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  1. Off topic: First couple of posts are very much in favour of the NATO having tight ROE and Russia does not. Guess Vladimir refers to that and the general negative tone towards Russia's aims and motivations expressed in this forum. Even though I am German and thus on NATOs side I can understand his frustration. As for every conflict, both sides are responsible, and I don't read anything about that here. Most people have forgotten that NATO has guranteed to Russia in the early 1990s, there would be no extension of the NATO towards the east at any time whatsoever. Look today: Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria, Romania, just to name a few new NATO-countries. I call that a clear breach of promise, and quite some responsibility for the conflict that evolves. Don't get me wrong - I think the Russians have no idea of humanist freedom, that is why they love their suppressive dictator, plus they are severely paranoid against the west for no real reason. Still no reason to stir them up like we (the NATO) did. Best regards Olf
  2. LOL Minute 1: I have a company. Minute 2: Enemy Grad/MARS fires. Minute 3: I have a squad. Me: Let's attack! Pixeltruppen: F**k you, sir! Cheers Disclaimer: This post is surplus, as everything has been already said, but I found it just too funny to write.
  3. What was that Airborne dudes name who wrote that ridiculous Military-Sci-Fi stuff again? Ah, John Ringo!!! Just let extremely stupid and poorly armed alien hordes zerg-rush earth by the billions (Soviet Style) and put some highly motivated individuals with proper equipment*** against them and GET SOME! I just remember the re-activated USS New Jersey firing improvised canister rounds in direct lay against hordes of no-brain aliens who couldn't breach the ships armour efficiently with their weaponry... Stopped reading after 1 1/4 books. ***(with friendly support of your friendly Alien friends) GET SOME Olf
  4. Hi Tryspawn! Really cool you take all the effort to show the campaign in video! Refer to the manual - it says you can not pass 'forrest' ground tiles. So if you switch off trees in an wooded area you somtimes notice different ground tiles with shrub and twigs depicted on them, just like in a real forrest. Those tiles can't be traveled by victors. If the map designer on the other hand has chosen to place a wooded area on normal ground tiles, victors can pass. As tree placement is independent from ground floor type in the mission editor, you can have forrests that are passable to victors and those that are not. Learned this the hard way in a PBEM against Slysniper - so I didn't read the manual propably, too. Listen to the Lieutenant-Colonel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZ6dDlqye9Q This is a link to a series of tactical training videos by ret. LTC Jeffrey Paulding. He mastered tactics - if you know the scenarios he is playing, you notice he mostly plays the most difficult side - and keeps wining (against human players). Once you are through these videos, you should know all essential concepts and everything else should come automatically. Battlefront says this is on purpose to simulate the irrational behaviour humans show under intense stress. You could get the impression it is just badly scripted AI. Where the truth lies, is up to speculation. But I like to think it is the former, as people go constantly nuts under fire. Just read this book on this theme: http://web.archive.org/web/20110131162412/http://www.gustavhasford.com/short.htm Cheers Olf
  5. I read about the 'eyes in the sky' at Operation Cobra some years back and if I am correct these used to be CAS fighter bombers C2 linked to certain tank crews (company commanders and above I guess). Just my 2 Cents... Cheers Olf
  6. That is odd. IIRC in CMBN vanilla game the XO didn't take over. This infuriated me on multiple occasions where my Company CO took a bullet and his XO refused to do his f***ing job. But anyway, good to know it is in the game!
  7. Doing John Waynes in Jeeps always lets the body count rise........ Foot sloggers up front!
  8. UPDATE: The ticket did the trick! Lessons learned: 1. Don't try to write e-mails to Battlefront, just file tickets. 2. Some Module-Activation Keys didn't migrate correctly from the old installer system to the new master installer. This means some older Module Keys are invalid Best regards Olf
  9. Thanks for the replys! I only did write e-mails, but filed a ticket now. Hope these pop up on their screens. Cheers Olf
  10. Hi Guys! I wrote two tickets aready but none was answered, so I ask you. Just upgraded CMBN to 3.11. Everything works fine only the activation for my Commonwealth Module fails, giving me an 'invalid serial number' message. Tried reinstalling everything but to no avail. Did I run out of activations? I use to re-set my machine approximately every 1 or 2 years. Or is there another issue somebody knows of? And what the heck is wrong with the helpdesk? I wrote them twice, once the mail came back and the other one hasn't been answered for about two weeks. For now I am playing through the base game campaign 'Road to Montebourg' which I overlooked, but I fear the moment I haven't got anything left to flank and storm. Best regards Olf
  11. Really like the movie! I was totally astonished by the good psychological representation. Ummm, for me it was reasonable. I have heard numerous stories about how you get easy with killing people in war. Many veterans say the first 1-2 kills are emotionally horrible because one breaks the ultimative ethical peace-time taboo. But after the shock settles and they become emotionally hardened they wonder what they were fuzzing about. So, from the standpoint of an old veteran (Wardaddy), a good way to get a recruit who hesitates (which can be deadly) combat effective is to make him breach that line... And by the way, some American GIs had no qualms at all with fragging POWs. There is this story from southern Germany, where a lone 128mm gun-equipped Jagd Tiger company destroyed about 70 Shermans in 14 days. Frustration amongst the Americans about unnecessary losses rose and in that AO about a 100 German POWs were found dead. One can assume some Americans let off some steam. It's just the never changing psychological mechanisms of dehumanization, frustration, hatred and suffering that make ordinary people do this kind of ****. Not every soldier succumbs to it, but you have this phenomenon in every army in all times and all wars. Sometimes worse than others. Just happens when war drags out. @ SlySniper: I was thinking the same, but reading your post I just wrote down some more points that came to my mind. See my post as addition to yours.
  12. We-Go, Elite. Thought Iron only adds more de-selecting as Baneman pointed out. After reading about the better representation of situational awareness in Iron, I will give it another shot.
  13. CONGRATS! You were not only able make the right guess but also have the coolest Character of an tank Ace as Avatar*** ! Totally deserved. Greetz Olf ***Kurt Knispel was such a misfit and repeatedly revolted against the brutal Nazi-rule, they didn't gave him the even Knights Cross - cudos
  14. Hi pnzrldr Just started on this AAR and I am totally blown away by the narrative! I am just as much an immersion guy as you (and hate to see my pixeltruppen die just as much as you) and came up with this great, brand new idea for playing through the CMBS NATO Campaign: why not follow some hand picked characters and tell the campaign from their very personal point of view!?! Whoooaaa, what a cool and new idea... wait.... that dude just does exactly that... THAT'S SO NUMBA 10! Just kidding - this is absolutely awesome! Hope you don't mind if I copy your idea at some point? Best regards Olf
  15. True words... I haven't even played all the campaigns and scenarios in CMBN / CW. Don't get stressed by us Developers, just goofing around! Doesn't change the fact that I am totally hyped by Black Sea! @ Baneman: Thanks for the cudos and have a nice day!
  16. Hi Everyone! You guys are like the seagulls in 'Finding Nemo'.... ... I support that. GAME? GAME? GAME? GAME? GAME? GAME? GAME? GAME? GAME?
  17. 'The Forgotten Soldier' - again. Ultra tough stuff at times but very good account of what war in the east meant to the soldier. The historical inaccuracies have been - as far as I know - explained with the fact that the author wrote down everything from his own memory after the war. A magnificent feat, considering that he was in a state of massive trauma. Just read and you know what I mean. And this: Stalin Organ Never knew it was translated into English. Just as stunning as 'The Forgotten Soldier' is. http://www.amazon.com/Stalin-Organ-Gert-Ledig/dp/1862076529/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1386016412&sr=1-2&keywords=stalin+organ Best regards Olf
  18. Hi guys! Haven't been writing here for a while. This '100 Germans beat 110 Brits' thing is heavily biased because the Germans were on the defense about 90% of the time in perfect terrain for such action. The times they were on the assault (first week of the landings and end of July most notably) they got clubbed just as much as the allies. My view is that Germans and western Allies were more or less equal in fighting capabilities in 1944, each side with individual strenghts and weaknesses. The Russians were a completely different story: poor leadership, poor training and poor (in comparison) equipment througout the war. Just some numbers: the Brits lost an estimated 100-150 tanks in capturing my home province of Lower-Saxony as long as Hamburg in early 1945. In the same time frame the Battle of Berlin and its preceding battles over the Oder River cost the Soviets about 2000-3000 tanks (battle of Berlin alone 1000 KIA tanks). They usually just poured massive artillery firepower and stormed in afterwards. Flexible leadership whipped them at every opportunity. Best regards Olf
  19. Hi everyone, haven't been posting in a while - been busy elsewhere. Did you hear the latest news about Dropbox? They read the files that users place in the service. This is a German news article about it. http://www.hardwareluxx.de/index.php/news/software/browser-und-internet/27882-dropbox-greift-auf-gespeicherte-dokumente-zu.html In the end the article posts a part of the end user agreement which tells us that the content of user files will be decrypted befor being send to law enforcement agencies. Hello NSA. I think it isn't too interesting if you use the Dropbox just for gaming, but this is to those people who use it otherwise. Is it just me or do other people feel sick too, when looking at the scope of surveilance the average citizen is subjected to these days??? Best regards Olf
  20. @ Baron Jaquinot: I really, really like the first two of the second post! First one has lots of atmosphere, and the second one is calm and dramatic at the same time. Well done! Wich filter and programm? Best regards Olf
  21. +1 vote. I am always astonished by how much brains is around the forum. Direct contradiction to the often heard insult that only dumb/aggressive people are fascinated by military. Best regards Olf
  22. But seriously: This is a game of life and death! Can you please be serious about it? As a German I have to request this! Everything these often quoted Mr. Monty Python (South African I suppose) and Mr. Sout Park (Korean?!?) have said about our humour is right! SO STOP IT!!! THAT IS AN ORDER!!! Yours sincerely Herman The German P.S.:You and Baneman are EVIL. :D
  23. There must be a Japanese in your line of ancestors... Honorable Greetings Olofo-San
  24. My ideas: A Scenario loosely based on the failed night attack on Bretteville-L'Orgeuilleuse by the 12SS PD against Canadian 7th Brigade. Close quarter struggle between infantry with AT-Guns and a mechanized force - at night. Second idea is an assault on a small village in Normandy. The hook is, the village has changed hands that day (maybe even more times before) and is now an eerie place, shattered and littered with hulks. It is evening and the player has to assault again. Maybe fresh troops without experience against battered veterans? Not new but I have a certain idea for the look. Best regards Olf EDIT: Something with CAS! Never seen a strafing run in the game and I've been playing for 5 months now.
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