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  1. I have been wary of the condition of the released campaigns and have not yet started playing them in hopes of imminent large patches. Now I have been waiting for a quite a while for the patch... How are the campaigns? Any major bugs? Balance problems? Anything else? Worth waiting for patches? Which is in better condition USMC or the US army campaign?
  2. The_MonkeyKing

    CMSF2 Release Update

    I too want to know
  3. The_MonkeyKing

    CMSF2 Release Update

    Thanks, good to know. Have to be careful not to play the unupgraded ones.
  4. The_MonkeyKing

    CMSF2 Release Update

    So what has been released? Any modules, scenarios or campaigns missing?
  5. The_MonkeyKing

    Is body armor taken into account?

    Body armor is simulated quite accurately.
  6. The_MonkeyKing

    Update on Engine 4 patches

    Yes, only a couple of silly pathfinding issues and I think mostly because of the errors in the map design. Although retreating units choose very silly paths pretty often.
  7. Only 30min to plan a scenario? I take more than 2h at best, more often than not longer...
  8. The_MonkeyKing

    Which Demo scenarios are the best ones for pbem?

    And now the final report on the Breaking the bank: I would say the best scenario for pbem out of the demo scenarios. Balance works out mostly well. Brits have very limited (heavy)firepower because of the limited abilities and ammo of the Warriors and Challengers also have very few HE. On the positive side, Birts do have large amounts of smoke, MG, HMG, and AP available. This combined with the huge urban map forces the Brits to fight very "fair" house to house street to street with mostly infantry while armor takes care of the flanks and roads (if it was a US mech company one could demolish half the buildings on the map just in case...). The small squads of the Brittish mech troops don't leave a lot of room for casualties. Syrians have more than enough high-quality meat bags and also a very respectable amount of armor although the Brittish Apache forces them to be used offensively and early. Syrians are missing AT capacity (especially because the Apache cancels out the Syrian armor.) Maybe 4 AT-14s in place of the current 2 or limit the British air support somehow (give it later or worse quality...) or give the Syrian armor a couple of places to take cover or AA assets. And now the victory points. They are not perfectly representative of the truth. Syrians should benefit more for killing Brittish dismounts and Brits punished more for losing them (now most of the casualty points bound to British AFVs) and I was able to get a major victory by only capturing half the objectives.
  9. The_MonkeyKing

    AT-13 vs AT-14 thoughts

    The reason a choose AT-14 always when possible is the FLIR capability. Its spotting abilities are close to that of the Javelin. Can't kill that you cannot see. Although the laser vs wire is a huge deal in CMBS with all the laser detectors... I often end up using AT-13s as "target area" anti-building weapons.
  10. The_MonkeyKing

    Vehicle reaction time

    There are whole countries that have close to zero terrain that has >500m visibility and still use all these modern weapon systems. Example Finland.
  11. The_MonkeyKing

    Need some advice for breaking the bank

    1. You can shoot them with "target" command to make sure the enemy doesn't retrieve them. 2. You can capture them (worth more than kills in VP) by getting close (1-2 action spots) to them. 3. The enemy can get them back by getting close (1-2 action spots) to them.
  12. The_MonkeyKing

    Need some advice for breaking the bank

    Some general tips: - fire superiority is THE key. When moving to another row of houses do it with maximum amount of troops simultaneously. - Use AFVs to control roads and so split the city in sections. You can even block off retreat paths. - Cover manoeuver with smoke. No street should be crossed without smoke. Throwables, tanks, mortar, artillery... - Take your time. I always mentally prepare to be ok with time running out. (It almost never runs out) - Divide the map in smaller sections to be cleared one by one. Here is some gameplay with even worse urban scenario. He plays pretty well. Good place to start learning.
  13. The_MonkeyKing

    New Missions?

    Sounds awesome! And worth the wait.
  14. The_MonkeyKing

    All game and module manuals (missing British)

    I also now have the British Module manual. Thank you to the person who provided it to me.
  15. The_MonkeyKing

    Vehicle reaction time

    I too am looking forward to these. A nice middle ground between WWII and modern.