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  1. Alt B and Starting the game did not change anything.
  2. this is what I see instead of snow. Cannot even tell if there is a setup area. Looked at the other R2V Battles and this seems to be the only one doing this.
  3. When I load this battle the picture is red and black? Looking on you tube it should be a white hilltop. Any ideas? Regards, Dan V
  4. when I try to type in the chatbox I get the bell sound like when an email is delivered?
  5. there are 2 files with a long number and then .h2hh in the dropbox folder we are using.
  6. OK, that may be it. We were playing Warrior. I usually like to watch the turn from level 4 and then zoom in if something is happening. Right now all I have is ? marks for my units and they do not even move. Thanks, Dan V
  7. While watching the replay of a turn if I select one of my units the others all go to ? Shouldn't I be able to see what all of my units are doing? Thanks, Dan V
  8. I have two German 81mm mortars setup onboard with a Mortar Section HQ in verbal communication with both of them. The Mortar Section HQ does not have a radio. How do I get Indirect Fire Support from the 81mm Mortars? I tried putting the Company HQ who had a radio next to the MTR HQ and even next to the MTRs themselves but the Platoon HQ's could never get access to the Mortars. The videos on You Tube say that what I did should have worked. Thanks, Dan V
  9. Have 3 games. Thread Closed. Thanks, Dan V
  10. LiveNoMore GL The Winter of our Discontent works for me. Pick a side. You can email me at dvirobik@comcast.net Thanks, Dan V
  11. Just got furloughed so a good time to get back to playing. Have all 4 WWII games upgrade to Engine 4. Happy playing either side. Pick a scenario. Regards, Dan V
  12. when ever I use the Print Screen key on my keyboard I get a picture of the Windows screen not the battlefront screen? I am using Windows 10. Thanks, Dan V
  13. Thanks. I have FRAPS loaded and working. Next time it happens I will take some screenshots and post them.
  14. PrtScn only gives me a picture of my desktop.
  15. Yes, it gives me the same screen as if I clicked on a friendly unit.
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