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  1. I like the TCS system, but completing the mechanics of it (checking LOS, resolving attacks) bogs the game down. In other words, it's suitable for computerization. If Battlefront ever does an "operational" Combat Mission, they should increase the scale to platoons and add some sort of command delay, like you're doing, or what TCS or Command OPs does. I scare-quote "operational" because the unit size would have to go up to regiments or divisions to really be operational.
  2. There are a some board games that http://www.gamersarchive.net/theGamers/archive/tcs.htmavethis feature built into the rules. The Tactical Combat System, Napoleonic Brigade System, and the Civil War Brigade System (and its descendents) all do this. TCS usually has about two reinforced brigade-sized forces fighting, commands get sent to battalions (or smaller), and platoons carry out the commands. There are command delays depending on the type of order. One key feature, which I may have missed, is that orders include fall-back positions that instruct where to go in case the attack or defense f
  3. Advanced Squad Leader (ASL) was the original inspiration for Combat Mission, but obviously CM became something much more. With fog-of-war, better LOS modelling, and so on, CM can do a lot of good things that ASL can’t. There are some things your cardboard heroes can do in ASL that your pixeltruppen can’t do in CMx2. Some would be good features to add, and some wouldn’t. Here’s a list of things I thought of, with my comments: Ride in boats: There were tons of contested river crossings in WW2, and now that CMBS has amphibious BMP’s, this seems like a logical feature to add to CM’s WW2 game
  4. If CMFI is going to get some attention, will that include the PzKpfw M15/42 or the PzKpfw P26/40? They're Italian-built tanks used by the Germans, but made too late to be used by the Italian Army. They would be roughly similar (though inferior) to the Stuart and Sherman, and there were about 100 of each.
  5. Yes, to get back on topic, the Russians have made a few noises in Finland's direction in the last twelve months, so it wouldn't be a big stretch for game plausibility.
  6. When will we first see the Finns in Cmx2? Will it be a CMBS module (or derivation, CM:Baltic States & Finland), or will be it be part of Red Thunder (the Continuation War), or will we have to wait for the 1939 Winter War? Thanks,
  7. While there are plenty of US Army vs Heer battles, it would seem incomplete to have Bulge without the SS and FJ.
  8. Flares should be in the WW2 titles so we could have more than night scouting battles.
  9. I think a CM:Modern Estonia (or some other northern place) would be more likely for a modern winter war. Then we could have modern Finns. I think part of the premise is that everyone would run out of ammo or fresh units well before winter.
  10. The Piper Cub wikipedia page (citing a 1945 magazine) mentions spotting ambushes. The Army Green Books have a few Piper Cub mentions. In the breakout phase, US armored columns would have eyes in the sky (the passage is not clear if they were fighter-bombers spotting or Cubs spotting for FB's). They were commonly used for artillery observation and intelligence, and while counter-battery work is outside the scope, some of it is within. As far as rarity, I think they were more commonly used in CM-type battles than King Tigers.
  11. In the Normandy campaign, Piper Cubs and Taylorcraft Austers were used to look for ambushes in the hedgerows and spot for artillery. Is there any reason why they can’t be put into WW2 titles as “manned” UAV’s (aside from having scenario designers over-use them)? The game mechanism could be exactly like a UAV, including the possibility of getting shot down. They would have to be controlled by a FAC, otherwise the guys on the ground would have no idea what’s being spotted. Enemies spotted could get artillery called on them by the FAC, or that knowledge would slowly filter through the chain o
  12. After my first few battles of Black Sea, it seemed like pitting two even MORE futuristic forces against each other for a CM: Space Lobsters wouldn't make much sense. The reason is that 2017 combat is already fast and deadly, so the forces spread out quite a bit. Even more futuristic weapons would spread the combatants out even more, so you'd have a single squad of future-troopers on each 1km x 1km grid. Combat would consist of sending weaponized drone swarms at your opponent, and might look dramatic, but not fun for a CM title. There would be two exceptions. The first would be to take
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