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  1. 56 and You haven't conquered Half the World yet?:rolleyes:What a Loser.
  2. 39 here.Or was that 93.I lose track as I get older.
  3. Well stop cruising in the Forums and get back to Work!!!!!!
  4. Type A positive.Oh,thought we were talking Blood type here.I bleed a lot when I play a PBEM game in CMBN so knowing my Blood Type is a plus.
  5. Also JuJus walls and all of Veins mods.Veins flames,explosions,tracers,Veins muzzleflashes.Go to Green as Jades mod wharehouse and get some skins,dusty kublewagon and dusty jeep are cool.There is a German camaflouge mod that I have and love,but I dont remember who made it.lol.
  6. I could use some PBEM action.I am good for at least one turn a day.Send me a turn at my Email address.Title it PBEM vs Chuck so I will not accidently delete it.lol.Let me know who the email will be from in a PM.You pick the map and the size.Just send out the first turn.Check your PMs.
  7. Actually,I am a Member of your site.Love the way you have it set up.Makes it so much easier to figure out what I am getting.Wish the Repository was set up the same way.You guys do an awesome job.It even asks me if I am sure that is the one I want with a little Picture.Great feature.I suggest the GAJ site to everyone.
  8. I have asked for this 42000 times in about 19 different threads.No one will listen.They never listen.I have been asking for this since this game was released.Good luck with this thread.:mad:
  9. I can picture it now."Fritz,get that Halftrack in there,good,good,back up a little more,perfect.Now Hans,your guys must build that stone wall as quick as possible.The Americans will never suspect us of hiding a Halftrack here.":D
  10. Alcohol and Porn,Sounds like Congress to me.Throw some Bribes and a few DUI convictions in the mix and we can cover the whole leadership of this Nation. I don't think they can vote on Cheesecake today.They are saving us all from going broke or some such nonsense.Our Heroes.
  11. So we have a couple of votes for No,A couple of votes for Yes.A couple of votes for Ponies.At least two votes for Adult beverages.One vote for Cheesecake.Did I miss anything?Was there a vote for multiple personalities in there somewhere?I seem to remember a vote for Porn also,or am I mistaken on the Porn.If there is no vote for Porn I would like to add one.This is the Greatest Poll of all time.
  12. I love Bailey's Irish Cream,I drink it over Ice with a little bit of Half and Half.I like the new Bailey's with a hint of mint.They also have a new Bailey's with a hint of Coffee and another new one with a hint of Caramel.I like the Hint of mint the best.I think real time pause should be included so at least players can get up and fix themselves a Drink.IMHO the game is better with a Cold Adult beverage.Everything is better with a Cold Adult Beverage. Oh,and a Pony.Ponies and Adult beverages make everything better.:D
  13. Your just Mad because I let you Win our PBEM......Er yea,Thats it............. Seriously though,How hard would it be to include in the next patch?Don't know a thing about writing code,but I don't think something like this would delay by much.
  14. I don't know,I gotta say,why all the No votes?If it will make a part of the customer base happier,and potentially be a feature that will bring in more Customers,then why would anyone vote No?Don't we want our community to get bigger,and Battlefront to bring in more cash?More cash = more games/modules at a faster rate. +I never play realtime.tried it,hated it,but I see no reason why this would be a bad thing.I hope you Guys get what you want,and for those who play realtime and don't want a pause option,just agree with your opponent not to use it,simple enough.If your opponent won't agree to a rule set before the game starts,then why even play that person?.I vote Yes.
  15. LOL.At the top of the above screen it says"GAME OVER".lol,I would say.
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