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  1. Just bought like 9 Osprey Publishing books today. They're so addicting.
  2. Has BF released any details and CM:SF II? Like do we know if it's even going to be set in Syria?
  3. Where did he do this exactly? Yeah it is obvious. Much like you, he doesn't seem to know much about Ukraine so I thought I'd put some basic facts out there. ---------------------------------------- Listen. This thread is derailed enough so I'm not going to argue with you anymore. I can't change what you think you know about Ukraine because you already have your pre-conceived notions that come from an obvious source. Just don't whine when your claims turn out to be "lies" and double back repeatedly because the narrative doesn't quite stick.
  4. Can you maybe use more appropriate terminology such as, "Sand Nigger", "Rag-head", or "Camel-****er"? Thank you.
  5. This is not surprising. The SDF/YPG are armed almost exclusively with US equipment and these weapons can get captured or abandoned. The Iraqi army also has lots of US equipment that can be captured or abandoned (like Mosul 2014). Also, Qatar, UAE, and others provide weapons they may have purchased from the US to arm Islamists.
  6. I believe it has been driven and fired at every single Russian Arms Expo for the past few years. I'm sure you could find some videos.
  7. Russia. In 1991 Russia briefly occupied Lithuania in protest of their declaration of independence and only left because of international pressure. Lithuania was the only country that Russia didn't want to leave the union. Probably for access to Kaliningrad. This is just straight TV Zvezda propaganda. If you've ever been to Ukraine you would know that this is far from reality. Ukraine still celebrates Soviet holidays, you muppet. Would love just one example. Just one. This quota doesn't exist. Many mainstream Ukrainian TV channels, such as ICTV, speak Russian exclusively. The Ukrainian army has a strict ROE regarding cities with large populations like Donetsk and Luhansk so that's why they don't appear to be damaged despite being only kilometers from the front. (You should know this). There were no local elections scheduled for 2014 so that is a gap in logic. But if you mean just politicians in general in Donetsk and Luhansk from my knowledge at least none were assaulted or lynched or anything like that. You're going to have to provide sources on that. No. I haven't even heard of this even from Russian state-owned media. What are you actually talking about? This isn't something that happened. Repeat after me: everything was not fine before 2014. Any nationalists in the government were voted in. There is nothing illegal about getting voted in. Currently in the Ukrainian parliament there is only one party that could be considered nationalist and that is the "Radical Party" led by Oleh Lyashko and this party only controls 21 out of the 450 seats in parliament (so like 4-5% public support). Furthermore, the Radical Party is far-left and has good opinions of Soviet Union and thinks the US is an evil empire (so there's that ). I've never said this in my life. Please don't mischaracterize my views, that's called libel and it is illegal in some countries. -------------------------------------------- P.S. A good lesson to take from this exchange is that Russian TV is not an accurate reflection of reality.
  8. BUT THESE ARE NOT RUSSIANS. POINT. I wish more and bigger modules for CMBS. Times of CMSF are away. Do you think that CMSF II will be some hollywood remake or what??? I have all modules of CMSF - i am not ready to buy the same again because it will be running on better engine. SORRY, BUT NOT, THANK YOU FOR YOUR COFFE.. This was in response to someone that said you can't have good, balanced, conventional fights in CM:SF. I have no idea what the point of your post is.
  9. In what way? There were no issues before unidentified armed masked men started seizing police stations. Would love some examples of 'suppression'. May I ask what rights are they lacking? And in the case of Lithuania it's difficult to make friends with a nation that despises your independence.
  10. In CM:SF the Republican Guard with 'excellent' equipment have access to T-90s and Kornet missiles, the Syrian airborne have access to BMP-3Ms, and the Syrian special forces are loaded with RPG-29s. That's just as good as the Russians in CM:BS while keeping in mind that the game is set in 2008 where the US don't have some of the goodies that they otherwise have in CM:BS.
  11. http://www.osce.org/ukraine-smm/186276
  12. Pretty basic. Just destabilize Ukraine as much as possible and make it difficult for the new government to govern successfully. The revolution in Libya scared Putin but the revolution in Ukraine hit way too close to home. It's easier to defame a government when they appear to be in anarchy so that way Russians at home won't get any crazy ideas about overthrowing corrupt ex-communist kleptocrats. Highly unlikely because the Baltic states are in NATO but when you border Putin's Russia and at the same time have a significant Russian minority it's best to be prepared for anything. Also, Latvia doesn't really have beef with Russia, unlike Lithuania and Estonia. Crimea wasn't really the surprise, it was Donbass that shocked people. That was very much a new one.
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