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  1. I have ended up using these vehicles almost purely against buildings. AT-capacity is for self-defense or if the situation demands it.
  2. What is the name of that scenario/battle? I have my "plan" files but not in order...
  3. Very true. The game can only represent knife fighting when it comes to modern equipment.
  4. When you have good enough CPU (especially single core performance) you can do whatever on CM and it runs fine. I have Ryzen 7 3700X and RTX2080. But I do agree it is ridiculous that one needs a +$1000 computer to ran a game that looks like this.
  5. Please don't make these huge buildings. I am just forced to blow them up if you don't give me a battalion of infantry for clearing it.
  6. Judging by the time it is taking, something has definitely not gone according to the plans. I am sure at some point in time it will get released
  7. Hello, I am once again looking for CMSF2 opponents. I would prefer experienced players and would like to get my ass handed to me. I have all the modules and I am looking for at least company-sized battles. As for battle types, CMSF2 scenarios (the somewhat balanced ones), or quick battles of all sorts.
  8. @CMFDR The mod seems to be broken. Renames some factions...
  9. IR does not see through solid matter. (Seeing through solids is coming soon though: https://youtu.be/kBFMsY5ZP0o)
  10. Feature request! Could the chat be made in such a way it only needs a .txt file in the Dropbox folder? So opponent even without the program could use the chat "manually"?
  11. You have to "deploy weapon" first. After this you use target commands to order mortar to fire. You can also use fire observer to call in the mission just like off-map assets.
  12. Black Sea for PBEM. Shock Force for playing against the AI.
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