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  1. Hi guys! I just tested the v4.0 upgrade on my CMFB installation (Yay, CMFB works again thanks to upgrade!) and found the hunt command to be quite unresponsive compared with the behaviour in older versions. In fact, infantry units don't respond to enemy small arms fire until they are directly targeted or take casualties. This also goes for infantry units that actually take supression! I wonder if this is sort of a bug, or if the BF guys changed the responsiveness and overdid it unintentionally? Besides this rather small problem: upgrade 4.0 rocks! Cheers Morbo
  2. Same here. Doesn't work with alt-z but alt-shift-z. Thank you guys!
  3. WHAAAA!!! Shock Force! Shock Force! Shock Force! Animal loves Shock Force! The Germans rocked? I just played the the Demo-Mission but found the German Panzergrenadier OOB way too brittle. A squad at six men, a platoon at barely 25 - that means just two bad hits by high caliber rounds can render your platoon inoperable. Plus so few rifles have problems in establishing fire superiority. I got really paranoid for fear of any losses, playing them. Loved to play the big, 13-men USMC squads - HOORAA! I am really looking forward to playing the Bundeswehr, though, because I want to see how "our" Army would perform in a "real" battle.
  4. Hey guys, I might have missed the point (due to time restrictions) but will be CMSF be upgraded? Thanks in advance!
  5. Ooops. Note to myself: don't write posts in between other stuff.
  6. What other PC games do I play? Non-grog-fodder for a change! FTL as in Faster Than Light - Space 'Dungeon-Crawler-like' indie game on Steam... Plants Vs Zombies... Used to play Total Anihilation and it's spawns for decades, but Win7 says 'no'. Anno 1804 but it uses up horrendous amounts of time.
  7. More the other way around: 'Surrender' is in the game and ''Retreat' would be new. Surrender counts your entire Command lost and no ground objectives achieved. Retreat would give you no points for ground objectives but would give you points for force preservation. In real-life force-preservation is often very sensible and important, even paramount in western armies, unless 'fight to the last' orders are out.
  8. I refuse to watch his videos because of his brilliant tactics and his well-informed comments about just everything. Drives me mad to see people use their grey matter just for counter-balance matters.
  9. Oh, I love that mode, too! I have maximum immersion because I can comprehend how most WWII veteran Landsers in 1944 operated. Another variation I really like is IRONweed. Plays somewhat similar to Battlefield Vietnam on "Purple haze" Skill-Level.
  10. Wow, impressive photo......... It's one of those photos that, despite the technical limitations of the cameras of that time, still manages to relate the intensity of the moment. Even in WWII those pictures were seldom. For anyone interested, this book has many of those pictures:https://www.amazon.com/Gun-Camera-World-War-II/dp/0760310130 Google collects all the data you entry into their various services (Goolge search engine, Youtube, etc.) and analyzes it to create a complete picture of your behaviour on the internet. They fit the settings of the Google Search Engine to your tastes and interests with the data aquired (and hell knows what else they do with all the data). So simply put, when you and a friend of yours type in the same search words you will never get the same answers/hits. Doesn't look like the bottom of the rib cage to me. That would be a deep, gaping hole and he wouldn't be standing anymore as part of the lungs would have been removed to see the bottom. It looks like a nasty gash still - one can assume that he received wounds by a blow which tears battle armour like that. I don't see any bare ribs, though. Optimist that I am I would give him a chance to have survived this. But then again, the chances of a Samurai to die of natural causes was rather small.
  11. Here is my peronal choice when it comes to tutorials for beginners: Their page: http://www.armchairgeneral.com/combat-mission-battle-for-normandy-tactics-a-video-series And the first youtube link: The tutorials entry-level demands that you have studied the manual and are familiar with CMs controls as it focuses only on tactics - but that it does briliantly. The low FPS is sadly normal, I have a optimum-specs machine (rather old by todays standarts) and won't get over 40 FPS under no circumstances... The game isn't optimised towards using hardware the most economically. Good hunting Morbo
  12. Hah, I spotted the Heirloom Tomato! ^^


    Didn't know you have a BF-Forum account. Nice to see you around here.

    My PC is still troubling me, I hope I get it fixed by the end of the week. By now I think my graphics card bellied up, but I have some other issues who point towards a motherboard-problem which would complicate things further.

    Lets hope this is not the case because I am invited to a Combat Mission LAN session by a friend I met here, who lives just 40 km from my home. :)


    Best regards


  13. On Topic: I miss the options that were aviable in Close Combat. Those were Cease Fire, Retreat and Surrender. IIRC cease fire had to be mutual, so at times the AI would keep coming while you were desperately pleading for a cease fire. This left you just with the only option of retreating out of the AO if you didn't want your command to be anihilated. It was intense AND realistic if you ask me. I think in Graviteam Tactics it is the same with cease fire. Adding this feature would make the toggle unnecessary as you can decide in game if you accept a cease fire-proposal or not. Already thought about opening a threat about it myself, nice to see this being brought up!
  14. *Anti-German-language-rape-mode activated* whirring sound of machinery starting up... It is spelled SchwimmwagEN *Anti-German-language-rape-mode deactivated* Weitermachen... (Proceed...)
  15. As said before the 7.92K round is only for the MP44. If I have the 7.92 AP ammo aviable in game I always completely distribute it to my MG gunners. The AP ammo can penetrate light armour on M3 Halftracks and Bren Carriers so your MGs can more effectively engage such targets. As a little bonus it penetrates walls and other cover more effectively, so it generally boosts your MGs firepower... Yay!
  16. Yeah they are some derpy dudes. ^^ It really gave me an itch to see this, along the lines of "God damn, I haven't been in the Bundeswehr but I would do better than these fools. Let's go down range and help the Kurds a bit!"
  17. There is just one clean case of a tank being knocked out: fire. The German repair companies in WWII considered every tank that burned a total loss - the main reason was that the fire degraded the armour plate. So even if the tank was theoretically still repairable it's armour would have lost its protective properties. Seems like the British saw it the same way, because when they left Villers-Bocage after the disatrous battle there, a Sargent set all Tigers on fire which lay abandoned but not entirely destroyed in the streets to make sure they would not be repaired. Every other damage might be repairable, depending on the specific damage and battlefield circumstances. I have seen photos of Soviet tanks with plates welded over clean armour penetrations.
  18. After taking six large calibre AP rounds and and one HEAT round in an area of 1 square meter (yard) I would be suprised to see NO cracks. Just think of the extraordinary stresses every impact places on the armour. Tigers are not representative for declining German armour quality because right from the start only the very best quality of armour was used in its production. This high quality was kept up right to the end of production. Sorry, Douglas I didn't mean to deride your post, you just happened to bring up a non-fitting example. These hits don't look like HE to me. HE rounds for the most part, have relatively thin casings not able to gouge armour that deeply (in normal firing mode they would detonate on impact anyway). Looks more like standart AP shot to me. I would go with the spalling theory as well. Remembering flow dynamics from university, I would say the HE blast energy (if there was any at all) would propagate away from the plate and just a tiny fraction of by the explosion accelerated gasses would actually penetrate through the cracks, not more than a gust of wind. I also doubt that the concussion from 75mm or 76 mm rounds is so strong it can kill crew members (HE artillery rounds is another deal). Most of the force dealt by the rounds is absorbed by the armour plate and the vehicle itself. I remember a combat report by a Tiger II-gunner, who wittnessed a Sherman's 75mm or 76mm round impacting into the turret armour right next to him. It didn't penetrate but the paintjob inside spalled and showered him with tiny, very fast shards of color which left his face pock-marked (just the color!). He was shaken by the very loud bang and observed a spot of red hot armour where the round hit but didn't mention any shockwave that came with it. So adding these informations into a picture I would go with the spalling from 3-4 hits plus the shattering of the armour as cause of the deaths. Regards Morbo
  19. I researched the topic of German uniform clors back in my scale-modelling days. So this information is some years old. Result: From the start of the war up until 1942 the Whermacht used the "classic" greyish fieldgray. After that they switched to a more greenish fieldgray for better camuflage properties, similar the one seen in von Treskows uniform. By the end of the war the color switched to a very brownish filedgray, not clear why, propably due to declining industry. Add into the mix lighting, variation between producers, washing, different qualities of fabrics (Treskows uniform is almost certainly tailor-made with high-quality fabric, which was common with German staff officers) and you got a thousand different hues.
  20. Why do you "hate" to agree with me, I ask myself... To answer your question if your experience derived from CMx1 or CMx2: it is very likely it derived from CMx2. I had roughly the same experience as you - Panzerschrecks used to be very inaccurate, hitting anything above 100m never happened to me and even over 50m was risky business. My SOP used to be: never shoot Panzerschrecks at more than 70m By the way, just finished a Scenario in which I used Panzerschrecks. Two teams destroyed 5 Churchills with 0 (that reads zero!) misses (out of seven shots). All but one at 150m +. Two tanks were one-shot'ed at 190m. Guys dust off your Schrecks, they work phenomenally well all of a sudden! Cheers
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