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  1. The_MonkeyKing

    game crashes after some time playing

    Disabling the shaders seems to have worked. Thank you @Jock Tamson
  2. The_MonkeyKing

    game crashes after some time playing

    I got a new GPU (RTX 2080) and I am still having this problem. Now I cannot downgrade the drivers anymore...
  3. The_MonkeyKing


  4. The_MonkeyKing

    Combat Mission future

    Fulda Gap!
  5. The_MonkeyKing

    game crashes after some time playing

    Best and most reliable way seems to be to downgrade your GPU drivers to older ones. (You find the details in this thread)
  6. The_MonkeyKing

    Steam players for multiplayer

    Well said!
  7. The_MonkeyKing

    Steam players for multiplayer

    What is up with this forum and hyperpolarized views on steam
  8. The_MonkeyKing

    CMFB started crashing a lot

    I have a hunch this is relevant:
  9. The_MonkeyKing

    Manual not included in Download?

    A physical manual that you get in the mail. Exactly the same content as in the digital .pdf
  10. The_MonkeyKing

    Target Reference point icon?

    Could this be moded to the game?
  11. The_MonkeyKing

    game crashes after some time playing

    Did not work for me
  12. Yeah, their dev blog is a real find! (you can read the division name in the last part of the url) https://www.eugensystems.com/divisions-12-ss-panzerdivision/ https://www.eugensystems.com/divisions-16-luftwaffen-felddivision/ https://www.eugensystems.com/divisions-1st-special-service-brigade/ https://www.eugensystems.com/divisions-9th-panzer/ https://www.eugensystems.com/divisions-4th-armored/ https://www.eugensystems.com/steel-division-normandy-44-15th-scottish-infantry/ https://www.eugensystems.com/divisions-festungs-gros-paris/ https://www.eugensystems.com/divisions-12-ss-panzerdivision/
  13. The_MonkeyKing

    Ooooh... Aaaaah... CMSF2 homepage is up!

    Thanks, Interesting read! I was especially happy that my favorite CMBS did well.