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CMBS Korean Campaign: Red Dragon

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Here is a link to some preliminary screenshots of a work in progress. Red Dragon is a campaign depicting a North Korean blitzkrieg into South Korea in autumn of 2018. I have modded nearly every building in CMBS to what hopefully will give an Asian feel. Terrain, uniforms,vehicles have also been modded. This is my first attempt at modding so it may not appeal to some.

I have done a huge amount of research into this to make the conflicting sides as accurate as possible. However obvious limitations in the BS game engine will limit this. I have even modded some of the Russian voice files to Korean for the NK side. 

The SK will use the coyote brown slot so nothing I can do on voices there. Im still debating on using them in the campaign.

Anyhoo here is the link to some screens. Any feedback is welcome.



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