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Found 1 result

  1. Dear developers, first of all, I would like to thank you for making this wonderful game. I'm familiar with Combat Mission games since Combat Mission: Barbarossa To Berlin came out. I think that Combat Mission: Black Sea is a true Venice of this game series. I understand that such massive project has a huge potential. Furthermore, I understand that you guys are working hard on each update. So I’ve decided to write you guys an open letter where I would express some functional and content related wishes of myself, and where people would be able to share their thoughts as well. So without any further due, I will list few things what I think would make this wonderful game even better. Environment It would be great if Combat Mission: Black Sea had more than one season in it. More specifically it would be great if we would have a chance to have winter in this game. First of all, by adding winter, you would boost community to produce more content such as reskins for uniform, armor, etc. Second, of all, it would be great to experience battles in the snow. Fortifications This game is covering modern warfare. Fortifications represented in this particular game are very basic. There are no bunkers whatsoever. That’s a very pity thing because bunkers are actively used on the modern battlefield. Bunkers and other fortified fire positions (mg nests, artillery positions, etc.) are an important part of the defense. It would be wonderful if you would add some sort of those things in the game. Units I’ve already written about units a lot, and I got some response from some of you guys. Thank you for being so responsive gentlemen. Recently I thought that this wonderful game lacks some additional units in it. For both sides (Ukraine and Russia) it would be nice to see some units what were already represented in other games. Those are: GAZ 66 and variants (especially one with ZU-23-2), BMP-1 (and variants), BMD’s (of all kinds for VDV units), KAMAZ trucks (different models for both sides), KRAZ trucks and APC’s, additional BTR variants. It would be also great to see T-72(early variants) and T-80(and variants) tanks within this game. Adding some of these units in my opinion, would make this game more authentic. I’ve seen how you guys are making some additional packs before and I know that you can do it very well. Conclusion Guys I would like to thank you once again for doing what you are doing. The game is great; the story is fine, the gaming experience is awesome. I’m an absolute fan of yours. This open letter is just another way to ask for some more content. I hope that other guys who are hanging around here will add their wishes under this post and together we will be able to make this wonderful game even better. I’m sure that you guys will read this because you are always giving us some feedback. P.S. I’m sure that there will be some people around here who will be saying things like, “Blah blah blahThose changes are not necessary, that game balance is already achieved, and that additional content is long to produce and that blah blah blah no need to do it blah blah.” Please ignore people like that because progress is our everything. For us, true fans of this game, each update is an important event, each model what you create is a gift, and each change you make is excitement. So please, keep on doing what you doing. Thank you for your time.
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