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  1. my partisan's, stuck can not move out of this corner. https://www.mediafire.com/file/j8a1whz8qmdfbob/stuck1stcannedfr.jpg/file
  2. lol, my fingers are faster than a keyboard and brain. I have question is this reinstalling CMRT? because this looks like the whole game again?
  3. what are they blowing out? candles; life; a canon?
  4. unfortunately my down load stopped and froze at2.7gb. thanks I bet all the non pre-order people are happy!!
  5. I want my pre-order portion back! 1 hour to download, come-on!
  6. It said in the Email don't tell anyone!!!! So I could down load it first!!! can't you guys read!!!
  7. of course you left out the huge wadi's out there.
  8. I still have my NTC map from my days in the big green.
  9. I seen a crap load of these at Desert Storm.
  10. I’ll venture to say the 7th.
  11. I always wondered why the boot over the main gun mantel?
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