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  1. Welcome back. I tend to agree; I did not see anything resembling a Pantsir there (although the resolution makes it difficult to say for sure. Based on what I've read - SAA Pnatsirs are positioned around Damascus to protect key installations and political leadership.
  2. I just don't see it Please lmk if you can find it when you sober up. Skål!
  3. @Armorgunner Enjoy yourself friend. No need to worry about it now. But if you do find those pictures, make sure that you hold on to them; they would be worth a fortune! Cheers!
  4. Wait...what? Where did you see the pictures of destroyed Pantsirs? AFAIK, Russian Pantsirs are stationed in Hmeimim in support of Russian assets there. The Tomahawk strikes had targeted Syrian assets in Shirat (sp?); that's a completely different region. Did I miss something?
  5. I have nothing against vehicles like up-armored BMP-3 that can deliver heavy firepower into the zenith; although so far no one else seems to be jumping on the band wagon. My point is that BMPT is not suited for that role very well.
  6. True. That's one of the reasons that BMP-3 designers had taken a different route. I saw that, but then you might as well stick to a regular tank
  7. Absolutely, although we have not seen any clips with those engagement ranges yet..
  8. I agree 100%. My only point was that un(or lightly) protected missiles don't tend to stay on top of armored vehicles very long; especially in intense combat engagements. That's not a matter of training - that's just the physicality of it
  9. How long are those ATGMS going to last? Or for that matter, will they even make it to battle? Need I remind you what had happened to the Tunguskas of Maikop brigade in Grozny?
  10. Armor - yes; although I am not convinced that it's necessary when taking out VBIEDs. Ammo - it's not so simple. The 100mm cannon on a BMP-3 can take out enemies in most fortified positions while 30mm AC could not even dream of that...
  11. I agree with you that resolution is not as good as AH-64D; but some of those targets get engaged out to 8km..that's no joke!
  12. What makes you say that? What advantages does it have over up-armored BMP-3?
  13. That is one of his criticisms and also the reason that he was kicked out from Russian IPSC (where he was quite successful up until then). I personally reserve my judgement without seeing the full course setup, so take it for what it's worth...
  14. This video is from Alexander Petrov's training seminars. He is a civilian contractor (ex mil though) that has his own take on "tactical" firearms training; kinda like we have guys like Costa and Haley... His seminars are attended by some Russian SF personnel, but they are not equivalent to actual unit training.
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