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  1. Yay from Sweden! With Iran backed book burners and a most excellent government it is adult diaper time.
  2. Both Mark Galeotti and Vlad Vexler are in agreement with you and have lately been talking extensively about the matter. /Mattias
  3. An interesting look on the Oplot and its crews. Lots of of juicy snippets for the attentive. From the ever productive hromadske
  4. Woha! Sorry if this has been posted previously. But it is a curious one.
  5. It was pretty much irony on my part, but I guess I wasn’t crystaly on that It will indeed be interesting to see where he lands. Personally I think instigators of war have gotten way to much of a pass in the past, because of their exalted status and them being engaged in the noble pursuit of politics by all means (irony).
  6. Is that really a thing? Aren’t the “laws of war” specifically tailored to avoid the hysterical nit picking that would ensue if war and warriors, where subjected to scrutiny under laws actually based on the assumption of decent human behaviour? I mean, common, what kind of world would that be - were people that in power, big and small, were actually held responsible for every single little trifle?
  7. A pretty good look at it. Being a swede I say an upgraded IKV-91.
  8. Just in. Sweden sends Archer, CV 90 (Not specified but clearly indicated Swedish ”C” model - or possibly “D”) and more NLAWs to Ukraine.
  9. As a regular reader of this splendid thread I felt very much at home in the reasoning, but I think many of us can still pick up a nugget or two here:
  10. Thank you for answering Zelban. I was thinking a bit more next level. For example do we know what systems that has been shown to be effective/ineffective in this particular context/time? Has there been any particular tactics employed, any new revelations/experiences in the man/machine/effect matrix? This, of course, links with the AD/laser/air superiority etc discussions. But I guess it is too early to say anything about it. Mattias
  11. Interesting. Is there any information on what weapons are typically used by UA planes for downing drones/cruise missiles, and what tactics are used? Mattias
  12. In the very long podcast I mentioned earlier Theiner, @noclador on twitter, tackles the ATACMS vs. Hrim-2 issue. He rules in favour of the former because, as I understood it, of the two only ATACMS (being a non ballistic missile) has the attack profile that would allow it to 1. seemingly completely ignore air defences and 2. cause the pattern of damage seen on the bridge. He hypothesis that the US might have given Ua access to the ATACMS guidance system, to mount on a Hrim-2 (3?), but ultimately discards that idea as being too improbable.
  13. Ah, thanks, first time I see the shell casing ejection port in action, from inside the tank. /Mattias
  14. Building on that analogy russia dropped the equivalent of five Lancaster bomb loads on the 10th, five - over all of Ukraine. A five bomber raid was nothing to write home about back then, nor is it today.
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