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  1. I´ve spotted a online user who registered just some hours ago so the Captcha issue is probably on our end, we´ll pretty sure find a solution. Anyway thanks.
  2. It was never intended to hurt your feelings however you have a point. And the diplomacy award, it was meant as a compliment as I hold your mannerism in high esteem as I am probably are not made for diplomacy 😁. However Burke I think with this: we got everything sorted out.
  3. Well then okay I have low standards because I don´t realize how crappy my CM2 runs, whatever you say, suit yourself. Just put me on the ignore list like IanL suggested, there is no point in keeping this going.
  4. I meant can somebody confirm that he himself (not my friend) was able to register lately. However Mord I am now on IanL´s blacklist so better stay away from me...
  5. Not sure what you mean by that. He can´t register so he has no account yet.
  6. Sure group ganking other forums members just because they have an argument with the "old guard" here was always your biggest strength here IanL. How about you stalk forum accounts like in the old days?
  7. Since when is "same here", I agree with you on every topic? I said that upgrading didn´t give me a performance upgrade either but explained that is was running already fine for me. Stopped reading your tech mumble after "likely" nor is your performance problem since 9 years my issue as CM2 runs perfectly fine for us. I´m not sure how you could come to any other conclusion.
  8. I already gave you an explanation. Same here, upgrading to a sophisticated gaming rig didn´t give me that much benefit for CM which already was running fine on my low end systems. Same applies for dozen guys here running CM2 without a problem on mainly notebooks considered "crappy" by modern gaming standards. Same goes for dozen other games out there. Graviteam Tactics (which surprise surprise runs on modern directx iteration without mac support) also won´t run that much better on a new high end beast and also goes crap when maxed out even on NORAD hardware without looking that mu
  9. True, but he mentioned it alongside with "overpowered M1s" Pretty sure gaz will enlighten us if this is serious. Lets hope not that far
  10. I am relaxed, don´t be such a sensitive snowflake. I am pretty sure Bulletpoint didn´t get seriously hurt in the process of reading my post and this has nothing to do with agressiveness, agreeing, or disagreeing but with simply pointing out untrue facts. His posts suggest that Combat Mission runs like garbage on every computer and then proceeds with false explanations about engine technicalities which I then happily call bs, simple as that.
  11. Well then you read the wrong stuff it seems. OpenGL was naturally the first choice as it provides the only true multi-plattform backbone running on PC and MAC without making complicate ports a neccessity and allowing Mac users to enjoy CM. Just because Apple tries now to force their own engine doesn´t mean OpenGL is from the days of the dinosaurs, what a bs, get a clue. Also wonders me that a guy with 3k posts still has troubles like this. I spent years playing completely modded CM2 games with additional Reshade on low budget mediocre 7/840m notebooks without any performance issue. E
  12. Can somebody confirm that he was able to register to this forum lately?
  13. Never noticed broken ATGMs in Combat Mission Black Sea, can you specify what exactly you think is not working correctly?
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