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  1. Hi gang, since Ben_CG talked me into my first doubleblind scenario PBEM, instead of my usual QB´s , I´m hooked. As Ben_CG said : >double-blind just means that neither of us have >seen or played the scenario before obviously >a gentleman's agreement is required as most >scenarios are freely available on the net, but >then we obviously are both gentleman But there is one question : is there some nice person somewhere, who will pick a scenario from Der Kessel or any other good CM scenario site, and mail it to my numerous adversaries and me ? So that I can mail just
  2. Voted and scored ... 61 % ... Ummm, wasnt it a bit GAMEY to call us all to vote ?
  3. Hi, when you click on "Your Computer" and then click on the properties you should get to the hardwaremanager. Are there any Questionmarks shown ? Scheer out.
  4. Hi Gazza, no offense, but have you looked into the FAQ ? I think that I heard sumthing about your specifically *.tmp problem somewhere, could´ve been in the FAQ or here on the board. I think it has sumthing to do with the installer, if another program has made an unclean install before. Methinks ... I could be totally wrong though ... Hope it helps. Scheer out
  5. Hmm, I sure like to know if the guy I´m playing is a cheater. Cheaters may rott in hell. Scheer out
  6. Interesting thread, When I was a boy in the late sixties, we searched the fields around our home town Kiel ( northern germany ). Kiel was a major Kriegsmarine base in WW2. Around my home there were various Flakbunkers and we found several 20 mm casings and once I´ve found a 88 grenade filled with white powder. There was a crack running from the back to the front. My mom went postal on my a.. when she found this thing in my stash ... 8) Scheer out
  7. Hi all, and especially Tanks a lot, Absolutely fabulous work, Tanks. Great detail. How can we get them ? Scheer out
  8. Hi all, I remember reading about a Monte Cassino scenario played in a tournament. I´d like to play this thing if possible. Any hints where I can find this ? Scheer out
  9. Thanks to all, who responded. Indeed its working fine. You can stop sending me email now ... Scheer out
  10. Thanks for your help, but for me this doesnt work. If I try to email myself, all I´m getting is " Email:Scheer ", but no link, no adress, nada ... Could you please send me an email via this thing ? Scheer out
  11. Hi all, please help a clueless n00be: in my profile my emailadress is present, yet if someone trys to email me, my adress doesnt appear. Is there any option I need to enable elsewhere ? Scheer out
  12. Hi all, Combined Arms and yours truly are in the last turn of our game. So, I´ve played all my games. Treeburst155, would you please send the results as a .txt file to my email, if possible. BTW, are there any new tournaments around, which I can join ? Scheer out
  13. Combined Arms fights rather unconventionel. He keeps sending me wrong moves. 8) We´re in the middle of our game. One turn a day. All other games are through. Scheer out
  14. Have made contact with Combined Arms and exchanged first turns. This tournament is really well organized. Salute to treeburst155 and nambla ... Scheer out
  15. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Sgt_Kelly: I recently had a PSW pump 20mm HE into a squad for well over 5 turns running, mostly because I had read somewhere of the 'devastating effect of the 20mm on troop morale'. The squad were hiding behind a wall in open ground (therefore stationary and near to the ground - which would maximize the effect of small calibre explosive shells, I presume) and taking the fire in the flank (i.e. not over the wall), with no noticeable effect. Eventually another squad came up and fired a few bursts at the AC. The crew bailed ou
  16. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by Strider: No Dogface21 in Section 4. It's just him and Mr. Johnson that I have left.<hr></blockquote> Yeah. Me too ... 8) Scheer out
  17. Hi all and especially Zaffod, OT : Shturmovik is the best WW2 Flightsim ever. I have EAW, Janes WW2, FSDOE, CSF2, PAW ... Buy Shturmovik now. It really is THAT good. The CMBB of flightsims ... Scheer out
  18. Hi all, I´ve played ciks and strider, both games are done. Mr_Johnson kicks my sorry a** all over the map, this game wont last long, I think. Waiting for Dogface and Sgt. Kelly . PS : Playing rematch against ole strider. He seems to think that my first win was pure luck on my side. I will teach him ... 8) Scheer out
  19. BTW : Surprisingly I´ve won my second game against that evil genius Strider. He bowed to my superior strategic skills and surrendered after loosing four AFV´s in 40 seconds in our last turn. Before that I got only a slight advantage, thanks to my big, ugly BEEP which was killing Kraut tanks left and right. We both agreed on a rematch as soon as Strider finds the time. I´m sure he will then kick my a**, because I´ve used all my luck in our first game. Scheer out
  20. <blockquote>quote:</font><hr>Originally posted by ciks: Happy to report, that i finished my first game vs. Scheer, and i won it despite my two BEEPS killing themselves (it was a night battle). In what format shoud AARs be submitted? Can i send in an RTF file with pictures in it?<hr></blockquote> Pshaw ... [ Whinemode on ] But it was really, really close, you forget to mention. And I´ve killed your mighty BEEP with my lousy BEEP alone. Ha ! [ Whinemode off ] Ummm, I also like to know about the AAR´s. Cant we cooperate on the AAR and then share
  21. Hi, to all in the mighty Section four: ciks vs. me --- nearly done, ciks kicks my a** strider vs. me --- we´re in the last turns also. Outcome still uncertain, maybe slight advantage for me ( I think ). Sgt_Kelly vs. me --- seems to be the end of the beginning, not much contact. Mr_Johnson vs. me --- like the above, except Mr_Johnson loves full contact CMBO . Shadow vs. me --- nothing, nada, zilch. Has anyone of you gentleman heard from the mysterious shadow ? Scheer out.
  22. Yeah, Shadow seems to be missing. No contact at all. The other scenarios with ciks, Strider and Sgt Kelly run fine. Mr_Johnson lags a little behind. Scheer out
  23. A thread like this deserves the frontpage ... Errmmm bump
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