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  1. Exactly. This thread should have ended at the second/third (real) posts. Given the generality plus uselessness of the search function and the ambiguity of the sticky, it should have only taken up 30 seconds of someones time instead of turning into a 3 page circus.
  2. Unbelievable.. This thread is nutty. What a bunch of jackasses some of you are. First off, I am no noob to CM anything. I have owned every copy of every CM game produced since the first iteration. I have been on this forum a long time. Second, what a revelation ! Check the sticky ?? Do a search ?? Excellent advice if any of it made sense. As someone mentioned, searching for this topic is essentially useless since the keywords are too general. As for the silly sticky? Let's read the sticky together: -"we will release a totally new standalone game" Ok, pretty clear. Understood.
  3. OMG, what a rude reply! Is that supposed to be an answer or a smart ass remark? Great, thanks. All I needed to know. So I'll look for the CMBN engine upgrade and get that too when it comes out.
  4. Just purchased CM Italy and installed it. But it appears that CM:N and CM:CF have to be upgraded through the separate later path/patch to get them to CM v2.0 ?? Or can I just copy over the scenarios and campaigns from the N/CF games into the Italy directories to be able to play them with the v2.0 engine and just delete the original N/CF directory?? A little confused on how the upgrade thing works IF you purchase Italy. Unless Italy also patched the original CM:N/CF files which was not apparent during installation.
  5. Agreed. Case closed, end of discussion. As an aside, do the manuals say that AT crews should use their rifles/SMGs to pepper enemy armor from a concealed position prior to using the AT gun? Is this to range them? (j/k)
  6. It's not about which 'system' to use. It's a simple graphical overlay (toggle-able) that helps visualize what the "new" system is doing. So much easier in the old days to click on the commander and see who he is in contact with... now you have to click through all his subordinates to check who is in command. One click vs the current 5+clicks. The old method of visualization was much better.
  7. EXACTLY. And more to the point (and I agree with Steve here), there is NO correct value because someone will always find a problem with whatever is chosen. I love it and I don't "game" the system by trying to calculate Power/Point ratios for everything and choosing only "good" items. I like to play with poor choices sometimes because it might be reflective of what was available at that time and what happened to be involved in a particular battle. I find it boring that every MP game I play you can count on the opponent to ALWAYS select Panthers if possible. Thats why I loved the random
  8. While I initially agreed with the starting poster, I have come to the same conclusion as 'flamingknives'.. even on a small unit level, while a bit of a pain at first, its nice to see what typically might be seen with this particular formation.. it sometimes changes my picks to be more 'historical' (ex- oh.. I see they typically had an MG section, ok, let me grab one of those instead)
  9. Tried that.. it just goes crazy. And do you draw the contour lines using the 'set tile to height X' tool or do you draw them setting the 'underlying tile to +x' ? I can try to post a screeny.
  10. My wish list: LemoN accepts the game refund and leaves the forums. j/k
  11. There is a radio sound (sounds like static) followed by an onscreen message that "Reinforcements have arrived". I haven't ever missed reinforcement arrival since I am pretty 'cued in' to that sound. Its the same sound that is played in WeGo at the start of a turn in which reinforcements arrive. If you want, you could probably replace that sound file with a siren or something loud and more distinctive since its a unique sound, I believe.
  12. Can someone post a video tutorail on how to use the elevation tool in the map maker? I know HOW to use it (this button does this, this one does that) but I need to know how to use it effectively. I find it pretty frustrating when trying to draw precise terrain that it changes the elevation of all non locked tiles. How do people make effective landscapes? Just find the high points and low points of all your terrain and put only those points in ? Just not sure how to go about thinking about it.
  13. Yea This is a lot different than the old days of board games, Advanced Squad Leader, where you could move into the "light trees" and get a +1 defense Now there are actual trees and your individual guys actually need to seek shelter behind them..
  14. I agree with the other posters: Why does it matter? Being intuitive will offer all your answers. If its a tree, can I hide behind it? If its a bush, will it conceal my movement? If its clover, will it protect me from HE shells? Not quite sure, but it seems people are looking for "Bush - 16.34% concealment, Tall Grass A - 13.65 % concealment, Tree 36.9865% protection" Seriously, ask yourself, does this make a difference? Look outside, can you tell what percentage concealment a shrub gives you ? No, because its an absurd statement. I mean, you NEEDED numbers when everything was abs
  15. I really had a fun time with the 'securing the river' small unit scenario. I love how versatile this engine is.. You can play a large scenario and have a blast, and then you can equally well simulate a small unit engagement where you are zoomed in on the action the whole time. The smaller map is just as detailed and its more intimate.. you really feel a little closer to your silicon soldiers. Just impressed how you are able to do both things well. Congrats !
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