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CMFB 2.02 patch: where is it?


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I've had CMFB running on 2.0 for forever without problem; i thought i'd get around to upgrade to 2.03 but i notice the mandatory prerequisite is 2.02. In the patches for CMFB there is only 2.03; is 2.02 actually required to get to 2.03? if it truly is required, where the heck does it live? I did a forum search but i didn't find the answer.

EDIT: after trying the other five games i found all of them but CMFI to be the same; they all require a previous patch which isn't in the patch repository. I've obviously missed something, any help would be great.

thanks much.


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extent of problem unknown!
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I think (but I would wait for others to confirm as I don't have FB) that the 2.03 version patches any version from 2.0 onwards up to 2.03.

This is despite what the Readme says, which does as you say stipulate that you must already have 2.02.  If I'm right, perhaps someone didn't read the Readme carefully enough before it went live 😉.

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