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  1. For the record, I just recently installed this game from GOG, it's been working fine for me. Even the fog is running. Now, I'm running it on a laptop (less than year old) and definitely not a top of the line gaming rig.
  2. Back when I was playing CMBB religiously, Poor Old Spike was nice enough to email me a set of his PDFs for tactics, armor penetrations, gun stats, etc.. I still have them and read them from time to time when I want to go back down memory lane
  3. I may be on the second to last mission right now, I'm on the outskirts of Bolleville... moving towards the "jumping off points" to La Haye du Puits. I have 3 depleted Rifle platoons from L company, a weapons platoon, 5 shermans plus engineers.. not looking forward to this one
  4. I'm on the mission after "crossroads" after taking the N803 (main road exit) route.. can't remember what the name of that mission is, basically assaulting a town with two secondary objectives: a chateau and a railroad crossing
  5. *spoiler! b/c I am so frustrated at that mission, there is also a 50mm ATG hiding in the small forest on the right side across from the river! I don't think it can do much to the shermans but still an annoyance.. at least, I never lost any tanks to them. For the first mission, I found that by running along the sides of the map - going through the forest on the right and the farm road on the left are the best (and really only) avenues of attack. There is one ATG that is always in the same position.. use mortars. There aren't a lot of german forces in this mission so you can easily overwhelm them.. it also helps having your shermans pepper the far bocage. There are some positions on your side of the map where you are out of sight of the ATG and can still target the far bocage
  6. Just need to knock out those two 75mm guns before moving your tanks across the bridge.. I've played the scenario enough that as soon as the mission starts I send mortar barrages in their general direction..
  7. Yeah, I got sick of being pelted by artillery.. took a ceasfire and then took the hills in the next mission - University of Hard Knocks
  8. I restarted.. got 1 engineer squad to the bridge, managed to blow apart the barbwire at the bridge opening but promptly lost half the squad because of a mine explosion due to the demo charge.. Moving squads across that point is tedious at best!! Constant artillery and machine gun fire... these ww2 generals were psychopaths for ordering troops across such a space war is hell indeed..
  9. loaded this scenario up again after upgrading to 2.1... not even sure if this is even considered a spoiler anymore.. crossing the bridge is awful, its really hit or miss if the engineers even blow up the barbed wire and my guys want to run across the bridge in order to get to the left side, beside the bridge. Perhaps I should go into the scenario editor and get rid of the barbed wire because its just so stupid where its placed.. ok, my rant is done..
  10. Has anyone had any issues with mods and the 2.0 version? I'm probably going to upgrade it tonight - should I remove (cut and paste) the "Z" folder prior to doing this?
  11. Its tough.. I just re-played this battle today. In my game, the Germans decided to ignore the center and right objective and head towards the group of houses on the left (where Turnbull and most of his crew starts). I managed to take out the marder and one of the PvIVs, but the other one decided to go along the road on the left and came across through the back of the houses. I managed to kill the tank and all its crew but not sure if this counts as the AI touching the area.. they don't actually have to hold it do they?? Gave as much of a bloody nose as I could, my mortar was super effective on the germans once they crossed the river.. and turned tail and ran but they got to the left objective anyways and I was left with a tactical defeat.
  12. good read.. speaking of which, can you make the missions in your road to montebourg campaign longer? (I Kid!) I would throw my hat into having the good intel.. but I also realize that in war, having good intel (probably more so in WW2) was an absolute rarity. If there is one criticism I have with the "Road to Montebourg" campaign which I could think deals with the mission time limits, (and I must say its more of an asthetic one because I've absoutely loved playing it!!!), its in the tactical breifing.. the tactical map. The vanilla game gives us a battle map and possible locations of enemy forces, either marked with a soldier icon, or just question marks if something MAY be there and the geographical layout is pretty close to the actual in game play. You've choosen to show a b/w screenshot of the objective in the battle in question and of course I don't know the layout until i hit the start button. Maybe this has actually enhanced my game playing experience since I have no idea where the enemy is or coming from but at the same time makes for some frustrating first turns as I try to "guess" where he might be. As in example.. I think its the second mission in the campaign, Ecoqueneuville.. no idea where german strongpoints are located or even where to direct artillery assets. I have two avenues of approach, go along the paved road or blast my way through the hedgerows to get to the villiage. Maybe this forces me to use scout teams more, but like chainsaw stated.. maybe patrols sent out before the battle or during the night could have located possible positions. What this leads me to do is I send out a few scout teams to some point... if I don't come under fire, then I move the bulk of my forces up, then send the scout teams forward again, if its all clear then I move everyone up.. wash, rinse and repeat. Maybe this is how it was done in real life during the battles, I don't know I'm not a military expert by any means. My thinking, and maybe this would dumb-down the game, but would be to have map markers or something indicating that a scout team heard or saw something in a certain location or area during a previous patrol. Just my thoughts and would take no offense if anyone wants to shoot these down in flames
  13. here here! I agree.. some people do this in their scenarios, battles... but others do not and its trial and error
  14. Yeah. thats one of the things I like about the game is that if you click on one of your units, the game only shows you specifically what that unit sees.. seems to me someone in the tank saw this gun so I would assume whoever it was, the tank commander, gunner, whoever, would have been screaming to the other crew members 'hey, we got an AT gun right over there!' and maybe automatically should have been targeting it that being said, as a player myself, I always manually make sure that a particular unit is targeting who I want it to because I don't trust the AI to make the best decisions for me most of the time
  15. isn't this mission detailed in CMBB manual? Sort of as an advanced training session. I've played this a few times and if memory serves me right, the manual says you can bring your stalin tanks in shoot and scoot missions up to the ridge.. but I would get killed from long range by the German tanks so after awhile I wouldn't bother with that strategy. The rocket barrage you have at the beginning of the mission is invaluable for softening up the villiage and if you are lucky, can take out some of the hidden AT guns they have.
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