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  1. This thread deserves a nice Bump. Any Timetable for the real start of the tourney, like getting the setup files ?
  2. Hi all, the SU-76 was nicknamed by the russian crews as " Bitch " or " Naked Ass Ferdinand ".
  3. I am using a GF4 Ti 4200. Ive tried the 41.09 but switched back to the 30.82 ( as recommended by BTS ). With the 41.09 CMBO and CMBB ( and only those, all other games worked fine ) were locked at 60 Hz. I cant stand that flickering ... :eek: [ December 24, 2002, 06:14 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  4. Sounds like " A hawk among sparrows ", neat story. Cant remember the author, though ...
  5. Hi Tourney II Section IV , and especially that nice wadepm fellow, who sent me email with all adresses of the above Section IV in the header. There is rspilot --- hmm I seem to recall your name from somewhere. Have I met you in IL2 or SEIV ? jsalmenk seems to be one of those dreaded Uberfinns. nidan1 and jim are the last two fellows of the bunch. Real nice to meet you guys ...
  6. Hi all, this thing is 68 MB. Didnt Matt and Steve state that the patch would be around 25 MB ? :confused:
  7. Tres´cool maps. Very much appreciated. Now do some more and stop wasting time reading the board ...
  8. I think this idea is rubbish. What about us poor euro guys, that are trying to teach you americans some tactics in a pbem ? When my dear opponents ( Hi Strider, Rhudat, Don ) are playing with a 1.1 and I must suffer with a 1.0 ? Incompatible PBEM files anyone ? :confused: [ November 18, 2002, 03:57 PM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  9. Hi all, I have another hickup with the new Detonator drivers 40.72 WHQL; on my Win98SE with a GF4200TI CMBB only runs with 60 hz. And yeah, I´ve used the direct3d refresh utility from within the driver. No go ... This is only a problem with CMBB, all other games run fine with 85 hz. And yeah, I´ve deleted the old CMBB prefs ... The old 30.82 work fine though, CMBB runing in 85 hz . Any hints ? :confused:
  10. Hi sniper9599 , you will be assimilated ... Have fun and beware of Peng ...
  11. How the hell would they support such a thing with ammo and fuel ? And wouldnt it be vulnerable to infantry ?
  12. Ummm... I dont understand one word of your mathemagical statistical whiz bang stuff, but god, I love you people. This board is just incredible. It´s a honour to be a member in this community.
  13. I dont know. I´ve bought two german quad 20mm flak and one killed a russian plane on turn four. Place them side by side so that they got the same LOS. Seems to work.
  14. If its any help : On my PC with Mozilla 1.1 the same thing happened. I just pressed the SHIFT key while klicking on the link and it now downloads those beautiful T34.
  15. Give me .... Those are work of art. You´re a very talented man. Ummm, when will they be done ? I need them. Pretty please ...
  16. Hi all, interesting thread. Both of my grandfathers served in WW2, one in the german navy on a torpedoboat as a "Bootsmann". He was in Norway when it was occupied. I still have his Portopee ( spelling? ) bayonet. My other Grandfather fought on the russian front as an infanteryman. He was killed, when he shot down a russian fighter with his MG42, which crashed down on his foxhole. That was in 1944. Also one of my uncles served in the navy. He was also on a torpedoboat in the mediteran sea, was sunk and captured in egypt. He made it back to germany in 1946. He died a few years ago.
  17. Hi all, when I was in the german Bundeswehr ( Pioneers ) " stopfen " means stop firing. That was in the early eighties. Wie ich vor unendlich langer Zeit beim Bund war ( Pioniere ) , hiess es beim schiessen auf der Bahn immer " Stopfen ... " , wenn alle Welt aufhören sollte zu schiessen. Umm, das war zwar vor über zwanzig Jahren .... Der Spiess meinte damals, das käme noch von den alten Vorderladern.
  18. He looks like the un-invited vice-principal after he tangled with Ferris Bueller's rottweiler....</font>
  19. Dear Treeburst 155, Thorben and myself are through with head for the hills. All my fivr games are completed.
  20. Thanks, Kurtz very much appreciated.
  21. Dear Highcommand, Im not sure if I obeyed all the rules of Haiku, but how are these ? CMBO player sending me turns in haste the burning tank the whole forum Jason_C writing long technical grog porn comparing data Come over with me and together let's play poor old penger Hehe ... Please write more ! [ August 27, 2002, 12:42 PM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  22. Hi all, I´m through with my last game with Thorben " Head for the Hills" . Three wins, one draw, one lost ( thanks Combined Arms :eek: ) ... Is there anyplace where I can check the standings ? Very good scenarios. Great tourney.
  23. Hi guys ... ... back from vacation ... Greetings to my honourable Opponents : Strider, Rhudat, Don, Thorben, Combined Arms, a1steaks,Pixelmaster and all the others I forgot Kinda adventure trip there in austria ...
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