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  1. I was thinking about maybe trying to organize a tournament in the future with a prize for winning and this would be a way for people to cheat.
  2. Hi all, It seems like when a person creates a PBEM quickbattle where the computer randomly selects the units, he can load up the first file that he's supposed to send to his opponent and see the exact units that his opponent will have; the units aren't randomly generated each time that first file is opened. Is that correct?
  3. Thank you for letting me know about those! I've added it to a list of things to cover. If Lloyd (Lindybeige) ends up saying he's up for promoting the Kickstarter on his channel, there's a good chance I'll be spending a lot more time on these forums, soliciting ideas from people more experienced than me.
  4. Wow, you're really watching it! I think you may be the first person other than my client (the guy who commissioned it) to actually watch a good chunk of the lessons. I'll be very interested in hearing your feedback; my big worry is that I may have left things out that will make it confusing for people to follow. You can send me a PM here or email me at nathan.wailes@gmail.com.
  5. Thank you for the kind words! While making the course I was thinking I would try to get my friends and family to use it to learn to program, so I really tried to teach all and only the things that you'd really need to know to start working as a programmer. It isn't a beautiful course to look at but I think the information is first rate.
  6. This is meant as a request to the creators of the game: Could I have permission to try to sell an unofficial "Intro to CMx1" course? I was thinking of doing a Kickstarter and paying Nikolas Lloyd / Lindybeige to sponsor one of his videos and try to drive traffic to the Kickstarter. I'd like permission to use footage of the game and related IP (the game manual, official screenshots, etc.). I'm a huge fan of Combat Mission, I'd say it's one of my favorite games of all time even though I don't have as many hours into it as some other games (because I can feel stressed when I play). I just finished creating a 24-lesson "Intro to Programming with Python" course and so I've got experience with the process of creating a course. Lloyd gets 100,000 to 400,000 views per video, and I if I can get ~120 people to pledge $30, it would make it worth it (I have low living expenses). If I can raise more money I'd be interested in asking Lloyd to narrate and getting Colonel Jeffrey Paulding involved (he released the best tutorials on Combat Mission I've ever seen, the "Armchair General" series). Why CMx1: I can't play CMx2 because I only own a laptop, and CMx2 doesn't run well on it. I also don't care about having the latest graphics and I think CMx1 looks great for what it is. Why I think this is a good time to release this course: because CMx1 is now extremely cheap and easy to buy (on GoG), and Kickstarter now makes it easy for people to fund niche projects like this. Here's a link to a wiki page I have on Combat Mission (mainly CMx1), I've looked around and I think it may actually be the best compilation of information on how to play CMx1 on the internet right now. Concept for the course: it would be comprehensive, aiming to get total newbies up closer to the level of veterans of the game. So it would not only cover the basics ("these are the controls"), but cover how to actually use proper tactics (I imagine this would be the bulk of the course), how the game differs from reality, the strategies that emerged in the community over the years (including the unrealistic / gamey / cheesing strategies), the mods and custom missions, the history of the game itself (including what's different about every release of the game, including CMx2). Basically it would take the stuff I have or link to on my wiki right now and put it in video format to be easier to consume.
  7. Hi all, I'm interested in playing one of the CMx1 games against a human opponent. If you're interested, email me: nathan.wailes@gmail.com
  8. Battlefront.com doesn't seem to have any mention of the CMx1 games on its home page anymore. I prefer the CMx1 games because I don't have a gaming PC, so I can only play games which will run on my laptop.
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