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  1. Indeed. Reminds me of Arkadij Babtjenkos book Svety Vojny. Thanks for the tip! Does anybody here know if the source, Euromaidan press, can be considered reliable? It is obviously propaganda, but is it of the honest kind? M.
  2. The problem is that the vehicles in CM:BS are of such a wide variety, ranging from WW2 standard eye ball Mk. 1 to cutting edge thermals and C3I systems when it comes to sensors and sensory enhancements. What I am wondering is which vehicles should be kept buttoned up, and which should be guided "with the wind in you face". M.
  3. In CM:RT there is no question; you want your AFV commanders unbuttoned to maximize spotting, unless the risk of loosing them is too high. In CM:BS I find I don't know anymore because I can't tell if the sensors availible in this or that vehicle are so advanced that unbuttoning my commander actually degrades my spotting ability. Any ideas on how to make that call? M.
  4. And it wasn't simply a case of them standing near their transport and thereby sharing the ammo, carried with them and carried inside the vehicle? M.
  5. And I love the alternative ambient sound without the distant gunfire, now it only me and the opp that breaks the pastoral peace. Thank you! M.
  6. As has been pointed out, you are merely fulfilling a traditional role. A little like dressing up as Santa for the kids clamoring for the presents at Christmas (a tradition in these parts at least). Just go with it and enjoy the game, you lucky bastard. And have a safe flight
  7. You better not be pulling our strings... Hehe...
  8. Why not settle for paying 9.50 for a month. You'll have CMBS by then, and know if you really want that very very nice simulator?
  9. This little gem of a video shows exactly how the hard kill aspects of the Arena system works and looks in action. Sorry if this link has been posted previously.
  10. Turns out it was one, or more, CM:BN mods that caused this. I have only downloaded mods from the repository but one of them seems to have messed up CW. The good news is that after removing the "Z" folder from the Data folder things work as they should and the QB forces pick list is now available in its full, indeed impressive, glory!!! Moving out /M
  11. Installed the CW module (Hurray!) and hit my head on the QB setup screen (Hurroo): Under "services" and "combat force" I get some very odd choices (IG ammo bearer and Easy Eight under services for example and.. Light gun tactical and AT rocket under combat force) and most of the standard choices are gone. I have not tested if it is just the text that is wrong or if the options are actually no longer working... A bug of some kind I´m afraid though.. /Mattias
  12. Too true. I wasted years reloading in pursuit of the perfect run until I realized that no victory is more sweet than the one won by forcing your way through both highs and lows. Not to mention all the lessons lost when there is no cost attached to failure. M.
  13. What you did get was wargaming immortality. Anyone with a genuine interest in the subject matter would sense the profound gravity of the work put into CM:BB. As for CM:BN my pet theory is that most of the people who find it hard to get into it belong to the group that for different reasons didn't play CM:SF, the true biological parent of CM:BN. It took me literally years and two modules to accept CM:SF. But having assimilated the lessons from that game I find that I have had no trouble at all getting out of my Belleville 500´s and slide into the 1943 Uniform Ensemble. As it stands today
  14. StoneAge has got it right and Mr 16,311 posts is back in the, well, stone age Target light mean 2-3 rounds a minute. After a few PBEM games I have come to the conclusion that there are very few situations that warrant full target fire. 2-3 rounds a minute holds down heads almost as effectively as 8-12 rounds and as far as damage goes I would much rather have 15 opportunities to cause 3-4 casualties than 3 opportunities to cause 7-12. Remember, for every round after the first two or three there will be diminishing returns as the men in the center of the targeted area has already been hit
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