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I'm a flight simulation enthusiast; been at it since 2007. I also have built over 20+Computers. I have served the US ARMY; yes I'm a Veteran. This is my escape.
Hope you like the videos and if there is something you want me to show or elaborate on, please feel free to ask and drop me a message. Don't forget to like and subscribe.

Any failure you meet is never a defeat; Merely a set up for a greater come back. 
System Specs: ||Thor|| i9x 9900k || ASUS z370 MH X WiFi|| WIN10x64 || G Skill rgb DDR4-3300 32GB || EVGA GTX 3080-10GB || 7.1 Turtle beach Elite Pro T.A.C. || PSU1300w || TrackIr 4/ Rift VR || VrplT50CM2 ||MFG Xwinds pedals||Vrpl T50CM2|| 32"Samsung C32Samsung ||  || EVGAz19|| EVGA Tqx10||

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