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  1. I have upgraded CMSF2 with all modules. If I make a huge Quick Battle with syrian armor and automatic force selection, I sometimes get syrian armor but sometimes I get other forces (german, dutch, canadian, british etc.) Also unit portrait for syrian armor is missing. US army armor has US army infantry portrait picture.
  2. I found out that the unit portrait for syrian armor is actually missing in CMSF2 v2.0. So I just made one and it is showing up in the game with my updated mod v1.2. Sorry for the update-spam. Smaragdadler Unit Portraits CMSF2 v1.2 Download v1.2: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ro0765q9kcynaj3/Smaragdadler_Unit_Portraits_CMSF_2_v1.2.rar/file v.1.2: - added "portrait syr armor" (it's missing in default cmsf2 v2.0, so without my mod your syrian army armor has no unit picture) v.1.1: - improved some portrait pictures for better visibility - added "portrait usa mech infantry" - changed "portrait syr infantry" for a better one - added "portrait syr republican guards" (it's the same as "portrait syr republican guard" but default cmsf2 just has it this way) Install: Delete any previous version of my mod. Copy the .brz-file in inside your "{userdocs}\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\Data\Mods\Z folder.
  3. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/nit8acpam0n3s45/Smaragdadler+Unit+Portraits+CMSF+2+v1.1.rar Smaragdadler Unit Portraits CMSF 2 v1.1 v.1.1: - improved some pictures for better visibility - added usa mech infantry - changed syr infantry pic for a better one - added "syr republican guards" pic (it's the same as "syr republican guard" - but default cmsf2 has it this way)
  4. Shure, could do it. Will check it out tomorrow. But there is defenitely something bugged with the correlation of some force types and unit pictures. If you make a quickbattle with only syrian armor, they even have no unit picture at all. Has nothing to do with my mod. It's the same with clean un-moded game version.
  5. Nice find. But it seems to me this is a bug not caused by the mod. If I remove the mod, it's still the usa infantry portrait (the default one). Also when you set up a quickbattle with onyl US army armor, the units all have us infantry portraits. Same with british forces.
  6. Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/s53p2ypjnva1c0k/Smaragdadler+Unit+Portraits+CMSF+2.rar Install: As usual copy the .brz-file inside your "{userdocs}\Battlefront\Combat Mission\Shock Force 2\Data\Mods\Z folder.
  7. ... Jews! ------- ...Khazars. Or even better: 5th density Orion-STS. That's 21cent conspiracy grognitism 101.
  8. + 1 (URL removed due to violation of Forum policy)
  9. That stuff I should play again. The last game in this style I played was Korsun Pocket. What are good choices that came out in the last years? Can someone recommend something I should check out?
  10. I doubt this will happen. Battlefront has defined this genre (3d miniature computer wargaming). They have 20 years experience. Combat mission is for tactical 3d wargaming, what Pro Pinball games are for pinball simulations.
  11. There is. Panzer Command Ostfront. CM games ARE the most state of the art in this particular niche.
  12. If you see them as just another computer game company, ... maybe. But if you see them as an alternative miniature tabletop war game company... It really depends on, what do you think Combat Mission games are. Just imagine the costs (time, money, space), that you would have to invest to play a CMBS battalion size battle on a huge map ...with miniatures...
  13. I always see Combat Mission as virtual tabletop miniature war games. Seen from this angle the graphics are hyper real. To ask for more 'realistic' graphics would be a step back.
  14. When I load that QB map in the editor it looks like the OP. But if I load it when I set up a QB game it looks normal. Specs: Asus Z97 Maximus VII Gene with Intel Core i7-4790K OC @ 4x 4,6GHz NVidia GeForce GTX 980 (347.52) 16 GB Windows 8.1 64-bit CMBS V1.01
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