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  1. Hi All, After all five years playing single player missions, I've finally decided to give MP a try. Is anyone interested in a tiny or small QB? I have all the titles except for Final Blitz.
  2. the Gil was working, but now it's completely broken. I can confirm the same problem - the vast majority of my missiles overshoot their targets
  3. You really need to keep the mortar team and the crack bazooka teams alive. Use the mortar to knock out the infantry guarding the tiger and get the tiger to close its hatch. As for the bazooka team, you need to run them in short bursts and use pause to hide briefly before making another dash. This way, the tiger doesn’t have enough time to take aim at them. Get at least a couple bazooka teams into those houses on the tiger’s flank. From there, and with some luck, they should be able to knock out the tiger.
  4. agreed, the same problem shows up in Black Sea. I read that Mk19 has an effective range out to 1500 meters, but I can't even reliably hit a BTR 82 with a burst at under 100m. I really wish BF would fix this, it makes mk19 next to useless
  5. I'm only on mission #3, but I think I noticed some bugs. Sometimes there seems to be some invisible barriers around houses that prevents me from aiming at them, even though the ground is extremely flat, not a tree in sight, and I could be just 30 meters from the house. I tried different angles with different vehicles, same problem. I also noticed some path finding issue while I was playing mission #1, occasionally vehicles would take very long detours to a waypoint even though it's just across an open field, with no obstacles or difficult terrain in between.
  6. The four helmet files you mentioned were deleted on purpose. They were actually my own backup files and weren't used at all in the game. Now you should have 21 helmet files - 5 each for airbornes, regulars, reserves, and special forces, plus 1 for special forces leader. In ver 1.2, I added another 10 uniform files (and their respective normal map files) for the unconventional fighters.
  7. All the files are there, in the Soldiers folder. You can delete/replace the whole folder. Ver. 1.2 adds uncon fighters shown above, but no changes have been made to the Syrian regular forces. When you say the v1.1 uniform files are not updated, is this what you mean?
  8. Thanks for the tip. But I tried bump texture one way and then tried inverting it, but it still doesn't seem to work; I think it has to do with the mdr model that the helmet is based on. In the end, I just photoshopped shadowing effect into the netting layer, which seems to work pretty well.
  9. Each time I updated the files, I just copied over the old files in the same Dropbox folder. The link in my very first post takes you directly to the newest version.
  10. Here comes version 1.2: I modded the Syrian fighters so that they wear at least some camouflage. The mod folder linked below also contains my previous work on the Syrian regular forces. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bwgu0k7bdjpblkr/AADo5tmmL0RTWPz8omGaS6twa?dl=0
  11. Version 1.1 just uploaded. Download link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bwgu0k7bdjpblkr/AADo5tmmL0RTWPz8omGaS6twa?dl=0 Version 1.1 change log: Edited Syrian Ssh-68 helmets. Now Syrian soldiers wear a mixture of camouflage-covered, netted, or bare Ssh-68 helmets.
  12. So, I took your advice and remade the netting, and it does look a lot better! One problem is that I can't get the normal map to work. Does mdr create a conflict with the normal map file?
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