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  1. IR does not see through solid matter. (Seeing through solids is coming soon though: https://youtu.be/kBFMsY5ZP0o)
  2. Feature request! Could the chat be made in such a way it only needs a .txt file in the Dropbox folder? So opponent even without the program could use the chat "manually"?
  3. You have to "deploy weapon" first. After this you use target commands to order mortar to fire. You can also use fire observer to call in the mission just like off-map assets.
  4. Black Sea for PBEM. Shock Force for playing against the AI.
  5. I have started to wonder where are all the community created scenarios and campaigns? We have two scenarios at CMMODS IV and a couple more here at the forums. CMSF I had so much user-created content. I thought a lot more would have been modernized and ported to CMSF II at this point.
  6. We need a hero to test this in the editor. You shall get my upvote for it!
  7. Thanks for the links. I did study the manual. It got me through the basics USMC TO&E. I find the concept of Combined Anti-Armor Team (CAAT) especially interesting. Seemed to work well against the Syrians. I have had no luck with similar formations against the Russians in CMBS.
  8. My mistake, I was wrong. I had no idea AAV platoon has 12 tracks. I presumed automatically that in this case, a platoon equals 4 (+/- 1). So that would make 4 AAVs per platoon of marines. a surprisingly large amount of extra "seats".
  9. I agree that is a very good point. There is are very very few situations where I would mount my infantry in CM this way (all of the eggs in one basket). But I think it should be dictated by reality. What did the Marines have in the gulf war or the Iraq war? This is a "feature" of the USMC I would have liked to experience. Also, the ammo loadout that comes with the AAVs, especially Javelins makes the situation absurd. A Company gets whole battalions javelins but still just two launchers...
  10. I just played through the marines campaign. all around a good campaign (just a couple of badly implemented mission). One thing really struck my eye. Every squad has its own AAV and also one for the platoons HQ units... quite from the manual: "Each Marines Rifle Company can fit into an AAV/MTVR Platoon, which means the typical scenario should not have more than one platoon of transport. Note that itis possible to purchase the AAVs in Company strength, which is enough capacity to move an entire Marines Infantry Battalion." So why am I seeing a company of AAV for a company of infantry? This silliness is a rule in the Semper Fi campaing, not an exemption.
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