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  1. Dear Sitting Duck, I have JPG´s of all the mentioned tanks from munster. Anything special you like to see ? Is it OK to post them here in this thread?
  2. Hi all, especially Section II, made contact with Combined Arms , first move is under way. Send first move to J. Porta . Waiting for Pixelmaster, Torbhen, a1steaks . Hope to hear from you guys soon. Many thanks to Treeburst155 for all the work and to all those scenario designers. [ June 06, 2002, 11:48 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  3. Dear Parabellum, may I suggest the Panzermuseum at Munster. I´ve been there last year and it has Panzer III, Panzer IV, Sdkfz 251/9, Sturmpanzer IV "Brummbär",Königstiger, Wespe, Panther, Ladungsträger " Goliath",T 34/76B,Sherman Firefly,Schwerer Panzerspähwagen " Pakwagen", Hetzer, Jagdpanzer IV, Jagdpanther,Sturmgeschütz 40 G, all Pak´s,Kübelwagen, Kettenkrad, Schwimmwagen, Comet,Sdkfz 251 plus some more I dont remember. All Tanks of the Bundeswehr and NVA, plus experimental models ( two gun Jagdpanzer !! ). Plus uniforms from Guderian and Rommel, extensive Handweapons and Helmets ,
  4. Now that I received the list of scenarios to play I think I will read Ken Touts " A fine night for tanks " again. Maybe I can get a bit of intel from there. To anyone who hasnt read this fine book : I can wholeheartly recommend it.
  5. Hi all, so I meet Combined Arms again. Very nice. And if I get extremely lucky, maybe ole strider. Thats like christmas ...
  6. Thanks a lot, Schrullenhaft. That does the trick. I´ve installed DirectX 8.1 lately and that somehow porked the settings. After reinstalling the nvidia drivers everything is allright again. Many thanks.
  7. First, Thanks for your help, very much appreciated. I´ve deleted the CMBO-prefs file. But when the selection process started, it´s always 60 Hz in every resolution. There is no choice to go to a higher refresh rate. I´m running a Geforce 3 Ti 200 with the 28.32 driver. As stated before every other game runs just fine in 85 Hz. . :eek:
  8. Hi all, My win98se runs just fine in 85 hz, but CMBO switches to 60 Hz. All other games run fine in 85 Hz. .Is there any trick to view CMBO also in 85 Hz. ? :confused:
  9. Hi all, is there any way to use a predefined map in a QB ? I have that nice town map from rugged defense, a really beauty, and I like to play it against a friend. However, we like to use our own setups, not the predefined ones. Is this possible ? :confused:
  10. I second that. Bought one copy of CMBO for myself. One week later bought second copy for a buddy. One week later bought third copy as a birthday present. And last week bought it the forth time, again as a birthday present. All this since Nov. 2001 ... I´ve never done that before. When CMBB is coming out, I will buy at least the same amount ... 8)
  11. No nitpicking here but " hands up " means " Hände hoch " and " I surrender " translates to " Ich ergebe mich ".
  12. Hi all, I´ve been playing meeting engagements lately, and I think that the flags are mostly irrelevant. If you can hold/get them with some cheap unit - fine. But to loose 400 points to get a flag is stupid . Instead ignore the flags and concentrate on killing your enemys units. If he looses enough you get the flags automatically. Flag rushing sucks. YOu get killed.
  13. Thanks guys, one turn a day is usually the speed my games move a long. More games would become work to manage, I think.
  14. Hi all, I´m wondering : I have seven PBEM´s going at once. Is this considered normal, high, low ? Talking about addiction ...
  15. [Waving hands] If u can take the load ( God bless you ), than please I would like to join the Pre-CMBB CMBO tourney.
  16. Gentleman, as lowly officers candidate I am, I would prefer random. For me CMBO playing against guys like ciks or Wreck or some other of the Uberdudes means learning. I take honor in playing against a better player than me. Random I say ...
  17. Well, ciks, Mr. Johnson, strider and myself ... Only one man missing from ole´ Chapter IV .
  18. My churchill, after killing two Panzer IVH´s , a PSW234/1 ??? and some inf, finally killed it. I´ve split my forces, taking the left bridge first. Ole Strider killed my Sexton at that bridge and later a Daimler. I could hold that bridge however. Meanwhile my other cloumn moves to the crossing where I will come to the right bridge. My HT´s have loaded my inf near the houses.Lost two to the PSW 234/1 arriving. Slowly the churchill, my only heavy asset of that battle group moves to thr crossing, there nailing the two Panzer IV´s at 34 meters. Unluckily Strider uses his Flammpanzer to spray my
  19. I kow that I would stand out of the crowd one way or another ...
  20. Hi all, Cool,I´m in. And ole strider and ciks are also in. Very nice. This wil be fun, fun, fun ...
  21. Hi all, Hi Treeburst, I qualify, I qualify , there, I said it. I want to participate in this new tournament, please Treeburst ... I´m developing a serious CM addiction ...
  22. Thanks, gentleman, for all the help. Very much appreciated. I think for the next doubleblind I will email Redwolf and ask him nice to mail my comrade and myself a modified scenario. BTW : Whats a triple battle ??
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