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  1. No4 Mk1s are done (Six variations - Three main variants and a sub-variant of each):
  2. Awesome job with the Jagdpanther, Fuser. Love that the weathering is a little more subtle. In regards to your query about the Priest weathering, I probably fall into the minority here. That's way too much for my taste. Personally, I would remove a couple dirt layers, but that's just my opinion. Keep up the great work. How you can churn these out so fast and not get burned out is beyond me .
  3. Sick stuff man. Love it! Serious business coming out of the muzzle now...
  4. Thanks everyone! Things are moving a little slower on these, but I'll get them done. @phil - Juju didn't use any of my skins in his UI mod. IIRC he used Marco's silhouettes. However, he did include a Vickers with the canvas jacket cover in his latest UI mod since I'll be doing a version with the canvas in this mod. But as Hister said, no worries with using this and his UI since they're totally different files .
  5. No. 4 Mk 1 - Now with buttplates.
  6. Got a chance to take your updated UI for a spin, Juju. Awesome work as usual! Thanks for all the time and sweat you put into it. Looks outstanding!
  7. http://archive.org/details/gov.archives.arc.35883 30 min film about Angaur. Good start with that map permanent!
  8. Sure why not? It looks freakin' cool. I can actually have both versions in there; one with and without a sleeve. It's a simple matter of adding a number after the bmp name. Looks like you'll have to update your Vickers now Juju .
  9. Thanks guys! I caved and bought CW a couple of days ago, and I can say it's in the works .
  10. We could probably go around and around on variations out in the wild, which there undoubtedly are. It was wartime after all. However, the regs state dark blue background. I tried to find the actual circulars to establish this, but the closest I could find was the history of enlisted rank on The Institute of Heraldry, Headquarters, Department of the Army's website. Here's the link. Scroll down to 1920 and 1942: http://www.tioh.hqda.pentagon.mil/UniformedServices/Insignia_Rank/enlisted_history.aspx Here's that section quoted: Juju - Yeah, definitely. The blue in the mod is a little brighter that what it looks like in real life anyway. Probably should have mentioned it when I helped you with the US rank in your first version, but I really didn't think it would be worth the hassle or become an issue. My apologies.
  11. Dude, check out your first link . The ranks at the top all have dark blue backgrounds. Scroll down and read the Chevron Types of the Second World War Era section. I quoted it above.
  12. That's cool if you prefer OD backgrounds, but it's still incorrect. Check out GvT's first link. Those are all dark blue at the top. Scroll down to the Chevron Types of the Second World War Era – "These are examples of the many different manufactured chevrons that existed during this time period. The War Dept attempted to regulate by approving ( for wear on OD blouses and jackets and © for wear on the khaki shirt beneath... The attempt was abandoned. Type © became the nearest to universal." Description for (: Embroidered olive drab on dark blue twill Description for ©: Embroidered khaki on dark blue twill
  13. Blue is correct for the ranks. At least it's what's on my grandfather's uniform and the ranks I've collected so far. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States_Army_enlisted_rank_insignia_of_World_War_II
  14. Huh? Even without time limits, both sides in a CM battle are resource limited by what each side fields. There's only so many troops, tanks and guns available to them. It's up to each side to effectively use what they have to either a) crush the defender or hold off the attacker by exacting enough casualties he can't continue and cease fires. Defenders can still win without a time limit. See TOW's Polish campaign. What you're really saying in so many words is that you like the ability to game the clock. You like to be able to eke out a draw or win as defender by running down the clock and having the battle *poof* magically end when time runs out. That's perfectly fine, but some of us don't like that. This was my main point; an editor that allows for for both play styles . You can stick to the scenarios where you can game the clock, and I'll stick to the ones where I don't have to worry about it. Everybody's happy.
  15. I firmly fall in the camp that would like to see the timer eliminated. In fact, I loathe the timer. I do not like my games dictating arbitrary deadlines to me, which then adds stress where there shouldn't be any. I work in a profession where I deal with time sensitive deadlines every day of every week. The last thing I want is some game setting another deadline for me. I play games to unwind, relax and be entertained. Gamey gimmicks like timers frustrate the crap out of me. This is a game. Not real life. That being said, I tolerate the time limits, like a lot of things in CM, because I realize that that is how the editor is set up to accomodate the AI. I understand Paper Tigers points, even though I strongly disagree with a few, because that's how it works in the current editor. This is where I think the crux of this issue lies; in the editor. As it stands now, the scenario designer has to draw up time based plans and do a lot of guesswork on how the player might approach a scenario. This is archaic, ridiculous and inefficient; a big time sink. Even the really good scenarios have their wtf moments due to BFCs approach to scenario design. What is sorely needed is a ground up overhaul of the scenario editor. An editor that allows for triggers and scripting languages. I believe this would make both camps happy. The players that like the scenarios where you have 30 minutes to capture 3 towns can script, trigger it up and knock themselves out. For those of us who enjoy the more leisurely approach, we can design our scenarios without time limits and include some pretty dynamic play. I think if some of you spent any time outside the CM bubble to check out how other studios approach mission/scenario design, namely BIS and ED, you would see how inane CMs system is. Imagine the possibilities if CM had an editor as powerful as ARMA 2s.
  16. Seriously. Please continute with the campaign PT.
  17. Those are looking good so far benpark! Yeah, if you want to have dirty versions of the uniforms you pretty much have to do the gear as well to make it look right. That's what I ended up doing for my US uniform mod. Couldn't stand seeing the dirty uniforms with the bright clean gear! Also, a little quick tip you might want to experiment with. I always thought the stock uniform textures were a little too soft/blurry. I did one sharpen pass and then a selective color pass on the shadows (black) at 10% black. It brought more of the details in the texture out. You have to be careful though, since the sharpening may blow out some of the details. To avoid that, I recommend creating a duplicate layer of the base texture and sharpen the duplicate. If there are any anomalies, erase them out so that base texture will show through in those areas. Here's a little comparison that shows the results of the technique: http://i.imgur.com/ysfZQ.jpg Keep up the good work man!
  18. Thanks Fredrock! I went ahead and signed up over at the FGM forums.
  19. Being sick sucks; good to hear you're over the worst. Rest up and take your time!
  20. This looks like something fun to participate in. Couple of questions, though. Is the CW module required? Do y'all accept total noobs when it comes to head to head play? Never done any CM multiplayer before.
  21. Yes No. The only way around this is for the modder to create a series of separate textures with different markings that you can choose from. You then substitute the one you want for the base texture without markings. However, all of those vehicles will now have that particular marking.
  22. Any updates on this? Looking forward to playing it, for sure.
  23. Make sure you don't have any gray pixels in your alpha. A lot of the alpha channels in the game don't allow any gray pixels at all. Best way is to make sure you use the pencil tool instead of the paintbrush tool.
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