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  1. After a dozen of tries I finaly manage to succeed. I forgot the name of it but it was the one where you get a screening scout platoon assaulted by two mechanised platoons and tanks early on and you have to secure a central town . To win I basically used the scout platoon as a suicidal ambushing screen, then I cleaned up all the vehicles w/ air, javelins and artillery before flanking with the reinforcements through the reverse slope along the river bed.
  2. Hello guys, Do you have any tips for the sixth mission ? I find it very difficult.I don't want to spoil it, but basically the initial engagements is really a wrecking ball and it's difficult to win after that.
  3. If you're interested I've made several posts on the modern French army (circa 2017-2018) in this thread : I go over organisation, doctrines, units operationnal capabilities and a scenario in which french forces take part in CM:BS campaign.
  4. Hello everyone : Here is a very interesting 1st person video of French CAESAR artillery in Irak during a fire mission : https://youtu.be/x_rQ0IaRag0 2 guns firing 6 shells each in less than a minute, very physical for the guys, even though the semi-automatic system helps a lot. You can notice they're firing almost at full charge, which means they must be targeting a target close to the max range of the gun (42km). In this video you can also see a pair of guns doing a MRSI fire mission. First shot at high angle and next one with a lower angle so both rounds arri
  5. Yes this campaign is really hard, I had to redo each mission several times. Currently in the 6th one, and after surviving a very agressive rush at the begining, I'm facing helicopters without any air defence asset. I used them to destroy a few BTRs from accross the river.
  6. I'm currently going through the 5th mission of this campaign, and it also seems that the 120mm mortars present in the briefing aren't actually in the scenario.
  7. When Shock Force was made in 2007, it was only 4 years after France threaten to veto US intervention in Iraq and later refused to join, and before France increased its effort in Afghanistan in 2008. So I guess we were still in the freedom fries days and the "chease-eating surrender moneky" vibe, not a selling point indeed. Since then, there was Afghanistan, Lybia, Mali, CAR, Syria and Iraq 2, France increased its military expenditures, so French armed forces and equipments are well regarded again. What is in the pipe at the moment I don't know, I've heard of a Russian VDV and US Marines p
  8. There was no CAESAR in Raqqa nor was there indiscriminate shelling from Raqqa, it was in support of FDS troops. It's not the same thing as deliberetly targeting hospital, etc on a regular basis. I'm not pretending the coalition is clean and never kills civilians, because it does, but there is a difference between collateral damage and intended damage. It's not good guys or bad guys, it's part of the Russian strategy and they consider it suits their interests. I'm not here to judge Russians actions, it's not the place and we've had our share of atrocities, yet when it comes to the game, I'm no
  9. You know very well most of those destructions don't come only from planes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Russian–Syrian_hospital_bombing_campaign I'll just leave that here as an example and won't say more not to derail the thread.
  10. I agree, but the CMBS manual states in the game scenario that an amphibious force is sent to the Black sea to defend Odessa. I agree it's not very realistic but the Marines need their landing ! So I just added a French battalion in it haha.Page 6 of the manual, I quote "while the NATO fleet in the Black Sea lands Marines at Odessa to protect the city from capture as Russian forces move out of Crimea." A more realistic option would be for them to come from Roumania along the coastal road.
  11. Tbh, comparing Coalition and Russia in Syria can be very misleading, it's easy to have high number of target hits and combat sorties when you bomb indinstinctivly (on purpose ?) civilian and military targets and when you have very flexible RoE ... The fact that Russian planes almost always use non guided bomb should be a hint. I think the Russian army is force to be recon with, and I think CM:BS depicts it well, when you use the appropriate unit to order artillery fires you get very good response times, imho the issue is more with the US army which was kind of overbuffed in some aspects w
  12. Hello guys it's me again ! In this post I aim to present the grounds for a French campaign fitting into the story line of CM:BS. Let's first look at the 2013French defence white paper (link in english) : https://www.defense.gouv.fr/english/dgris/defence-policy/white-paper-2013/white-paper-2013. In it you can find the operationnal contract of French armed forces which will be our guideline to build a credible French Orbat for the CM:BS campaign. In this document its stated p88 that French forces must be able to deploy their forces in three different context, in addition to s
  13. Thank you very much I'll look into this for the rest of the presentation posts I plan to do !
  14. Hello guys, So I figured that the main difficulty devs would get trying to implement the French is language barrier and finding sources especially considering French army organisation was quite significantly tweaked in 2014-2016. So I've managed to build a quite precise Order of Battle from online ressources, and magazines. I've not taken into account units out of the scope of the game such as logistic and non-combat support elements and command elements are greatly simplify (as a result command element are the least accurate I think). This may not be 100% accurate, especially regard
  15. Well it would have made sense back then for sure, I think it would be a pity to make all the effort of creating the faction and implementing it in the previous game. Especially since a lot, I mean A LOT changed in the French army since then.I think gameplay wise it would also be more interesting to play the French against a challenging faction like the Russians, rather than against the Syrian army. French army would also be a nice contender against Russia in multiplayer, as it would be more on par with Russia than the US. Lastly, from a political standpoint, Eastern Europe is a major poin
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