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  1. Got mail from Pixelmaster , that he must leave for two weeks to france. When he returns, I go on vacation for ten days. So this game will be in a one month hiatus ( possibly ). Maybe we can play between ... With Thoerben I have one third to go. Outcome is not clear.
  2. Hi guys, Pixelmaster and Thoerben send turns again. Both games one third to go.
  3. I hope Pixelmaster gets well. He wrote that he has been ill for some days. Anyone heard from him ?
  4. I´ll buy three. Two for my LAN and one for an old friend. I´ll buy whatever version I can get.
  5. Fine. Dear Combined Arms kicked my sorry ass all over the map, because I´ve invented a new form of attacking ,Real Dumb Attacking ( tm ). My poor germans ... :eek: OTOH I´ve had the pleasure to grill a1steaks with my masterfully placed XXX ,killing for the loss of only two XXX every single ZZZ on the map. a1steaks had bad luck in at least one situation . J.Porta and myself are in the last turns of our game. I foresee a minor tactical axis victory. My game with Pixelmaster has one third to go. To date lady luck has been in my favor. But I think he may get reinforcements,
  6. Dear highcommand, is it ok to discuss my win/loss ratio, like : " I´ve won X games and lost Y games " ? :confused:
  7. Hi all, has anyone heard from Pixelmaster lately ? Two games finished, two games running fine, one game lagging ...
  8. He is, just sended me a turn today. Perhaps my inspired command draws too much of Pixelmaster´s brainpower, slowing down all other unimportant games. Yeah, thats the ticket ...
  9. A DRAW !!!! :eek: I'm going to lose that one, or I'll eat my socks ! </font>
  10. Yeah me. Sometimes. Our game is one of your two games in progress. I think we will manage a draw. Unless my **** can kill your *** in *** ... All other games running merrily along, one I will surely lose, two I think I can win, and two are not clear.
  11. Hi all, so the 234/4 is one of those vehicles that didnt make it in the game. I just stumbled upon these production numbers and thought : " Why the /3 and not the /4 ". Since all parts for the /4 are in the game ( PaK40 ), I thought it could be possible to see it in CM** one day.
  12. Dear Highcommand, I´m reading the "Encyclopedia of German Tanks of World War Two " by Peter Chamberlain and Hilary Doyle. Great book, btw. We all know that the 234/1, 234/2 and 234/3 are in CMBO . Why isnt the 234/4 ( 7.5 cm PaK40 ) included ? The production numbers are as follows : 234/1 - 200 2cm KwK38 234/2 - 101 Puma 234/3 - 88 7.5 cm KwK51 234/4 - 89 7.5 cm PaK40 So the 234/4 is as frequent as the 234/3, which is in the game. The 234/4 is not. Any Hints ? And will the 234/4 be present in CMBB ?
  13. Dear Highcommand, Have you installed DirectX 8.1 lately ? Or updated your Matrox drivers ? A few weeks ago I installed DirectX8.1 and CMBO only offered me 60 Hz resolutions. After reinstalling my Nvidia drivers everything is OK again.
  14. Welcome athkatla , ... and the best thing is - these game is full of those "special" moments. In my last game against a honourable opponent one of my Wasps grilled in a city first one ( damaged ) Jagdtiger and one turn later a Hetzer. Tough little Wasp. Also watch in amazement when engineers close attack an enemy tank ...
  15. Dear Highcommand, J.Porta isnt the one who faulted. I´m embarrased to say, that I myself dont send the holy turn. Damn me. Getting older and all this ... [ June 22, 2002, 11:13 AM: Message edited by: Scheer ]
  16. Hi Seph, this game has a dedicated following, as you will shortly see. Mainly because it´s the best friggin tactical wargame in town. Sure, it has it´s faults, but the situations you decribed, seems not totally out of whack for me. Maybe your Sherman 105 doesnt have clear LOS to his target ? Or the commander was dugged in ? And the zook maybe under the command of a bonus HQ giving him a morale and firepower boost. Think also that it´s not only one man with a zook, it´s a team. I really hope you learn to use ( and love ) this game. [ June 22, 2002, 08:21 AM: Message edit
  17. Sorry mate, but we will avenge you . At the costs of the USA, though .... Germany, yeah !!! BTW: Has anyone heard sumthing from J. Porta /B] ? No turns since 06/11/02.
  18. Dear highcommand, is it right, that when I´ve got a german regular 240 mm FO with a deepblue LOS, sitting under the command of a lightning +2 bonus HQ, that the FO is effectiv a crack ( faster respond times and tighter firepattern in target ) ?
  19. Hi all, a1steaks , Combined Arms and Thorbjen (sp) are sending turns on at least daily basis. Last turn from Pixelmaster was from the 6/15/02, two days ago. J.Porta `s last turn is from 6/11/02, six days ago. One game I will surely loose, one game is doing fine and the other are to early to tell. Nice scenarios. Damn Stug III ´s ....
  20. Too complicated, and too risky. Here´s what you buy, if you know what is good for you: 3x Rifle44 Company (Regular) 2x Bazooka (Regular) 7x M18 Hellcat (Veteran) 2x Artillery 105mm (Regular) Advance everything except Hellcats cautiously towards Victory Flags. Spread them somewhat, so his Artillery can´t hit everybody at once. Where you find enemies, overwhelm them with numbers, or drop Artillery on them. When his Hetzers appear, rush out your Cats with 'Hunt', and kill them.
  21. Guys, Thanks for all the contributions. I´ve tested artillery before. Used three british 5.5 against his Hetzers. Result was not very satisfactory. Two Hetzers dead, one gun damage, one immobile. But now, after I send my setup to my archenemy , I´´m thinking that I had better be of, with only fourteen Churchill VII and VIII and only seven wasps. For the saved points I could have bought three 81mm mortar FO´s. And then try that smokescreen thing ...
  22. Dear CM addicts, in a purely gamey context : I play missions against an old friend of mine, he plays always the germans, leaving me my beloved allies. After three missions, he leeds by 9 points. In this mission I have an Oct 44, 3000 points, all is possible, village, medium map, day, damp, 25 turns attack to do. I´ve bought 8 Churchill VIII, 8 Churchill VII, 8 Wasps and a polish paratrooper platoon plus one piat and one sniper. I´ve tried the Cromwell, M4´s, Comets, M18 ´s but they are easy prey for his masses of Hetzer. So I think Churchill´s are the way to go. Any comm
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