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  1. Thank you, as I think that I get it now. Shame that the game as shipped isn't viable on W10, but the cost to purchase the upgrade is minimal. I'll pursue what's been suggested as my holiday duties subside. I think that I see a happy-ending on the horizon. Thanks again, PoE
  2. Schrullenhaft, thank you very much for responding. I have both the original CMBN + CW Forces on discs. However, I didn't have any luck updating the installation with the patches available on the BF website. It likewise didn't appear that any installation that I performed, patched or otherwise, would run on W10. Each attempt yielded the result that I cited at the top of the thread. Another roadblock appears to be the inability to license anything associated with CMBN that I do install. There's simply no way to get there. I should note that I've been away from CMBN for a while, and hadn't kept u
  3. Have followed the discussion regarding the lack of an "activate new product icon" which applies to my installation as well. Tried the -showui fix, but still no dice.
  4. After several years away from the game, I went to install CMBN from the original disc on a new Windows 10 computer. Never got to the licensing as the game wouldn't open. Reference made to "proper UI resource files". Research indicated that the problem was with W10 and that it could be resolved through application of Patch 3.11. Downloaded the patch, but the patch won't install. Program is asking for me to insert the correct disc? BTW. CMRT is running on the computer without issue. Thoughts?
  5. Very fast download this time. Game's installed and looks to be working fine. Congrats to BF for another great game!
  6. Will the CF module silence the haters, or will the "cult-war" on BF go on forever?
  7. This is the best game in the series thus far. By series, I mean CM2 (so as not to start a row).
  8. The maps are absolutely huge compared to those in CMBN. There's lots of armor in action and no end of mayhem, death and destruction. I didn't count the number of scenarios, but I believe that there are now more for the CW than for the USA. My only niggle so far is that the scenarios are the slowest to load of any that I've ever seen in a computer game. The same is true of saving a game. And I'd note that my game is stored on an Intel SSD that's positively smoking in the read/write department. One word comes to my mind as I survey the beauty of it all, "BREAKTHROUGH!"
  9. I'm looking across an enormous map that my chaps will have to transit in the course of a two hour battle. I suspect that we are really in for it this time. Don't be concerned now, my affairs are in order. For King and Country!
  10. There's no comparing the two; the Normandy game is in excellent shape.
  11. Flew right by for me. Picked up Kitchen's Rommel's Desert War and started reading. 35 pages later, the game was in my download folder. Life is good.
  12. Just a quick observation and a question: The retail/release version of the game appears to run more smoothly on my computer than the demo did. Granted, I learned to turn the shadows off to improve matters. The comment made, was the game tweaked, somehow, to improve its behavior, performance wise. Since getting it installed, I've fire up several scenarios and it's running smooth as silk with everything maxed-out, sans shadows. Now, I have to go break some things and hurt some 3-D models!
  13. The corrupted demo weighs in at about 350mb. If that's where you end up, simply delete the file as it won't get you where you want to go. The uncorrupted file is apparently about 571mb.
  14. Count yourself among the blessed. If you take a gander at the troll-infested tripe that's posted over on the Matrix/Panzer Command Ostfront forum, you'd quickly come to appreciate the presence of effective moderation. No kidding. There's no telling the lunatics from the asylum staff over there.
  15. Some of the better maps to be found on the area are here: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/ams/cyrenaica/ and here: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/maps/ams/north_africa/ There are some references to ground-type on the maps.
  16. USA high-school students don't study WW2 in any depth. The events surrounding the epic struggle are touched on in "World" and "United States" History classes, and to a lesser degree in "Civics," but the instruction involved is very superficial.
  17. Let me try and ask my question regarding unit density/frontages again, as it may have gotten lost in the shuffle: "Did you do any research as to what sort of unit density/frontages existed on the American sector during the battle?" I dug out my "Green Books" a couple of days ago, and spent some time going over the maps in Cross Channel Attack and Breakout and Pursuit. What I found was USA divisions packed into relatively narrow frontages of three to five kilometers for much of the campaign in Normandy. German divisions were also packed fairly tightly, but they were depleted (and smaller
  18. Did you do any research as to what sort of unit density/frontages existed on the American sector during the battle? I'd think that the U.S. had at very least a battalion per kilometer packed in there, and frequently much more. From a design standpoint, I'm not sure how you square this, other than make the maps really small. However, in the screen-images that were posted, some of the maps actually appeared quite spacious: http://www.battlefront.com/images/stories/CMBN/cm-normandy-12-07-21_500.jpg
  19. Actually, that looks better than what I might have expected. Nice work. Hats off to the graphics guys! It'll be interesting to see how units interact with the feature.
  20. What aspect of the Normandy Campaign does the new game focus on? The screenshots make it appear as though the USA has made if off the beaches and past the bocage. So, where's the fighting going to take place?
  21. My real interest is in the 1941-42 battles in Africa, so I was gonna pass this game up. Throw in the Crusaders, and you've made a sale for the publisher.
  22. Is there a list of vehicles that's included in the download?
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