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  1. I have found that I am having a whole bunch of other issues as well so think my install is corrupt though I have had the name issues from the get go. I am now finding that command buttons are mixed up ie I click facing and the unit pops smoke in that direction which makes the game essentially unplayable. I am downloading the game from scratch but unsure of order of patches etc anyone able to help with that?
  2. Thanks for the replies guys, I am running no mods, so will check my version.
  3. Playing River of Blood in Final Blitzkreig and having to suffer the idiotic names given to units which I not only hate but find remove a lot of the historical flavour from the game. For example some of my units are called Panther for an infantry HQ, Spigot for infantry platoons, Pz35t (Dutch Army) for Panzer IV units. Many of the scenarios contain these kind of stupid names and on both sides. Is there a file which removes these names and replaces them with historical designations? Or failing that is it possible to edit the historical scenarios to remove this kind rubbish?
  4. It was a rarity for the muzzle break to be damaged, same for damage to the barrel. What did play up particularly with the Tiger II was the electric firing mechanism (the Panther had a similar mechanism). It took a significant shock to upset it, but it happened in Normandy due to carpet bombing and in the final stand of KG Peiper where a King Tiger attempted to engage a company of Shermans who mass fired rapidly on the Tiger II subsequently damaging the firing mechanism. They didn't penetrate the Tiger but once they couldn't fire abandoned the tank.
  5. The Tiger in question stalled at the top of Rue Haut Rivage when the driver was startled by the firing of the main gun in response to being fired on, and rolled backwards at high speed down the street into the front of House No9, Its speculated a the tank was fired on by a rifle grenade or bazooka which while they did no damage, achieved the desired result in the end.
  6. The in game 57mm gun is far too effective. It is a modified 6 pdr with a slightly longer barrel and different tow hookup. These could not penetrate the glacis of a Panther frontally at all at pretty much any range. At 300 meters they could sometimes penetrate the turret frontally with APDS (not readily available for the US) but not consistently. Even from the sides at 500 meters normal round shot often bounced with sabot penetrating more consistently. However modified ammo for the 57mm was in short supply and not available at all till late in the war. the only ammunition type in production in
  7. It seems a pity that this game is so flaky and poorly supported. I played the demo and loved it but have read of so many people having problems with the actual game especially loading it into Windows 7 64 bit.
  8. You can win it but I think only after you learn where all the deadly 57mm ATs are. I think of them like 88s now except worse because you cant see them while they slaughter you.
  9. Naval gunfire was certainly a major factor historically. However it isn't really in the scenario as it would be all but impossible without the US artillery support. The German counterattack at Gela came very close to success and co ordination between US navy, airforce and army was extremely poor for the most part. In this campaign its more a case of being forced to use the least appropriate and weakest troops for the assault and major problems with the way the AT guns work.
  10. This campaign is designed to give you a defeat in the end in my opinion, I don't think its winnable especially with the LOS problems with the deadly 57mm AT Guns. You did very well to get to the beach IMO. I've got to the beach myself in with relatively intact infantry and 17 tanks and found that the scenario was impossible. I got a draw for the final battle and total victories for all the lead up fights and got a draw for the campaign. That you get a single recon and pioneer infantry unit with no replacements to fight succeeding fresh US units with each succeeding battle is probably a
  11. Have played this through to the beaches and my major impression is that it is designed to make you fail. I used my infantry as little as possible as you receive no replacements and face succeeding units of American infantry who are always at full strength while you motor on with the same tired pioneers and recon troops. Seems there are no Panzer Grenadiers in HG. By the time I got to the beaches I had something over 300 men vs 400+ Americans with tons of AT Guns, halftrack mounted pack howizters (can you believe I lost a tank to these?) and tanks. This last (I think its last) scenario is a
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