybe my view is a little biased because I served as a volunteer for four years during the cold war. At that time, each family had someone who served or did serve at some time. So, there was was a close, direct relation between population and army. At that time, the Leopards, helicopters, jets (except F-104) were working, the equipment was OK. There was a clear opponent and the Bundeswehr for home defence, exclusively. Knowing our own history, we were fine with the role of being part of the defence of our commo
  9. Not only the US soldiers were here in Germany, the British and French also. So, a wide population which might be interested. A game spanning from 68 to 80 starting at Fulda would show a new area and different weapon systems and would offer tons of expansion opportunities. Think of north German plain, British, Polish, two German forces, Middle East.... Ah, no, German terrain will already covered with the CM:FB expansion, mostly. Would be interesting to see, what would have happened to the recon battalion I served with at that time.
  10. My fault. Now I have found the cause. I had all 'unused mods' transferred to a folder I called NoZ, but I left that under the Data Folder. I thought these would not be used, but they were and there was one called Editor Tree Mod which was the cause for the marks. It was just an indicator for one, two, or three trees. Sorry for this trouble - at least I've learned where you don't put unused mods. @ASL Veteran I think I will restart with an intact bridge. Now after I've heard so much about the scenario I am eager to play it this weekend. Thank you for your inspiration and effort. Fortu
  11. Thanks @Combatintman, good idea. Worked with Bandicam. See picture of Bois de Baugain.Full of strange marks.
  12. OK @benpark, no test at that place. Seems to be at squares with some less accessible terrain, only. Never at plain grass or field. I just checked all the other games: It seems to be at each map of CM:BN, in Arnhem, Commonwealth maps, and the base module. Some woods are full of it. None at CM:RT, CM:FI and Gustav Line, and none at CM:FB.
  13. Would somebody without these marks would like to try to cross this wooden fence with a Panther? Mine cannot. Might be an interesting test.
  14. Completely empty Z folder now, strange markings still present.
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