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  1. Le Desert was tons of fun.I had my Ass handed to me as the German Attacker,but it was tons of fun.
  2. I don't believe he was booted for his Racist views,I believe it was personal attacks and threats at a forum member if I recall correctly.It wasn't me,but another forum member he threatened I think.Heck,I have no problem with Racists speaking thier mind,as another forum member said,our Founders fought for the first ammendment and freedom of speech,people just need to realize with that freedom comes responsibility and consequences.I think BFC does a fine job of keeping this board civil and clean,except for that Peng thread,but thats a whole different barrel of Monkeys.
  3. A while back we had a Racist,anti semite on this forum.I think he got the boot by BFC.I kinda wish he was around now,would make for some interesting replies to this thread.I had several arguments with him and he was so simple minded and backwards in his way of thinking it was hilarious,in a sad sort of way.I even had a long PM argument going with him.I miss him,he made things interested.
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