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  1. I agree with the original poster. Given the aging engine, the idea that CMC won't be out until next year (if ever) is disturbing. Road to Moscow does come to mind :eek:
  2. I thought the book was excellent as well. I think you guys are a little tough on Doubler. His conclusion is that the American's improved tactically throughout the campaign and that American improvement in tactics was primarily because of the flow of information from the bottom to the top. (The hedgerow cutting tanks in Normandy being the best example). He never says anywhere that American tactics won the war or that we were better than the Germans. He just says we got better as the campaign continued. If anything the weakness in the book is that there is no comparison with German o
  3. Steve, Thanks for setting me straight about the cupholder. It just goes to show you how us non-programmer types don't really understand much about programming. Since you are soliciting input, I would like to tell you another AI related feature that I would like to see in CMx2. It would be interesting if the human player could put part of his command under AI control. For example, In a battalian size battle, I could take control of one company and the AI could take control the other two or three. Of course to make this work one would need to be able to assign global commands to the A
  4. I tend to agree with Rollstoy. The first two points really have to do with decreasing the human, not improving the AI. I also agree that the third point will help pre-made scenarios. However, to use Steve's terminology I would call point #3 a "cupholder" feature. As I see it, we have to analyze what the AI currently does well and what it does not do well. On the well side, the AI does use terrain well. (Infantry will always approach using maximum cover). It does a good job of recognizing objective flags On the negative side. 1) Does not use elevation 2) Poor coordination
  5. Steve, My big issue is AI. I want it better, smarter, cleverer. I want it to use combined arms tactics. Is this a cupholder or a redesign? Based on some past threads it seemed like it was a redesign. This is what I care about most. Warren PS By the way, I agree with treeburst that a simulation of a company or battalian commanders job would also be way cool.
  6. It seems to me that Grants are very effective tanks in CMAK relative to German PIII and early PIV. In reality, tankers hated these tanks because of the tendency of the bolts to fly around the cabin after taking non-penetrating hits. My question is: Has this defect been modeled in CMAK?
  7. Ralph, a visit to www.gamecopyworld.com should solve your problem.
  8. I am playing CMAK on a dell inspiron 8100 with a geforce 2go 32Mb graphics card. I have noticed that whenever maps have a lot of buildings my graphic card really chokes. Does this have more to do with the amount of graphic RAM, or just the speed of the card? WARREN
  9. A partition is not necessary. Just reboot in OS9 and it should work fine. Warren
  10. Steve: It seems to me that you are essentially saying "The AI is as good as its going to get and that is that." I'm kind of surprised by this as on just about all other issues you guys have constantly improved the game. I must admit it sounds kind of defeatest to me. Based on your posts It sounds like in the early development of CMBO you spent a lot of time developing the AI, found it was a time sink with diminishing returns, and decided your time would be best spent elsewhere. From a business perspective this sounds like a reasonable move. However, this was several years ago
  11. I'd like to chime in here. I am somewhat surprised at Steve's tone and attitude. People would like a more challenging computer opponent. This is clearly the case. Based on my experience, the AI has not been significantly improved in the two and soon to be three CM games. With a engine re-write in the works, it seems like the right time to try and make it better. Also, I think it important that we define what we mean by the AI. I am NOT referring to the Tactical AI. It is the strategic and operational AI I am referring to. Somehow the AI needs to move units in a more coordinated man
  12. Other then the obvious (new locations, new equipment) are there any new features in the engine or the AI of CMAK?
  13. I play CMBB on a Dell 8100 with a GeForce2go video card (32Mb). The game plays well, although very large maps (like the ones in Operation Storfang) scroll poorly unless trees are turned off. I don't have any problem with changing monitor resolution, although I generally run the game in 1200x1080.
  14. Are any of the currently available apple laptops (G4 models) able to play Combat Mission? (I.e. boot up in system 9 and have compatible video cards). Warren
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