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  1. yeah i think there documentation just slipped a little and they need to update patch notes. I'm pretty familiar with their practices but i don't actually recall reading patch notes that were wrong. thanks much.
  2. great thanks guys; i thought so too, but the patch notes explicitly say 2.02. thanks for your time!
  3. I've had CMFB running on 2.0 for forever without problem; i thought i'd get around to upgrade to 2.03 but i notice the mandatory prerequisite is 2.02. In the patches for CMFB there is only 2.03; is 2.02 actually required to get to 2.03? if it truly is required, where the heck does it live? I did a forum search but i didn't find the answer. EDIT: after trying the other five games i found all of them but CMFI to be the same; they all require a previous patch which isn't in the patch repository. I've obviously missed something, any help would be great. thanks much.
  4. that would be an amazing "what-if" to play, i'd pay for it 😉
  5. Stuart Recce problem(?). two man crew; when opened up you can use the target command to fire the .50 cal. when opened or closed your light fire won't use the .303 cal mg. is this a bug or am i doing it wrong? it's basically acting like a Stug and you lose your gunner quickly instead of firing using the protected mg. thanks
  6. I'm sure we'll get one of the grinder/attrition campaigns, but something with some mobility/freedom of movement would be great too
  7. So at the Co. level they have a Javelin team and then every vehicle has reloads? i can see the logic to an extent i guess. thanks for the follow-up.
  8. ahhh; but not the AAV. I'm playing a Marines scenario and they've got the missiles, but not the launcher. thanks
  9. Do you guys notice that vehicles no longer contain Javelin launchers, just the missiles?
  10. i figured, but i'd hoped i'd missed some announcement. Sad panda :-(
  11. are we still on track for the end of July or has the release slipped?
  12. The new Battle Pack is very well done, i recommend it, but with a few caveats. I think the AI has been set to be too aggressive and perhaps a bit more force balancing/testing was needed but the maps are beautiful. I'm finding the US campaign quite difficult 7 missions in, but for $10 i heartily recommend.
  13. Just popped in to say i'm loving the battle pack, well done guys.
  14. I'm slightly confused; i thought CMFI 4.0 would bring in tank riders, like the other titles. Anyone know the official reason why not? thanks much.
  15. i just found this fellow on Youtube who does a day by day visual of major battles. does a very nice simple visual flow and analysis, very helpful to understand divisional movements as compared to the maps in most of my reference books. Peruse at the link below if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xIt-cOOdXPw&feature=youtu.be
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