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  1. Thank you sir. Please, don't forget to post more beta shots! Regards
  2. If you’re using Win 10, this is for free and you can make videos too https://www.howtogeek.com/219947/how-to-record-pc-gameplay-with-windows-10’s-game-dvr-and-game-bar/ One user of this forum recommended it. I’m not at home, so I can’t search for his name Regards
  3. I think this is to simulates that recovered equipement maybe damaged. Sometimes you can recover it, sometimes not. It's aleatory. Link to IanL's post Regards
  4. The manual says (three last lines on page 50) : " The target arc increases the chances that units will recognize and engage an enemy threat within the target area quickly." There is a real "behind the scenes" bonus or is just focus the turret in one direction ? Regards and sorry about the off topic
  5. +1 to that if you hit an ammo depot, apply same rule about exploding vehicles and "cook-offs" regards
  6. Page 46 of the manual. SLOW. Example : [...] Slow vehicle movement makes the vehicle less likely to appear as a sound contact to the enemy. I'm confused. Does the sound contact exist or not ? Regards
  8. Thanks for the reponses There is a list of "gamey actions" on Combat Mission x 2 ? For example , this one from the Battlefront site ""Gamey" is a situation where you exploit loopholes in the software to achieve an objective. For example, rushing crews or unarmored jeeps forward only to be shot up by the enemy, but in return get recon information about the enemy’s positions is considered gamey by some. It should be pointed out that what one person considers "gamey", another person might not. So if you play head-to-head against another human opponent, you might wish to lay some ground rules up front." http://www.battlefront.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=641&Itemid=508 Let's imagine, I want to play an official / serious / no gamey scenario against another human opponent / in a tournament. There is a basic no-gamey list, to present at, before starting the scenario ? Could you help me to build a list, with the usual gamey tactics ? If this list exist yet, could you give me the link or send it to me ? You can play as you want privately, against the AI or against another human opponent who wants to play this way too. But what about the player who wants to play in a conventional way ? Will ever a military officer, give the order to a vehicle crew of a suicidal advancing recon mission ? Could a person who give that kind of orders, become one day an officer ? Could a soldier refuse to accomplish that order ? Thanks for help and regards For example : 1) Rushing crews or unarmored vehicles forward only to be shot up by the enemy, but in return get recon information about the enemy’s positions 2) ...
  9. My best regards to Mr. Chris too. I wish you a full recovery, sir.
  10. Hope that helps Regards EDIT : I think this will be a useful info to put into the manual. And talking about the manual, I read on the "combat mission game manual 3.01", page 44 "amphibious vehicles move commands" "Schwimmwagen" ? "Landing Craft Assault" boats for the incoming CMFI v 4?
  11. Thanks for the response. I'll try to explain myself - What do you think about the possibility of firing anywhere on the scenario ? You can put a fire order through no matter what obstacle. The LOS / LOF tool is just that, a tool that is telling you that it is not a clear shot For example, we, as tank commanders of the pic above, want to fire to the first floor of the building behind the low bocage and the wall. That is not possible now, but what do you think about the hypothetic possibility of a fire order in the first floor ? For example : Fire order on the first floor, in spite of the low bocage(I was on FB, so change it by a tall one or another LOS / LOF obstacle) and the wall. The tank keeps the fire order on the first floor, but projectiles impact in the low bocage first (or whatever), until it is destroyed. The fire order on the first floor continues, and now, the obstacle is the wall, that finally is destroyed too. At the end, the tank still has the fire order in the first floor of the building, that is now been hitting by the tank projectiles. It's like "drill" in one direction with tank fire, until finding the original fire order objective -It will be never possible in the game? Do you think is a game-breaker ? A technical limitation ? A gamey use of the fire order that will never be implemented ? No realistic ? - What do you think about a button to change AP / HE / smoke..? Now it works fine, but implementing this button on the game, is pushing the thing too far ? My English it is not very good, sorry if my message is wrote in a unnatural way thanks for answers. Regards
  12. Sorry if this was discussed yet. I was reading this post and I wanted to make some questions about. It will be possible to do that ? If not, it's a technological problem ? It is not in the spirit of the game ? you can fire at will at the 1º floor of the house, or the wall behind the low bocage, even if the LOS/LOF tool of the game tells you the objective is too much degraded or obscured by an obstacle. Apply that with another similar situations You fire at, under your responsibility. You know you will spend ammo, show your position, distract your AI from other treats, or lots of another bad things... The order keeps firing to the first floor building, your projectiles impact with the low bocage (some of them pass through it and hits the wall behind). You keep firing until both obstacles (low bocage and wall) are destroyed, and the AI continues with his order : to fire to the first floor of the house, now with clear LOS / LOF Obstacles have yet "armor points", because we can destroy them in game, as well as they can be trespassed by some projectiles So, is this option viable or it is impossible to apply ? You can fire wherever you want (free fire order, I don't know how to call it) but, at the same time, the LOS / LOF tool is telling you that you don't have a clear vision of the objective To take advantage of this hypothetic use of the fire order, what do you thing about the possibility of choosing the ammo with a button ? (sorry for the real time players) Maybe an editor option of "can't target this objects??" to explain the "band of brother's" situation "we have orders to not damage civilian buildings" (even if they know there is an enemy tank behind a corner house?) or some kind of penalty points for spending all ammo ? A youtube video of the sburke's action with Brit paras? I upgraded recently to 4.0 and I had a problem with a lost data file. I send a ticket to tech support and they solved it very fast. So I want to thanks them the quick help thanks for responses regards and good week-end
  13. Hello I was helping another player to understand "camera Controls" (Page 11-12) I I think I found two minimal misprints (3.01 game manual) First paragraph : "...by selecting Options in the menu menu and then selecting..." Second paragraph (RTS) : "...right-cliking on a unit floating icon with the right will bring up..." regards EDIT : how can I delete my own forum messages ? Thanks
  14. Lots of thanks ! I knew that they were working in this project but I overlook this tread... Thank you ! I'll read it during the day and If they need testers, we will try to be part of... Regards
  15. Thanks for responses and help. Much appreciated This is not a question about the game. Is there out there anyone playing CMx2 battles with a second plane strategic game ? I read in this forum that people are trying to create an strategic game for CMX2. People trying to use PzC and CMX2 and even Combat Mission Campaigns (not finished yet) Playing isolated scenarios HvsH is fine, but I had the fortune of playing in a couple of home-made campaigns and I loved it. A role play touch, two players teams discussing about strategies and finally playing it with CMX2... We're a Spanish team interested in playing this kind of game (if exist). So, if you need a team to participate in a project, players to test rules or something like that, please send me a PM Thanks and regards
  16. Hello One user of the Spanish forum "punta de lanza" faced this situation : One M36 tank destroyer versus a Tiger II. December 1944. 450-500 meters. The M36 penetrates two times the frontal turret armour of the Tiger. The M36 cannon is an 90 mm. M. 3 T-7 with standar AP ammo, which is able to penetrate 129mm at 30º from 457 m. The frontal Henchel turret armour of the Tiger II is 180 mm with 20º slope The penetration of the Tiger II armour seems far difficult with this data From wiki : " The T30E16 HVAP shot was capable of penetrating 221 mm of armor angled at 30 degrees from the vertical at 500 yards" The T33 and T30E16 were only issued in very small numbers towards the end of World War II He also made a youtube video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UU1fe8CrF5o&feature=youtu.be He demanded to put this info in the battlefront forum. So...What do you think ? Something to look at or is the way it works ? Some kind of explication ? I'm far to be an armour expert, but always interested about learning. Thanks for help, answers and explications. Regards.
  17. Yes, it moves...The AT gun finally moves after four minutes of un-deploy... Bufff , time to make the way back and try another route... By the way, insignificant animation thing : No animation for AT wheels moving when un-deploy regards
  18. Playing hammer's flank. One of the AT cannons is crossing the wooden bridge. Suddenly, the floor collapses under their feet, and they fall into the river... The AT commander gets a terrible hit on his head ...But he can still give orders... Regards
  19. Hello Thanks for help and answers After a little more of test, I found that armor cover arc has preference when re-join teams. So if you have different (color and shape)cover arcs in a section, and you re-join it, the final cover arc is the bigest armor one When you re-join teams with yellow cover arcs (different shapes) , the unit which is the base of the re-join, is took as reference for the cover arc of others. For example, this two man recon team has this cover arc. They move first into position. Then, the number 2 team (with his own yellow cover arc) moves into (1) position, and they acquire (1) cover arc. Finally, (3) move into (1&2) position and changes his cover arc too. With the area fire thing, it seems that red fire order, prevails over the yellow ones Nothing like a little healthy auto testing... Best regards
  20. Hello, I have two questions about split teams order. Playing version 3.11. First screenshot : 1) The scout team has 50 meters wedge cover arc and no pause order 2) The AT team has an 50 m. armour circular cover arc and a 15 sec. order 3) The assault team (with the leader in it) 50 m. circular cover arc and a 30 sec. order I re-join them. The scout team (1) and the AT team (2) in this order first. Finally, the assault team (3), and during the re-join process, they changed automatically to an armor (blue) cover arc. My questions is if there is a reason why this happens this way. There are a priority inside the cover arcs ? There are few combinations and sometimes, the colour and the shape of the cover arc it's not the same. It's a random thing or there is a logic behind ? Similar thing with differents fire orders. 1) The assault team (with leader in it) with no pause order, re-join with the scout team (2) and they take the red (1) area fire order When I re-join the AT team (3) they all take the (1) fire order, but, again, I have not tested all possible combinations but I have seen that sometimes they don't change to those fire orders (some times the yellow ones and sometimes the red ones) It's a random thing or there is a logic behind ? Could we choose what the final cover arc or area fire order would be ? Thanks for help and answers
  21. Mr Jeffey Paulding videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fQgFnIW3VtE&list=UUXk3iDAUw-wlESgqwOgdTOA&index=1 Regards
  22. Hello I'm playing "myth of invincibility" (I'm really enjoying it, thanks to the author) and I was wondering how the AA guns works : - Is there a way for them to work more efficiently ? - Any kind of special C2 to spot enemy planes ? - Where is the best place to put them and do their job ? Inside / outside a forest ? Top of a hill ? Why ? - How the LOS of an AA gun works ? There are not too much scenarios with this weapons offering covering fire from planes ( I remember one in FI) and I was wondering how to use this weapons correctly against aircrafts Thanks for help and answers!
  23. Thanks for all your useful responses. I forgot that recently was a debate about the crews using top MG's and now, it's mandatory to unbutton first, and then give a fire order (not in control remoted top MG's) Thanks ! What do you think about the possibility of the AI to consider the "bailed out" or "abandoned" vehicles not a threat ? Maybe, this will give special moments playing against the AI, but what do you think against another human opponent ? Like the top MG tanks, you have to give a direct order to put some shots on abandoned vehicles and "shoot until they burn" More cons than pros ? Impossible to apply on real time ? Just not a good idea ? Regards
  24. Playing "Battle for Chaumont second part". WEGO. PC. The main gun of this Stug it's kaput, but the MG it's operative. Why it doesn't use the machinegun ? The Stug has machinegun ammo. In C2 and crew is OK This allied tank was abandoned, but it continues operative (green base). The AI consider it a treat, and it continue firing, no matter if I put a short armour cover arc or yellow cover arc. The allied tank it's not inside the cover arc. The allied tank it's in hulldown position and AI keeps firing because the tank it's not officially KO. I'm spending ammo and showing up my position. It's a very dangerous situation, because if another allied tank pops up, and my tanks are still firing to this "zombie target", maybe I'll lost one of my tanks. Maybe a "hit limit" will be useful? The AI is trolling me.... Impressive AI plans! Hats off to the author ! Seriously, I'm not finished the scenario yet, but I'm having a lot of fun. Thanks for the work.
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