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  1. Ah, that's AoD and AoC for $40, a nice ten dollar discount for those wanting both...but there's no base game there. It would be nice to see a base game plus one of the new "Assault on" modules bundle, but alas, no dice.
  2. I'm a Strategic Command I player from way back when, and it looks like I may finally have the time and coin to get back in the fray. My oh my, what a bunch of new stuff to ponder! In fact, it's a little confusing to someone like me who is overwhelmed by the options and slow on the uptake to begin with. My guess is, as a player who is interested in a large scale, global, "World in Flames" type experience, with an emphasis on the Western Front in Europe and the Pacific Theater, and as someone who is going to playing against the AI almost exclusively, the route to go would be basic Global Conflict plus AoD. If I understand correctly, the addition of AoD to vanilla GC negates the need to get the gold version of GC, unless one wanted to "go back" to playing the smaller scale of GC with the gold features. Also, the essential difference between AoD and AoC is that AoD has the bigger scale and the scenario list more Westfront/Pacific focused, while AoC doesn't have the larger scale and the scenario list is exclusively Eastfront focused. If anybody could confirm or correct the above, I'd surely appreciate it. Also, is there a GC+AoD bundle that I'm missing, or is the only purchase option GC and AoD separately? Thanks!
  3. Price, profit and value...I don't know that we'll solve those age old issues on this forum. I've gotten great value out of CMBN. Yeah, I'm on a tight budget so I can't just buy every game that comes out, or, it appears, every module and upgrade that BFC plans to offer. I have to consider the value I'll get out of it. The Italian campaign doesn't interest me enough to plunk down $55. So far, I've not purchased the Commonwealth module, although it's one of those "roundtuit" purchases. The upgrade for ten bucks seems like a bargain. I'm glad that BFC is presenting options...and I'll opt in some and opt out of others. I don't begrudge the CM player who is drooling over the chance to game out the Italian campaign his day in the sun. I'll be waiting for further developments in the ETO, just as others are chomping at the bit for the Eastern front. Even if the next few releases are not my cup of tea and/or out of my current discretionary budget, I hope BFC sells 'em like hotcakes and continues to create great tactical wargames. Very few things in this vale of tears are gratis, and I've gotten to a point in life where I'm pretty sure the rest of the wold doesn't revolve around my sweet tuckis. I've also come to terms with the idea that I can't buy everything that catches my eye, and I'm not sore at those who can afford more toys and those who peddle the toys to them. So I'm off to the Hedgerows again, for the umpteenth time, enjoying mods that I got for free, and still playing around with different tactics and combinations.
  4. My father always maintained they did it by outfighting the Germans. They did that by maximizing whatever unfair advantage that they could get.
  5. Edit: Bimmer beat me to it. I think that the exact scale of stuff like buildings wouldn't be so important as the overall situation. If I'm thinking this through right, that would qualify the posted example as a "tiny" map. There are plenty of folks, including me, who like small, mostly infantry battles.
  6. In the rules, a standing man can throw a grenade 15". Figure a range of 30-40 yards or so. If we go with 30 or so, figure about 25 yards a foot. I recall figuring out this scale as a kid, and calculating ranges for infantry weapons to scale for my plastic army guys.
  7. I'm using it, and the only issue I've had is that I didn't start using it sooner.
  8. Hear, hear! We need to hear the "budda-budda-budda" of the Thompson for the Combat! based scenarios I'm thinking of.
  9. I'd agree. There are a few outstanding sound mods that do parts extremely well, but not one that does everything the way I like it. Because of that, I'm using a hodgepodge, and in many cases I'm honestly not sure what mod is taking precedence over the others, and I just play it by ear, add one, listen, and decide I like the overall effect or not. I've tried "surgically" taking MG-42 sounds, for instance, from a mod and using it with another, and sometimes it works, other times not.
  10. What about those of us who stuck with CMX1 for some time because of the difficulty in counting to CMX2?
  11. Thanks for clearing that up....as much as I can follow it. Since I'm not an MTO guy, I'll wait for the release of the uniforms with the Normandy patches...
  12. Most excellent. Thanks for doing these, and making them available. I fight a lot of small QB ME, so this is like Christmas in August.
  13. I do feel like I'm setting my guys up in a swamp. I'd like to see a return to the outlines as well.
  14. One mod I consider essential is Vein's support chatter. There was something just jarringly wrong about the modern radio operator sounds that come with the game. 'Course, I used to be an RTO so I'm probably paying too much attention. Rambler's weapons are very nice, as are Mord's US voices, Dietrich's German voices, and the sound mods from Odball and others add a lot. I like most of Vein's effects such as tracers, muzzleflash, smoke, etc. I am using Aristoteles terrain rather than Vein's. I run JuJu's UI, and I can't recall what mod I'm using that changes the bearclaw bases to hexagons...Bill H? I'm also using a mod that let's you choose divisional patches for the US, but I think it's down pending retooling for the patch...?
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