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  1. These look great, Fuser. Just the right amount of dirt to make it a little more grimy. If I may ask, what's your technique for applying the dirt and mud, especially the kind you did for the side skirts? I'm working on a skin and could use some tips on how to apply dirt and mud. My experiments so far haven't turned out very well. Thanks!
  2. I'm currently using Vein's sound mod, but Oddball's sound mod, bodkin's sound mod, and CPT Mike's Vehicles of War mod have well done sounds as well. The only way you can really tell if one will overwrite the other is to look at the wav files for each mod. One of the other things you can do is download them all and then pick out the sounds you like the best from each one to create your own customized sound mod.
  3. You're welcome De Savage. Started playing through the mission but haven't been able to finish it yet. I'll post some feedback when I do.
  4. Here's a cleaned up briefing with some edits:
  5. Thanks Juju. Haha yeah, I totally empathize with you. When I was reading your list of the issues you had to deal with I totally knew where you were coming from .
  6. This is the fixed file so it's OK to download it from the repository now.
  7. Yeah, if you read my edit in the post above yours you'll see why . It's back up now!
  8. Thanks Earl! Thanks Stingray, and you're more than welcome Shorker! Glad to have helped y'all and found a workable solution. I just uploaded it to the repository, and it's available for immediate download at GaJ's CMMods site here: http://cmmods.greenasjade.net/mods/4476/details Enjoy! Edit: Well, right after I uploaded it I had the great idea of changing the US compass pouch to a darker tone so it will blend in better on the German soldiers when it slightly clips through as they run. Looks a lot better. I fixed the upload at CMMods with the correct version, so download from there until
  9. Yeah, I'm about to throw my hands up in trying to make that zeltbahn totally transparent via alpha channel. Very frustrating having those extra bits hang around! Although, it works fine if you make the whole gear texture transparent . Thanks for explaining why it's so difficult to erase gear. Unfortunately, no. You'd have to create a new 3d model of that sign, texture it and then import it into the game. As Ryujin said, we don't have the tools to put new models into the game. Now for some good news. I found what might be an acceptable work around to the zeltbahn problem. I got the i
  10. These look really nice Juju. Excellent work! You have me kind of curious now, though. What were some of the issues you encountered?
  11. Shorker, The problem is that we don't have access to the code that controls where the gear is placed on the model. I did a bunch of testing on this over the weekend and this is what I found out. The .mdr files that you find in the gear folders of the German and US are all model files containing the various bits and pieces of gear. The offending .mdr file is german-zeltbahn-1.mdr and it's following lod .mdrs. It's not really the model itself, but rather the bit of code that contains the coordinates to where the zeltbahn model is placed on the soldier model. We don't have access to the so
  12. I'm afraid I wasn't very clear with my screenshots as well. I didn't totally get rid of the zeltbahn from every soldier, rather just the high position zeltbahn. The gear combination that has the low position zeltbahn and what I believe is the mess kit(?) still appears. If you open up the german gear.bmp, you'll see there are two zeltbahn textures with the mess kit texture in between. The upper zeltbahn texture is the texture applied to the high position zeltbahn. The lower zeltbahn texture appears on the mess kit/low position zeltbahn gear combination. I created an alpha channel that deletes t
  13. Is this what you're looking for? Unfortunately, the red circles show where the 3D model leaves behind some traces since the alpha channel doesn't totally eliminate the model. Can't seem to get rid of them either. Anyone have any ideas on how to make the model totally transparent? Let me know if you want this even though it doesn't totally erase the zeltbahn roll. I'll warn you, it is pretty noticeable in-game.
  14. I'll also add my thanks for the new patch. I'm one of those wandering back to the desert too. I pretty much spend half of my gaming time with CMSF and the other half with CMBN. Enjoy both immensely.
  15. I know which mission you're playing. I just recently played it as well and got a total victory with very minimal casualties. Definitely use your first turn barrages and mortars. Hammer the house area and the defensive line with the wood pillboxes/trenches. You have a lot of open ground to cover, so imo it's better to use the shells to suppress and take out enemies than try to hoard them and in the end lose a bunch of your dudes. Start moving your troops while the shelling is taking place, and do what Michael said by bounding your troops. Personally, I just bounded whole squads instead of split
  16. Nice work with these. I think my favorite part of the mod are the M1 helmets you did. They look outstanding!
  17. Thanks! hehe, it is a photoshopped CMBN screenshot . I was messing around with some screens I had taken, and turning them into black and white made them almost look like period photographs. I went the xtra mile and tried to make it look like an old photograph that was taken in a hurry. It's really a testament to the game's graphics that you can make them look like photos. The story and screen is what happened in the scenario I'm currently working through, Carbide Carbide.
  18. Found this picture recently. The story behind it is that the photographer, T/5 Harding, was following the US advance toward Coutances. This column was crossing over a river into a village fortified by the Germans when the halftrack pictured below was struck by a Panzerschreck round. Unfortunately, no one in the halftrack survived. Harding later stated that it was by pure coincidence he was able to capture this hellish moment on film. What he thought would be just an intresting picture of units on the move turned out to be a shot that captured the last moments on earth for the GIs in the doomed
  19. Will the templates for the tanks be uploaded to the repository at some point in time? Just curious and thought I'd ask.
  20. I guess I'm just ruthless. The only time buddy aid is administered while I'm playing is when it's done automatically by the AI. Other than that, I just leave them where they are and hardly ever go after anyone. IIRC it doesn't really matter score wise since kia and wia are counted together as casualties for the points you are awarded/not awarded.
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