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  1. Hello, @JoMc67 looks like this is the problem I have. Will have to delay our next game. ☹️
  2. Will have a look now at CW 18 Platoon with my complete reinstallation.
  3. Well, sorry I have forgotten to take a screenshot with the problem. But, in the below screenshot (version 4.01 from full installer) for example "Infantry" was replaced by something like "King Tiger" inside the red circle.
  4. Just one question to all people that are seeing this behaviour, could you please open the editor and check if the formations are correctly displayed in the Units purchase screen? I have installed the patch 4.01 from 4.00 and I have seen this problem even if the game is launching fine. Not sure this have an impact on TacAI behaviour but I am reinstalling with the v4.01 full installer right now.
  5. I have already seen this in CMBN before the patch trying to replicate what was observed in this thread: It was rare but I was seeing this from time to time.
  6. @General Jack Ripper Did he continue like that the following turn?
  7. See this post - Orders for AI group number 3: You need to visualize where your units are located at the beginning of the withdrawal. Then, paint some yellow squares where you want them to retreat. And be sure to add the pink square in the direction of the enemy. This is what I have done in the above post. Look at the difference of location of the yellow squares between order 2 and order 3. And also, do not forget the face command (green square) in the order just before the withdrawal order. It may help to have the units facing the right direction before reversing... Order 2 in the above post is using a green square also for this.
  8. Who said that the AI is not able to perform an attack? See no loss on Blue AI side, but it was lucky. Remember that I have removed RPG-7. Now, I will redo the same with some more resistance on my side. For the record @domfluff before modifying it, here is attached the current 001 try.btt file. 001 try.btt
  9. Resuming the area fire orders: With the opposition eliminated in Target 1, AI group 2 and AI group 3 are resuming the last orders they know. This is the same, perform an area fire on the buildings in front of them. The infantry is even sending a Javelin missile (yellow circle in the below screenshot). It would have helped me with your StugIII @JoMc67. I can do nothing. Fire superiority is on Blue AI side.
  10. Thanks a lot @MOS:96B2P. Hope this will help others to design their own scenario for the community.
  11. Activation of Group 3, Order 4: With the Stryker carrier vehicles moving again and finishing their order 4, this is activating Group 3, Order 4 trigger for the infantry i.e. group 2. As such the infantry dismounts and attacks. Koff koff, who is the idiot that has fired all this smoke? 🤣 The infantry i.e. group 2 has also an area fire order on the buildings in front of them. Close combat due to the smoke but they do not see each other. Several fire fights are starting. Even the 3rd Platoon HQ of AI group 2 is able to call an indirect fire support mission with the on map mortar of AI group 4. TacAI is awesome!!!
  12. You need to activate both the new activation code for CMSF2 and the old activation code for CMSF1. If you have lost your old activation code for CMSF1, please create a ticket at the helpdesk: http://www.battlefront.mojohelpdesk.com They have been very helpful to help me. I had also lost the CMSF1 base game activation code.
  13. Activation of the withdraw order: Looking at the number of minutes since the beginning of the scenario, 7 minutes 05 seconds has passed. This is time for the withdraw order to fire. Smoke screen already appears and vehicles of group 3 are reversing. This activation was done only based on a timer. So this is important to estimate correctly the right time to do the order's activation. I am taking the opportunity of the smoke to reinforce my positions.
  14. Activation of Trigger Blue 2: My small arms did not do much damage to the Stryker carrier vehicles. But, the Stryker vehicles did take care of the threat. That was the important thing to see and understand here. The area fire order given to group 3 is low priority. The enemy infantry was taken care of first. One of the vehicles of group 3, so a friendly unit, is on Trigger Blue 2 so activates it. Followed by a second one that is resuming the area fire. The third one is coming. My units are in a bad shape: 3rd group HQ already eliminated 1st team pinned down 2nd team pinned down Since Trigger Blue 2 was activated, the mortar team once again changes of target from Target 2 to Target 3. To illustrate once again, the lowest priority of the area fire order on Target 1 for any group, here group 3, I am attacking with a team one of its vehicle. Bad idea... 🙂
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