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  1. -specify how many and what type of rounds in an arty call -a follow command for vehicles -ability to process huge battle turns in a reasonable time frame
  2. For the Scenario "Red Dawn" the briefing says you have the ability to use arty for prep barrage; however, none of the units for the Russians can call any of the artillery, therefore no prep barrage.
  3. yeah i think there documentation just slipped a little and they need to update patch notes. I'm pretty familiar with their practices but i don't actually recall reading patch notes that were wrong. thanks much.
  4. great thanks guys; i thought so too, but the patch notes explicitly say 2.02. thanks for your time!
  5. I've had CMFB running on 2.0 for forever without problem; i thought i'd get around to upgrade to 2.03 but i notice the mandatory prerequisite is 2.02. In the patches for CMFB there is only 2.03; is 2.02 actually required to get to 2.03? if it truly is required, where the heck does it live? I did a forum search but i didn't find the answer. EDIT: after trying the other five games i found all of them but CMFI to be the same; they all require a previous patch which isn't in the patch repository. I've obviously missed something, any help would be great. thanks much.
  6. that would be an amazing "what-if" to play, i'd pay for it
  7. Stuart Recce problem(?). two man crew; when opened up you can use the target command to fire the .50 cal. when opened or closed your light fire won't use the .303 cal mg. is this a bug or am i doing it wrong? it's basically acting like a Stug and you lose your gunner quickly instead of firing using the protected mg. thanks
  8. I'm sure we'll get one of the grinder/attrition campaigns, but something with some mobility/freedom of movement would be great too
  9. So at the Co. level they have a Javelin team and then every vehicle has reloads? i can see the logic to an extent i guess. thanks for the follow-up.
  10. ahhh; but not the AAV. I'm playing a Marines scenario and they've got the missiles, but not the launcher. thanks
  11. Do you guys notice that vehicles no longer contain Javelin launchers, just the missiles?
  12. i figured, but i'd hoped i'd missed some announcement. Sad panda :-(
  13. are we still on track for the end of July or has the release slipped?
  14. The new Battle Pack is very well done, i recommend it, but with a few caveats. I think the AI has been set to be too aggressive and perhaps a bit more force balancing/testing was needed but the maps are beautiful. I'm finding the US campaign quite difficult 7 missions in, but for $10 i heartily recommend.
  15. Just popped in to say i'm loving the battle pack, well done guys.
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