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  1. I was just about ready to post with the same question. I would like to purchase Red Thunder and Final Blitz. .... but am wondering if those are now 4.0 from the original download.
  2. @JonS Yep. We have the newest version ... And shyte, I'm playing the Germans. @Placebo. Thanks. Please feel free to give it a play-test and post comments if you have an open PBEM slot. The numbers and modifiers and setups are purely "shoot from the hip" at the moment. We need some boots on the ground!
  3. Hello Steve, Chris and company. I have not been active for a while and am starting to get re-familiarized with the "new" forums. One thing I've noticed from an outsider's perspective is that with the release of so many new titles in the past 3 years, that the forums have become somewhat fragmented. I think this could be hampering good discussions and participation. I would suggest that there is a "Master" Forum for all "CMx2 WWII" Titles. Then, you would have the sub-forums for each respective title (BN, RT, FI, FB). The same could be done for the Modern Warfare Titles.
  4. Thanks Jon. BTW, playing your Seven Winds scenario in PBEM right now. Still early, but looks to be quite vicious!
  5. Hello everyone. I haven't posted in a long time and had to actually stop playing for about 2 years due to a project I was starting in "RL". I've been playing some casual H2H games with an old opponent and have been kicking an idea around in my head that I would like to present and get some feedback on. Then, I will start to play-test it. In short, it is a "Unbalanced Scenario Maker". The first page of the rules I will post here as it describes the overall objectives. For those that would like to read the full set of rules, complete with graphs and pictures, here is the li
  6. @Moon - Will some of these scenarios be geared towards H2H play? I guess that would mean basically no AI and just listed as "H2H Play Only"??
  7. Hey Umlaut, Looks like a cool scenario. I've downloaded it and will give it a try starting tonight!
  8. Pretty poor taste of your opponent to hit your setup zone with an artillery strike. ..... In meeting engagements they should not be allowed. In Attack/Defend circumstances, only the attacker should be able to have a pre-planned strike into the defender's, much larger, setup zone. ..... anyway .... I prefer to use the "Move Quick" order with split-squads and fairly frequent stops if I think they could come into contact. If I'm just moving troops from one end of the map to the other and am not worried about combat, I will use a combination of "Move" and "Move Quick" to keep their
  9. It should work out great. Zombies love craft beer ... sheesh. ... I thought everyone knew that.
  10. Or maybe that "something nice" thing that Steve mentioned a couple of weeks ago? Perhaps not the actual release, but maybe the official announcement. However, trying to predict what BF will do next is like trying to read chicken bones to predict the weather.
  11. Well Steve, I hope you have a good stock-pile of beer at home to weather this one out! (I home-brew ... so if the apocalypse hits ... I'm good in that department ... I figure I can just trade for whatever else I need with beer! )
  12. I've only had success assaulting tanks when there is a building that totally blocks the tank's LOS. My guys ambush the tank from around the corner of a building. Other than that, I've managed to do it a couple of times when hiding guys in fields or behind a wall and letting the tank come to them. It's not easy ... and I imagine it wasn't easy back in '44 either.
  13. OKOK ... I'm uploading my setup files to a cloud-based locker right now. Something that's always been in the back of my head ... but this post finally put enough fear into me to make it happen. Big files! ... It will take awhile ... but it's worth it. btw ... the Setup files can't be compressed with WinZIP or WinRAR. I just tried it .. the zipped file is the same size as the original .exe file.
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