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  1. I predict, that when the Bulge module comes out and they show GIs running around in white sheets, you'll be able to hear the heads exploding on this forum without having to use a sound mod.
  2. Wow. I play TOAW, have a good time and get plausible results....and I think JasonC gets just as much pleasure from pondering the nitnoids of what consim theory should be. What might make a pure and righteous consim game is a fun topic for debate and thought. I would venture to guess that what makes a good sim that sells well is somewhat tricky to nail down, or, as they say, weaklings and children would do it. I find TOAW quite playable and realistic enough since I view it as a game, not a tool or the Gospel of Combat. I don't think of it as the zenith of game design, never to be bette
  3. Being stuck with a PCI card (no AGP slot) on my current system, I can attest to the fact that you can run CMBO just fine with one. I had a Maxi Gamer Cougar, that bit the dust, and it was replaced with a Kyro based Prophet, both PCI cards. The Kyro card has some issues with transparency, but works fine. The Nvidia based card was better. What model Dell did you get? I am going to purchase a 4550 at 2.66 GHZ with an MX or Ti card in the AGP slot. I have read about some issues with dells and CM, so I am getting a little edgy about it....
  4. Going back to the 5084 drivers for the kyro card seems to have solved most problems. Good call. Some battles still start with POV off, but there is no more CTD. Thanks!
  5. Kyro based card with the latest drivers from Hercules, latest version of DirectX,(not the Beta), have tried reinstalling sound drivers (on board ESS Solo), video drivers, directX, and CMBO, all to no avail. I use Powerstrip to tweek brightness settings, but have tried with and without Powerstrip with no improvement. I could save a file and send it to you if you are interested. Cheers.
  6. CMBO CTD all scenarios but Quick Battles. Checked to make sure that the extensions are correct on the scenario filenames, tried copying scenarios off the CD to make sure the ones on the HD are not corrupted, no go. Some scenarios start, but shortly after getting to the "game" they CTD. Oddly enough, when the scenario starts, it often has a camera view that is way off the map! Running windows 98 on a 350Mhz Aptiva, never had this happen in all my CM time before!?
  7. On a human scale, the sacrifices on both fronts are beyond my ability to comprehend, and I think it is silly to compare one to the other. On the Vastness meter, Eastfront wins hands down. On the Inhumanity meter, the Eastfront wins, but one could argue that the take no prisoners fighting of the Pacific was worse. I just like the Western theater because of the cast of characters, the fact that my father fought there (28th ID) and the simple reason that I am more familiar with it. To each his own.
  8. Well, it is something that CMBO has that CMBB doesn't. I just heard that phrase in a game, and got me thinking about how good it will be to see the improvements when the Western front rolls around again. As far as I'm concerned, BB is just another step in the developement of the new CMBO.
  9. The video chip is in an AGP slot. I have looked for similar systems, no monitor or printer, and it does seem that Dell has a pretty good package going. I would be going from a 350 Mhz AMD based Aptiva, so any improvement is sure to be astonishing at my end. I know the 2.4 gig 4550 sports a 533 Mhz side bus and faster memory than the 2.0 gig model that they are really blowing out. My upgrading will probably be limited to more memory and a better video card as time goes by.
  10. The other choice in video cards is a DDR NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200, for $70 more, or the 128mb DDR ATI Radeon 9700 Pro for about $300 more (out of my range, plus I don't know about ATI and fog). If there is a better choice for less scratch, I could get the 32MB ATI card and replace it (I think that saves about $30 on the system).
  11. I might be getting the green light for a new system in the near future. Budget is tight around $700 max and more like $600. Been looking at the Dell 4550, probably configued with a Pentium 4 processor 2.4GHz w/ 533MHz system bus & 512K L2 Cache, onboard sound chip, 64MB DDR NVIDIA GeForce4 MX Graphics Card, and of course, Windows XP (Home Edition). Any thoughts as to how this rig would handle CMBO and CMBB?
  12. There is a new driver out as of Oct 21, #16055 I think, that fixed the airbursts and transparent vehicle problems on my machine. Check it out if you have a Kyro based card.
  13. After a reboot, the funky text went away. 'Enable External Depth/Stencil Buffer' still has to be checked for transparency to work right, but the "hit" on the system seems to be a lot smaller than it was, hardly noticable. Not perfection, but an improvement for sure.
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