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  1. do they have separate files at least? one for the German side and one for the American?
  2. well this is disturbing...i hope its because its only a demo...
  3. where is it Oddball? i cant find it in CMMODS... lover your older work! was waiting for someone like you to mod CMSF
  4. ^^ i agree...i find it boring as well, no matter how many times you patch this game theres just no variety to it....i just dont find this as fun as WWII, i find myself more immersed in the other games nothing like hearing a Tiger coming at you and you have no way of fighting against it
  5. yes please! louder guns would be nice...we need a hollywood type sound mod like that in the original combat mission
  6. ^^ thats what im waiting for the Duo core fix then i will read the forums to see if it is indeed fixed then i will reinstall the game....i want to play this game with max settings
  7. WIC is the ish!!! Cant wait for the release im waiting for 1.04 patch for the dual core problem fix before i install Shock Force again so for now its Bioshock, and Medieval II!!!
  8. CMBO upgrade?!?! you know im buying it...dont really care about this modern stuff unless its FPS form
  9. ^^ AGREE!! CMSF is not as fun as CMx1...BRING BACK THE TIGERS SHERMANS AND T34'S!! WWII FTW!!
  10. ^^ i agree kinda get boring just watching them move to position and nothing happening
  11. awesome! cant get that kind of support from EA...
  12. lol... ive seen Syrians just walk into a line of fire NO FEAR BABY NO FEAR! kind of an easy win :/
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