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  1. I'm very impressed with CM2. well worth the wait and the I love the maps, models and new scenarios. Well done!!
  2. I have not received my activation email for the big bundle. I had no idea that this had been released.
  3. Amazing artwork, may I ask where those super uniform and equipment mods came from?
  4. Oh heck, certainly missed that one. Very welcome too. I had a look at the thread and for the life of me I just can't understands why some people are moaning that you have to pay for an upgrade. What would be truly amazing is if you had Russians as Syrian allies!!
  5. If you have Vin's animated text mod. This can happen if you are running an out of date version of the mod. It has to be current with the version 4 engine.
  6. Thanks SGT, I've gone back installed 1.03 then 1.03 on top. You're right it's a pretty good little game certainly better than SF. Although I understand that we might be seeing in updated version to engine 4. this does make a change from the others in the stable. I'm missing the brief firing order. Cheers, V
  7. Thanks Sgt, that's very helpful. Cheers, V
  8. Been away from CMA for a few years. I've downloaded some third party scenarios and have noticed that they are not appearing in the scenarios list. This is usually indicative of a patch. I've searched the stores and can't see one. Anyone any ideas please?
  9. I've had problems with SF bundle downloads. Windows Smartscreen filter thinks BF is an unsafe site. It's a real pain. I turned it off and ignored the filter and downloaded eventually.
  10. Thanks for your work on this. I'll find it very useful.
  11. Thanks very much for this and all your hard work. I've never yet managed to delete or rename a file in the save box. I'm sure I'm missing something.
  12. Can you tell me how to delete the save file name please? It does not seem to work in the save file box.
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