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  1. Oh and welcome to the forum @Rutek
  2. Hi all, I am looking for this template as well. Is it existing? Thanks
  3. ncc1701e

    Known problem in the editor?

    Well, I have just started with AI triggers. This is a wonderful addition. My CMSF1 AI can be reworked completely with this. I even succeed to delay the setup of one AI group waiting the enemy to touch one particular map objective... Excellent!
  4. ncc1701e

    Known problem in the editor?

    Yes absolutely, it is working. The problem is that, doing so, you are losing their deployment... but hopefully not the AI plan... I will try. Not a big deal, don't worry. The map is still there. 🙂
  5. ncc1701e

    Nato with no AA capabilities

    I definitely agree with you. I do not want Syrian air assets, red air assets in general to be removed. This is also very useful for scenarios in Africa.
  6. ncc1701e

    Known problem in the editor?

    For example, still in my scenario, the Reserve Infantry battalion created with CMSF1 scenario editor: Does not have the option of a newly Reserve Infantry battalion created with CMSF2 scenario editor:
  7. I have opened a CMSF1 scenario in the CMSF2 scenario editor. The first formation was created with CMSF1 scenario editor and you can see I am not able to change the vehicule type. The second formation was just created with CMSF2 scenario editor and, at the bottom of the screen in green, I am able to select either Zil-131 either Ural-4320. Looks like the problem is existing for other formations as well. Is it a tracked problem already? Thanks
  8. ncc1701e

    Game Files directory

    I have checked first in the CM Shock Force 2 manual and it was in fact in the CM Engine Manual ... 🙈🙉🙊
  9. ncc1701e

    Game Files directory

    OK thanks, owning CMSF1, CMBN and now CMSF2... I am a little late. 🙂
  10. I have discovered that Specialist section is no longer available when checking the state of a 'work in progress' scenario (I was waiting the exit objectives to finish it). In fact, I have discovered this by a portrait vignette change between CMSF1 and CMSF2. In CMSF1 my reporter is looking like this: In CMSF2 my reporter is now looking like a fighter, an armed fighter spy: I will change it to a combatant spy for not showing it is armed: I have found this bug in the portrait on the forum. But, my question is the following. Is there a difference between a fighter spy and a combatant spy? Same thing for fighter Radio/Wire/... IED versus combatant Radio/Wire/... IED? Thanks
  11. Hi all, I was willing to copy over my first scenario from CMSF1 to CMSF2 but the Game Files directory has changed it seems. I am wondering if this is linked to Windows 10 or not. So, after a little search: Game Files directory is now under C:\Users\User\Documents\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\Game Files\ in CMSF2. Game Files directory is under <installation directory>\Battlefront\Combat Mission Shock Force\Game Files\ in CMSF1. Is it my install or others have the same?
  12. ncc1701e

    How dare they!!!

    The game is broken, blabla - lol 🤣
  13. Sorry for resurrecting this thread but I see there is a HQS 3.1 version: https://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=7273 And, all the links are down. 😕 Is this mod too big to be hosted directly on CMMODs?
  14. Thanks Mord. In fact, my answer is confusing. I was just willing to say thank you John C. from Battlefront support team for his reactivity. Problem was solved at warp speed. I was just quoting Mattis' answer for "The helpddesk will definitely help you out on that". Sorry for the confusion.
  15. ncc1701e

    PayPal order 'Process'

    The same thing happened to me but for the record for others, at the same time, you will receive an email with the download link. Check that this email is not in your spam list !