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Found 11 results

  1. I think the spotting system works surprisingly well, except in one situation. Sadly this situation is probably the most important one: when guns open fire. Since I saw the movie about the "Wittmann's Demise"-scenario the shown battle scenes have been staying on my mind because they gave me for the first time ever an incredible insight how important the muzzle flash must have been to spot a gun. Two scenes from the video that portray exceptionally well the importance of muzzle flashes: @ 5:00 and 7:50: Wittmann's Demise movie The further the distance and worse the vision, the more important the
  2. Can anyone tell me how good the striker mgs is at spotting. Right now i am playing the us campaign(the one with all strikers) and i cannot seem to spot enemy tanks (t72b3s in this case) before they spot me. In one situation i had the striker behind a small hillock with the gun sticking out looking down a road(i checked los and yes i could hit anything down the road). t72b3 rolls into the road, sees me fires a shot, hits the hillock, reloads and then fires another and takes me out. my striker got a possible contact on the t72 but didn't even spot it properly so yeah how bad is the striker's sp
  3. I was playing a quick battle, and I moved one of my Jav teams up to spot and take out enemy vehicles. He spotted the one I was hoping to take out and started aiming, but somehow lost the target and then spotted an enemy vehicle probably more than 1000 meters away and fired at that one. I'm wondering how he lost the target as he was aiming at it with a Javelin, while it was stationary and out in the open, and then somehow spotted a vehicle farther away than the one he lost visual on? Is this a bug or is it a flaw in the spotting system? Here's a video of what happened: https://streamable.c
  4. I did some experiments on selected US fire teams to determine if they were able to spot through artillery generated smoke screens. In hot seat mode I had the OpFor fire a sustained heavy linear smoke mission from multiple batteries. I placed Russian infantry and one BMP on one side of the smoke and the US teams to be tested on the other side with approximately 500 meters separating them. The first to be tested was a nine man US rifle squad. Five of the soldiers in the squad have the ability to spot OpFor through the smoke screen. The squad leader, assistant squad leader, a rifleman and
  5. I lost four BMPs to a Tunguska last mission over a series of turns. Despite having neighboring BMPs repeatedly obliterated by the creature over a series of turns, and despite restriction of commands to slow and short movements followed by pauses, they kept getting knocked out by the thing. Area fire eventually forced it to retreat. How can I get the BMPs to spot better? If I had a recon team with eyes on a Tunguska, and a force with complete C2 linkages, would my BMPs have spotted the creature eventually? Thought I'd ask here to see what information I could get before testing this
  6. I've seen this in a number of titles, but most recently in RT, so I thought I'd post the topic here. I occasionally encounter a situation where one of my units gets a "full" spot (with a complete ID and icon) on an enemy unit, usually an AT gun, but then that information doesn't disseminate outward. In other words, other units of mine don't get a "possible" icon for that unit, no matter how close or how well in C2 with the spotter, and no matter how long I wait. Sometimes the original spotting unit itself doesn't even keep the "suspected" icon after it moves out of line-of-sight. It just compl
  7. What is the best way the M7A3 Bradley Fire Support Vehicles should be used? So far I haven't noticed that they have any advantage over the regular units in spotting, plus they are more difficult to hide, than the small infantry teams.
  8. TEST: T-90am (elite, undisturbed, standing still in a tree line, clear weather, day) vs M1A2 (veteran, moving in open field, 2.5-3 km away) (number of tries: 10. Map: Death Valley). --------------------------- Well, despite of all conditions above and CLEAR LOS, T-90 almost never discovers M1A2 first! Even more, in plenty of times the T-90 does not see the damn muzzle flash after m1 starts shooting! Logically thinking, even with only binoculars you cannot miss an incoming and shooting tank in open field, not speaking about more sophisticated tank optics. Moreover, Tank des
  9. Hi, I'm playing a mission, NATO side, and am given UAV's and Apache air support. At the moment one of my UAV's spotted two Russian IFV's, within 100 meters of each other. When calling in the air support, via the UAV operator (a Fire Control Team), does it matter if I use point targets on the IFV's (so two separate fire-missions, + 2 times waiting time) or an area target (including both IFV's in a single fire mission). My big question is; does one or the other way, makes a difference in spotting and/or engaging (air support wise) the IFV's. And does the area mission reduce the chances of engag
  10. I had a very strange spotting issue in a current game. An HQ spotted, and fully identified a tank, just some 20 m away, with its back turned to them. I was kinda desperate so I decided to run around a house, away from the tank's front, to lob a few granades on it. I had a armor only cover arc just in case. I arrived at the spot and the tank was gone. I sat there for a full turn and couldn't figure it out... ... well, it was there all along and made my pay for it in hot led. Strange that they neither saw it or heard it. Especially after having previous knowledge of its presence.
  11. I think it is a widely-held opinion that currently, fortifications such as bunkers, trenches and foxholes can be a liability as much as an asset, since they are often spotted well before the troops that are supposed to be hiding in them are, leading to "speculative" area fire that renders the defensive position uninhabitable. My hypothesis is that fortifications get no benefit from their "experience" level for concealment (since experience soft factors don't affect the price of the fortification). It's like how you can often see a dead member of an enemy team but not the live ones, even if the
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